The middle-aged woman scrubbed hard and fast at the mark engraved on the hard floor, sweat almost pouring off her head. She wiped her brow, the stupid mark not coming out no matter how hard she rubbed it. She sighed and stood up slowly, chucking the cloth to the ground and walking into the living area. She slumped down into the sofa and let out another loud sigh, her eyes fixed on the clock. The boys would be back soon and she had to start dinner, another chore for her to do. She grumbled to herself and walked into the kitchen to start on dinner for her 3 boys who would most likely be starving when they arrived.

Half hour later her youngest came bursting through the front door, a huge smile on his tiny face.

"Momma!" he shouted, running into the kitchen to find her cooking.

"Goten, sweetie, what have I told you about running through the house" she reminded her seven year old son. He stopped in his tracks, his face all sheepish.

"Sorry momma, just was excited that's all"

"What on earth about?" she questioned, stirring a sauce she put together.

"Tai said he would take me fishing! Tomorrow! My first time fishing!" he said jumping up and down.

"Waw, aren't you a lucky boy" she smiled, adding some meat to the sauce. Goten nodded continuously. A much older boy walked in next and dumped his school bag on the kitchen floor.

"Hey mom" he greeted, placing a kiss on her cheek before sitting at the table.

"How was school Gohan?" his mother asked like she did every day.

"It was ok thanks" he replied quietly. His mother sighed inwardly. Gohan hadn't been himself for a long time and she knew exactly why. Another large figure walked in, a smile on his face and he saw the beautiful woman.

"Chichi" he said gently, kissing her cheek, "Something smells good, as usual!" he complimented and she half smiled.

"Thanks" she replied.

"So Gohan" he began as he took his place at the table, "your mom says your getting straight A's across the board! Impressive" he said. Gohan merely nodded.

"Gohan" her mother called, her eyes fixed on his. Gohan sighed.

"Yeah...thanks" he stood up and walked towards his bag, "Sorry mom, I'm not hungry" was all he said before leaving the room.

"What's up with him?" The older man asked, leaning back in the chair and loosening his tie.

"Oh...um...he's just tired...you know, works so hard at school" his mother replied, lying right through her teeth. The man shrugged and smiled at Goten.

"So, fishing tomorrow ay?" he questioned and Goten jumped up and down once more. Chichi just continued to stir the food...her mind completely focused on something else.

Evening came fast and the kids had been sent to bed ready for a new day. Chichi wrapped herself in her dressing gown and made her way outside, the cool air making her shiver slightly. She made her way to the washing line, a small basket in her grasp to put the dry clothes into. She began to drop the clothes into the basket, her mind somewhere else. She used to love cool nights, where she would snuggle up to the man she loved and just talk for hours about nothing. She shook her head, un-pegging more clothes. She needed to stop thinking about such things now because it was in the past, it didn't happen anymore. Her face saddened deeply as she looked up at the stars which shone so brightly. It wasn't very often she looked at their beauty anymore...brought back too many memories.

She picked up her full basket and with a heavy heart she walked back inside. After turning off the lights and checking on her two boys she made her way to her bedroom. Climbing into bed she turned on her side, her eyes glancing at the light shining through the gap in the curtains, a sad, lost expression playing on her face. A slightly muscular arm wrapped around her, causing her to choke back on tears.

"Babe, you don't seem yourself tonight" he said in a deep tone. Chichi shrugged.

"Just a long day...that's all" she told him in her fake happy voice.

"Oh. Night then" he replied, not too bothered. She swallowed hard.

"Goodnight, Tai" she whispered, a tear running down her cheek.

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