Hey! I know this is short but People asked for a Epilogue so I wrote one as I said it is short so please dont be mad but I hope you dont mind.

7 years Later - Third Person. (I think)

The atmosphere of the chapel was filled with excitement, nervousness and promise of what is to come. Everyone had been waiting for this day to come for so long and now it was finally here everybody was about to jump in their seats.

All the guests were sitting patiently in their fancy clothes. Some of the guests were mingling with the people next to them commenting on this and that and others were just waiting for the music to start.

The groom Edward who was waiting with his two best men Jasper and Emmett in front of the alter was shaking while his best men laughed at him for being so nervous. They were all dressed up in formal black tuxes with plain white shirts and midnight blue ties. The whole outfit was completely uncomfortable for all three of them, but they didn't complain for two reasons. One being their asses would be seriously kicked and the second being they didn't want to upset the bride Bella on her wedding day by something so insignificant.

Soon the music started, everyone turned to look at the doors and the Flower girls, Brides maids Alice and Rosalie and then Bella with her dad Charlie began the decent down the red carpet in time with the music.

Bella looked stunning; her white dress was floor length and had a sweetheart neckline with an A-line waist. It didn't have and design but the A-line waist but it mirrored Bella's taste simple but beautiful.

Bella managed to get to her Husband-to-be without falling and turned to semi face him and the priest.

After what seemed to take forever the priest finally said the magic words.

"You are now husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

That is exactly what Edward did. As he did so everyone began clapping and cheering as they have been waiting for this to happen for the last 5 years, waiting for these two to catch up with their siblings/best friends to become married and to start having children.

At the reception there was a lot of dancing, drinking and eating in celebration of this day. While at the reception Bella took her husband away from her over bearing sister Alice, towing him to the two people that had been waiting for this day to happen since the day they met in their farm 7 years ago.

"Bella sweetheart you look soo beautiful" Bella smiled at the old lady and to the young girl sitting next to her.

"Mary, Cassie I'm so glad you could make it. How are you?"

"We're okay. I'm glad you kept your promise Bella I was starting to doubt you would when it appeared".

"Cassie why would I not invite you? You have been an amazing friend since they day we met?" Bella laughed and Edward asked

"What promise?"

"Oh Bella promised to invite me to your guy's wedding if it ever happened. But I always knew it would" Cassie answered laughing. Edward laughed with her knowing that she was right. He had always known her would want Bella to be with him always, and knew she felt the same but he didn't know why, but he wouldn't question it in case she realised that she was better than he was. Luckily for Edward, Bella thought the same thing about him. That he was better than she was and couldn't understand why he wanted her but once again didn't question it.

And that was the first day of their wedded lives.

The End