KN: Okay you guys this is not me saying that this will be started up again anytime soon but DemonKittyAngel review made me remember that not everyone on the site is actually able to read M. So I went back and changed Never Too Late to teen. Don't know why I changed it to M, I mean yeah I was thinking maybe add a bit more don't know M stuff. But meh, don't know so for now it back to T. Don't know why their parents don't let them see M rated stuff. It's basically the same as T except more descriptive in well how someone is killing someone and the perverted stuff of course. Don't know if more heavy perverted stuff will show but more heavy in the description of death. Probably will happen. But for now it will be rated T, just for all of you who can't read rated M. And if this was the case you all should had just sent me a message or post it sooner. So please if you are going to answer to this please do it on Never Too Late, since I'm focusing on that for now. So thanks for pointing this out DemonKittyAngel.

And for those who don't support my decision to rewrite sorry but if I have to write something I may as well have some fun. And for those that do support thank you.

Remember answer on Never Too Late.