Inferno's Goodbye

Created by kidbuizel123

This is so sad!!!!!!Kohona and Inferno were like family but even family breaks up....Please comment

Created by kidbuizel123 on Monday, August 03, 2009




Kohona was brushing the grey fur of her very first pokemon, seemed to be enjoying grinned as she worked the scruffy fur into smooth glossy rolled over and pulled Kohona onto his belly and hugged her tight two friends layed there laughing and remembering the old days.

Kohona's PokeGear started released her so she could anwser was Officer stayed on the phone for two saw a tear streak down his best friend's moved closer and put his snout under her hung up and looked at didn't want to do what Jenny asked but it was growled and nudged her chin."Inferno...Do you know where the Charcific Valley is"Kohona nodded and stood two friends went for the put goggles on Inferno's pulled up in the driveway with a pack of Charizard in a cage behind looked down on the smaller Charizard who shivered in his turned to her big buddy and took his clip-on off his looked at her looked down and whimpered and raised his friend's had tears in her wiped them away."Inferno...This is good-bye my big brother"Kohona jumped back and shook his put her picture locket around his neck and patted his 's lower lip quivered when his trainer unlocked the Charizard flew up waiting for came back to his side and pointed towards the started to sniffed and rubbed her hugged her and cried with let go and stepped one flap of his gigantic wings he was watched him fly off with the other he flew away,Kohona remembered getting that little he decided to be the best friend Kohona knew he could he evolved into Charmeleon to stop a rampaging he evolved into Charizard to save Kohona and Kenji from a deadly enjoyed the good and bad times champions and contest masters together and made many friends along the way...The grey spec disappeared on the turned to go inside and she glanced back only to her a thunderous roar and a powerful voice in her said"never forget my little sister.I will always love "Kohona smiled and shut her door behind could she forget?The giant burn on her arm was a constant reminder. THE END