As I walked out from the woods, I wrapped myself into my jacket more and slowly walked toward the house as I saw it in the distance. I knew this was a bad idea from the start. Going back to the house that was owned by the family who had left me in so much depression and sadness. They left me in so much hurt; I knew this was going to be a horrible idea.

They hadn't been back for 2 years. Although Emmett and Alice hadn't been in Forks for about 7 months ago. But they even said that the family hadn't planned on coming back until everyone was gone. Including me. Alice promised to come back but then said that I shouldn't get my hopes up. Before they left, I had hung out with Emmett and he said that he would come back every once in awhile and that I could count on that. The thing is I was just getting my life back together before they had come. Once they left a piece had broken off, but it was easily repaired. That is with Jacob's help of course.

I got to the door and turned the door knob, surprisingly it was unlocked. I opened the door and it creaked open. The house looked the same and it looked like people lived here, and as if people weren't there for 2 years. Their scent danced all around me. I smelled honey and a hint of dusty rose and lavender. I walked into the living room and there hung the flat screen and underneath was Emmett and Jasper's video game collection.

I heard a sound come in through the house and I knew this couldn't be good. I hid behind the couch like an idiot and waited for the figure to appear.

"Bella, are you in here?" A small female voice called. It might be Alice! I thought to myself.

"Alice is that you?" I whispered.

"Bella, are you here?" The voice asked. I got up and rounded the corner and there was Emily, Sam's fiancée.

"Oh Bella!" She cried and she pulled me into a hug. I hugged her back and I looked over her shoulder and then Jacob walked in from behind her.

"Bella Marie Swan! Never do that to me again, you know I'm not supposed to be over the line considering those 2 leeches come back every so often!" Jacob scowled and I rolled my eyes. HE was acting as if he were my father.

"Come on lets go home." Emily suggested

"Wait I have to get something first!" I told them

Jacob growled and Emily sighed. I ran up to the 3rd floor and went into Edward's room. His room looked like someone had come through and threw all his stuff on the floor. I passed his black leather couch and I ran my index finger along the spines of his CD's until I found the one I wanted. I found the CD labeled.


I grabbed it and ran back downstairs and when I got to the 2nd floor I saw a picture in the hallway. It was Edward and I on summer break. We were walking hand in hand and we were walking to our meadow. I didn't know we had Paparazzi following us. We were just walking and talking and kissing as usual. Now I felt violated and kind of dumb for not noticing. I walked down to the 1st floor and neither Jacob nor Emily were there waiting, they were probably in the car. I walked outside and closed the door behind me. Emily and Jacob were waiting for me in the Rabbit and I ran to the car. As soon as I shut the door, it started to pour buckets of water.

"What did you steal now?" Jacob joked with no humor in voice.

"You're so funny Jacob, now leave Bella alone, she can do whatever she wants, just let her be."

Emily spat at Jacob.

"Thank you Emily!" I thanked her.

We drove to my house in silence after that and Jacob dropped Emily and I off. Ever since I met Emily about a year and a half ago, she has been a very close friend. You could say a best friend, but for me that category is already locked up to someone who doesn't even want it. We walked in the house said hello to Charlie and then went up stairs to my room. Emily sat next to me on my bed.

"So what did you take anyway?" She asked curiously.

"A CD of Edward's, He had told me that he would leave me with no reminders, or in other terms as if he never existed." I quoted him. She nodded and she nodded wanting me to continue. "He took my birthday presents that his family gave me and he took the pictures of him and I. He gave me a CD with songs on it and one of them is a song he wrote for me and we called it my lullaby. If he was smart he would have made a copy for himself." I finished

"Smart." Emily said sarcastically.

"No you would have done the same thing. When you hear how well put together and played it is, then you'll understand."

I walked over to the CD player and popped the disc in and hit play. The lullaby should be the 1st track. And it was. It started to play its beautiful melody and it brought tears to my eyes, I have missed this so much. I have never gotten enough confidence to go to the house and get the CD until now. A tear escaped my eye and it traveled down my face. I looked at Emily and she had a few tears streaming down her face too.

"See I told." I choked out but my voice cracked. I laughed and she looked at me with a weird face then laughed with me, we wiped our tears then I paused the CD. We walked down stairs to go make dinner for Sam and Jacob who were coming later and for Charlie of course.

Author's playlist:

Paparazzi: Lady GaGa

Chasing Pavements: Adele

In The Cold Light of Morning: Placebo

Hey Jude: The Beatles