Right, I decided on creating another songfic because of your comments. They were so good, saying that I am very good at writing Songfic's. It took me ages to choose the song, finally deciding on 'Am I ready for love' by Taylor Swift. I have had to change the lyrics ever so slightly, because it says my daddy says, so I have changed it to my mamma says. Is that okay?

Sophie aged fourteen (Pov Sophie)

I sighed taking my bag out of my locker and shutting the door with a slam. "This is just stupid" I said to myself looking at the poster advertising the school dance. Our first boys ask the girls dance. All my friends have gone dance crazy, constantly talking about who they hope is going to ask them. Well, I know for a fact that no one is going to ask me, little Sophie Sheridan, no boy ever notices me. I am the sort of person that blends in the crowd and sits in class quietly getting on with the work. Basically, I'm rather boring.

Starting to wander down the corridor towards the main door, I saw Joseph standing by his locker. I knew him from a few of my classes; he sits behind me in Art class. "Sophie" He said as I walked past. "Hey Joseph" I smiled stopping beside him. "You okay?" He nodded. "I'm fine thanks... Soph, are you going to that dance?" I sighed slightly, thinking about it. "Maybe, but probably not" I replied. "Why not, should be fun?" Joseph said. "Its boys ask the girls, and no one is going to ask me" I said rolling my eyes and leaning back on the lockers behind me.

"I don't see why no one would ask you. I mean you're pretty, kind, sweet and talented." Joseph said. I smiled "That's really lovely for you to say, well I better be going Joseph, I've got to meet Ali and Lisa by the gates." Joseph nodded as I started to walk away. "Sophie wait" he said taking me by the wrist. "What I've been meaning to say is that will you go to the dance with me?" I bit my lip, shocked that he was asking me out, pretty much on a date.

"Oh well, wow" I stuttered. What is this strange feeling I was feeling in my heart. I don't think I like it. "I don't know, I think I will have to get back to you on that one" Joseph nodded. "Can you tell me the answer tomorrow please Sophie" He asked. "Of course" I smiled, attempting to pretend that I was not nervous like crazy. Waving goodbye to him, I rushed out to meet Ali and Lisa.

"There you are Soph, where have you been?" Ali said taking me by the arm and starting to walk towards the beach along with Lisa. "Talking to Joseph" I replied shyly. "Oh to Joseph" Lisa laughed. "Yeah... He asked me to the dance" I said. "Really, Soph that's great. The person who was saying 'No boy will ask me' this morning as now got a date" Ali smiled. "You did say yes, right?" I sighed. "No". Ali and Lisa looked to me shocked.

"No, you said no, or no, you said maybe" Lisa asked as we sat on the beach. "No I said maybe, I'm not sure of whether I am ready for love yet" I replied. "Who said anything about love?" Ali asked. "It's a boy with girl dance, a date. I want to know whether I actually like him in the love way, not just as a friend from art class" I said. "Mum always taught me the meaning of love; I don't want to fall for Joseph if I'm not ready for it"

"Sophie, why are you thinking so deeply about a simple school dance?" Ali sighed. "Because, I don't know, I want it to be that sort of love stuff. I'm a hopeless romantic really" I smiled. Ali and Lisa just nodded. Sitting there with them for a while, I headed home and went into the kitchen to find mum. "Hey sweetheart" Mum smiled. "Hey mum" I said. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure thing Soph" Mum said turning to face me fully. "Joseph from school asked me to go with him to the school dance. But I'm sure about it" I sighed. "Oh right, well is Joseph a nice boy?" Mum asked. "Yes, but I don't think that I am ready for love" I replied. "Love, Sophie, I think that you may be right. But is does not have to be love now, just a friendship." Mum said. I nodded. "I want my first love to be real. Am I ready for that, without coming out with a broken heart?" I asked.

Sometimes I wonder
How it's gonna feel
Will my first love be true and real?
Will I be ready when my heart starts to fall?
What will I do when my love comes to call?
And my mamma tells me that I light up her world'
every day she says, darling, your my best girl
She tried to teach me from the very start
the meaning of love
so nobody breaks my heart

I said yes to Joseph, much to Ali and Lisa's delight, but I could have done without their playful teasing. "Do you love Joseph miss romance" They would ask. I would simply reply "Shut it up you two". "Soph are you ready?" Mum said coming into my room. "Yeah" I replied. I was dressed in my brand new pink dress, which I loved, but dressed in it now, I felt nervous, incredibly nervous.

"Oh baby girl, you look gorgeous" Mum smiled taking my hand. "Let's get you to that dance." I nodded. She drove me to the school and watched me go in. I am so nervous. "Sophie" Joseph said walking over to me. "You look lovely." I smiled, blushing slightly. "Thanks". Joseph smiled, leading me to the dance floor where everybody was. I could see that Joseph was happy I had come with him and I was having a good time.

But, my mind was wandering over and over again. I still had that strange feeling in my heart, is this love? "Soph" Joseph pulled me from my thoughts. "You want a drink?" he asked. "Oh yes please" I smiled. He went off to the drinks table. "Oh my god" I breathed to myself once he was out of ear shot. "What is going on?" I don't understand all this love stuff. It's so confusing.

I felt one thing one moment and then it was like everything was just taken and turned upside down. I know that there are two sides of love, pain and joy. Good and bad. Black and white. Two completely different things, two ends of the scale. Why can't it be simple? I have heard some people say that love can be given in a bowl of fire. I don't understand it, I think it means that it will all be burning love going round and round, never ending. Or something like that.

Looking to Joseph as he walked back to me, I sighed, knowing this will be no bowl of fire, no joy, hopefully not pain. I don't want a broken heart, I'm only fourteen. This is so.... Oh, my mind is so muddled. I can't think straight. "Here you go" Joseph said passing me a drink of lemonade. I smiled as thanks and sipped the drink. He was smiling at me; I smiled back trying to see what he was thinking. Was he as confused about these feelings as I was?

"Right Joseph, I am just going to go outside for a couple of minutes" I sighed, I needed to think out of the way, away from all the bright lights and loud music. "Okay, are you alright Soph?" Joseph replied. "Yeah, I'm fine" I lied, heading outside. I sat on the low stone wall, looking down at my feet. If this is love, I want it to stop and stop now.

I know that what I am feeling for Joseph is not real and not true if it is love. I like him, yes, but I don't think that it is like in a love way. I wish that when I saw the 'one', it would be certain like something in my mind telling me 'You can trust this person, no pain, just the joy; this boy will show you that you are ready for love'. But, that is not going to happen. Everything I am feeling is out of control. Why can't I be like Ali and Lisa, in that dance hall with their dates having a good time? Just dancing away to the music, not having all this confusion muddling my mind until I can think of nothing else but this stupid love.

Will my love come in a bowl of fire?
Will it be filled with hope and desire?
Will my love come in a pouring rain?
Am I ready for the joy?
Am I ready for the pain?
Am I ready for the boy?
Am I ready for love?

Oh love

Once I was at home, I pretended that I was really tired and headed straight to bed. Lying back on the bed, I put a pillow over my head and another over my face and screamed, making sure that no one could hear me. I can't handle all this stupid stinking love. I'm not a little girl anymore, not which all these new feelings. Can I please go back to being thirteen years old, everything seemed so simple then?

I heard mum heading to bed about an hour later, I was still laying in the darkness wide awake. "Mum" I said, giving up on hiding everything to myself. "Soph, I thought you would be asleep" Mum said coming into the room. "I can't sleep" I replied sitting up and turning on the lamp. "Why's that sweetheart?" Mum asked, sitting beside me. "I'm confused about all this love stuff" I sighed. "Why can't it be simple and straight forward?" Mum laughed leaning forwards and kissing my forehead.

"I wish it could be baby girl, but life does not run on wishes" She said taking my hand. "Tonight was your first date so you were bound to be confused. Your heart saying one thing, your mind saying another" I nodded, yawning. "If you are true to yourself and keep your sprit free, the right love will find you Sophie" Mum smiled tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"It's just so complicated" I said. "I know, I know, but don't worry yourself on it, it will all become clear soon enough" Mum replied. "Try and get some sleep. You look so tired and it's late" I nodded lying back done. Mum smiled pulling the blankets around me. "Sleep tight Soph, love you" She said turning out the light. "Love you too mum" I smiled turning on to my side and closing my eyes.

I know I'm not a little girl anymore
Cause I'm feeling things I never felt before
Sweet sensations, and anticipations
Calling commotion to my emotions
And I hear the words my mamma said to me
She said be true to yourself
And keep your spirit free
And love will find you,
One way or another
Be good to yourself
And be good to each other

Sophie now aged 18

Four years ago I first asked myself, am I ready for love? And to be completely honest, I still don't know the answer. Boys have come and gone, Joseph and I were 'together' for a couple of months. I refused any further then holding hands and the odd hug. I was positive that I was not ready to kiss him. Ali and Lisa think that is it weird that I am 18 and have not had a proper first kiss.

When I have had 'boyfriends', I have taken things really, really slow, making sure that I was ready for things like love and kissing. It is so nerve-racking, and relationships of mine have always ended before a real kiss could happen. I must admit that I was glad of this slightly. I want the first kiss to be an amazing moment. With the right guy. The 'one'.

Sighing, I lay back on the sand and looked up at the sky. "True love, come and find me. Pick me out from the crowd for once, send someone that will truly love me and that makes me know that I am ready for love" I said to myself. I laid there for what felt like ages, thinking about the perfect guy, the romance of the first kiss and how everything would make sense then.

Will my love come in a bowl of fire?
Will it be filled with hope and desire?
Will my love come in a pouring rain?
Am I ready for the joy?
Am I ready for the pain?
Am I ready for the boy?
Am I ready for love?

Oh love

"Come on guys, we better be heading up the hotel, then we can really explore this island" I heard, opening my eyes and stopping my day dream. A small group of young men were standing on the docks, all with bags with them. "Alright come on" Another said. 'English' I thought to myself recognising that their accents were similar to Lisa's, English. As they walked past, I could not help but look at them, especially the one that I had first heard speak.

He had dark brown hair, and slightly tanned skin. And deep chocolate brown eyes, I noticed. I smiled to myself; I'm a sucker for boys with brown eyes, which I have learnt over the last couple of years. I watched them walk until they were out of sight then started walking a different way up to the Villa. By the time I had arrived up there, the men were wandering around the courtyard, looking at the view and stuff like that.

He was standing by the wall looking over the sea. New feelings came over me, he was so handsome. But I could not just go over there and talk to him. I walked up behind him, but did not say anything. I gasped as he turned and bumped into me. "Oh, I'm sorry, did not see you there" He said. "Oh that's okay, it was me that was in the way" I replied trying to sound casual.

He smiled. "Well still sorry. I'm Sky by the way" Sky. Wow. No matter how unusual the name was, I loved it and when he said it it sent crazy feelings shooting around my heart like tiny fireworks buzzing away. "Nice to meet you Sky" I smiled, now not feeling so nervous. "My name's Sophie" He nodded. "It was nice to meet you too Sophie, I'm here for two weeks so we might see each other again yes?"

"Probably, my mum runs this place" I said looking around. "Oh really" Sky smiled. "Well, I would like to see you again. Maybe you could show me around the island" I nodded. "I could do that, what about your friends?" I asked. Sky shrugged. "They probably won't notice" He laughed. I giggled. "Well I could show you around this afternoon"

"I would like that Sophie" He smiled. "Okay then, meet you at the entrance at two?" I said. "2 'o' clock it is" He nodded. I watched him walk away then rushed up to my room. "Oh God, Please please please say this firework feeling is love" I laughed jumping back on the bed. What was it about Sky that made me feel like this? Oh, no matter I want this feeling to stay, be strong, withstand.

It's a run around the world
And it's moving so fast
Though I want to find a love that's gonna last
A love so strong
That it can withstand
The weight of this world
In the palm of its hand

"This island is incredible" Sky smiled as we sat on the beach. "I think so" I agreed. Every time I looked at him, the fireworks shot off in my heart, telling my mind that this is right. Have I finally found the answer? Am I ready for love? Sky looked at me and smiled, giving me butterflies. I did what I did with Thomas, smiled and tried to see what he was thinking.

I was seriously hoping that he liked me too. The pain side of the love scale was not on my mind at the moment. I was looking for the joy. "So have you lived her all your life" Sky asked. "Yes, I have" I smiled thinking of how the stretch out the conversation. "I would have loved to grow up here, instead of London" Sky replied.

I smiled. "Yeah, I love it here. Sun, sea and sand. Perfect" He nodded. "Absolutely" I had no idea what to say, but I need not worry about this. Love is complicated, but I can handle this with Sky. "I like you Sophie" Sky said suddenly.

I stared at him. "Really?" I asked. "Yeah, like you a lot" Sky nodded. I smiled "I like you too". He smiled slowly taking my hand. Bang. Fireworks, like crazy a finale. It may have taken four years of wondering many things. The love scale torn between joy and pain, bowls of fire, complicated feelings causing mind muddling confusion and all that. But now I don't care.

This feels so incredible sitting here holding Sky's hand. Nothing needed to be said just perfect silence. What was I so worried about, this is great. I think this relationship will hopefully run until the perfect first true kiss.

Will my love come in a bowl of fire?
Will it be filled with hope and desire?
Will my love come in a pouring rain?
Am I ready for the joy?
Am I ready for the pain?
Am I ready for the boy?
Am I ready for this game?
Am I ready for the kiss?
Am I ready for the stars?
Am I ready for the bliss?
Am I ready for love?

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