Skateboarding to my new high school with my best friend Rose milliseconds behind me. Just as the buzzer goes, we fly through the dark olive green security gates of our brand new high school Forks High. Carrying on toward a white framed glass door with a tiny grey sign with black writing that read School Office on it. Simultaneously Rose and I flicked our boards up and caught then.

Sauntering into this small but cozy office up to a Fir desk with a women about 50 behind it. She had bright cherry red hair, thick black framed glasses that were falling off her nose, bright red lipstick and an old blue floral button down blouse. She sat there typing away at her huge old computer.

After waiting about a minute and a half for this women to look up I decided I would grab her attention. Therefore, I cleared my throat. A couple of seconds went by then the woman behind the desk looked up and stared for a couple of moments in utter shock then in a motherly tone and an easy smile graced her face the lady behind the desk asked

"How may I help you dearies?"

"I'm Rosalie Hale and this is Isabella Swan. We're new here." Rose replied for the both of us.

"Oh of course I'll just tell Mr. Bridle you're here shall I? Please wait."

"Please and thank you"

Then the woman behind desk nodded and moved to a door that had a tiny plaque in the middle of it. Abruptly I turned to Rose.

"Nicely done" I congratulated her.

"Thanks but I thought she was going to take a picture of us or something when she first saw us"

Then both burst out in a fit of laughter. When I had finished laughing I announced to Rose

"Well you do look ever so gorgeous today Rose"

Well it was true she looked amazing with a capital A. Her golden loosely curled locks caressed her back. She was wearing a white strapless top with black polka Dots on it with a small black jacket matched with black boot cut jeans including dark pink converses.

All her accessories were silver. Her earrings two swirls joined at the bottom, her necklace was a simple cross attached to a black piece of string and her ring was a plain sliver band with a amethyst her birth stone in it. All her make up was natural enough to cover up anything she didn't want anyone else to see but not too much you have no idea what the she originally looked like.

"Well bells you look good too I don't know why you think you're ugly when your not."

And like every time we had this discussion she was right today I didn't look to bad. I was wearing a simple skin-tight strappy top with blue faded skinny jeans and black converses. My jacket was a dark blue denim one. My accessories were a heart on a silver chain around my neck, a silver band with a sapphire in the middle on my finger and a blue bracelet. Oh, Alice would be proud what a shame she has not seen me yet this morning.

"Besides I don't think I'm ugly just not pretty"

"Err Mr Bridle is waiting for you now"

"Thank you Mrs. ….." I started

"Mrs. Coope"

"Right Thank you Mrs Coope" I tried again

"No problem deary it's the door right there" she pointed to the door with the name plaque in the middle that said Mr. Bridle on it. You wanna knock or shall I?" I asked.

"Jesus Bella it doesn't matter"

"Fine you do it"




"Do it then"



"Come on in" a voice yelled from the other side of the door. We slowly opened the door and stepped inside. The room was a small dark and quite gloomy office type room. There was not much personality in it unless this person was a Goth type person but I thought people get over these stage then just acts normal all neutral colours.

Rose and I shared a look.

I mean this place had nothing in it except a couple of things. One of the few objects in it was a dark brown mahogany long desk. Which must of took ages to find because I have never see such dark mahogany but it defiantly was because my mother had shown me thousands of mahogany objects, picture frames, tables and desks.

On either side of the desk were single leather black coaches one on one side two on the other. Lastly, there was a bookshelf and a cabinet both black. The bookshelf was some type of wood and the cabinet was metal. Evan the walls were a dark colour like a burgundy maybe.

Behind the desk, a short man about 65. He had very little hair that was turning grey. In addition, he was wearing a light grey formal suite with a dark blue button down shirt also a matching navy tie. Alice must love this guy matching clothes. Hmm I wonder weather shed helped him with his fashion sense or his wife dresses him, I think I'll go with the wife this guy doesn't seem to like anything bright or cheerful.

"Miss Swan, Miss Hale please take a seat" the guy behind the desk said in a quite rough deep voice. I think he's our newest head Mr. Bridle. Yes, I did say newest.

"Where do you want our boards?" I asked

"Just put them under your seats okay," he snapped. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and opened his eyes again. Jeeze it was a simple question some people are soo pissy. I mean my forth headmaster wouldn't let our boards on the carpet. Don't ask he was insane with a capital I. We sat down, sliding our boards under the black leather chair.

"Right the rules at this school are probably similar to the ones at your last school. No riding bikes or in you case skateboards in the premises, no vandalism of any kind, no drinking, No eating or drinking in classrooms or chewing gum. In addition, there are more rules in the classroom stuck on the walls any questions?" Mr. Bridle asked after his rule speech that was a first I thought it was meant to be a welcome speech not a rule speech.