Sorry for the wait. My muse was killed when it came to this story. But I struck new ideas and I should be updating regularly.

Chapter Eighteen

This entire month was such a…There wasn't even a word for it. Elizabeth lost her father, her sister, and her best friend. She didn't have time to properly grieve before something else happened.

Elizabeth sat in her room, visibly upset. She had been crying for the last few hours. She couldn't believe that Charlotte hadn't told her anything. Nothing at all about running away.

Since Mr. Collins had not filled out the legal requirements for marriage, according to the great country of England, they were not married. They were only married in the eyes of God. But for a clergyman, Mr. Collins seemed to have a lack of concern for that.

The marriage was never consummated, so it was easier for Mr. Collins to have it annulled.

He had gone to London for the necessary paper work, but he had come back with a queer looking box tucked away in his pocket.

When Kitty had gone poking around in his jacket, Mr. Collins all but yelled at her.

Mrs. Bennet all but danced in joy at the news of Charlotte's disappearance. She was happy that Charlotte would not be the mistress of her home. Nothing really phased that woman.

Elizabeth cleared away her tears before she went out of her room. Jane, Mrs. Bennet, and Kitty had gone into town to do some shopping. As far as Elizabeth knew, it was only her, Mary, and Mr. Collins in the house.

She went down stairs and she heard giggling coming from the library. She thought it strange.

Elizabeth opened the door slowly and saw that Mary and Mr. Collins were sitting down to a game of chess. They did not notice her standing near the doorway.

"You should laugh more. You have a pretty one," Mr. Collins said as he moved his piece.

"Mr. Collins, you jest," Mary said, a light blush on her cheeks.

Elizabeth smiled slightly. She knew of Mary's childish attraction to Mr. Collins.

"I will jest if it will make you laugh," Mr. Collins said as Mary moved her piece.

Mary let out another laugh, "Does that satisfy you, Mr. Collins?"

Mr. Collins smiled as he leaned in close to Mary, "I only wish to satisfy you, Mary…"

Elizabeth frowned. That was a strange thing to say.

Mary looked away, shyly, "You only dissatisfy me when you are far away. I longed for you when you were gone…"

"Maybe I can redeem myself," Mr. Collins spoke as he stood up. He then got down on one knee in front of Mary.

Elizabeth's eyes widened at this in surprise and shock.

Mr. Collins pulled out the small box from his coat pocket and opened it, revealing a diamond ring.

Mary's eyes lit up in happiness and joy.

"Mary Bennet, my sunflower…will you consent to be my wife?" Mr. Collins asked.

There was no pause in her voice. "Yes, Mr. Collins." Mary said, smiling.

Elizabeth let out an audible gasp.

Both Mr. Collins and Mary turned to the door.

"Lizzy…" Mary smiled, slyly, "We didn't see you…"