Dreams and Sewing Machines

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Chapter 24

Draco is walking through muggle London when something a shop window draws his attention, it's an old little second hand shop shoved between a coffee shop and a fancy clothing store with slightly dirty windows and mannequins missing arms or hands, but in a little box tucked in a corner of the window he sees something blue sparkle against the late afternoon sun and it's then he realizes what he wants.

He knows he must have been standing there for a few minutes, picturing every detail of how he will do this, when his name is called somewhere from his left and he places the voice before she is in front of him and he wishes he was anywhere but here when her arms wrap around his neck.

"Draco dear! It's been so long" Pansy says, laying a kiss on each of his cheeks.

Draco pushes her away gently, putting space between their bodies. "Yes it has"

"I went to your house you know, wanted to talk to your dear mother but she wasn't home. I hope all is well"

"Mother is fine Pansy, I will let her know you stopped by when I see her next" Draco is trying to keep his answers short, hoping that she will leave so he can squeeze into this tiny shop and make his purchase before he loses the nerve.

"When you see her? What can you mean?" Pansy is pushing her hair back and trying to smile innocently and seductive at him and it all makes Draco's head spin on how much he does not want to be here with her.

"Father and I had a disagreement, we haven't spoken and Mother is unfortunately in the middle" he is trying to side step her, but suddenly her hand in on his forearm holding him in place.

"I am so sorry! How dreadful, is it because of the horrible rumors I've been hearing?" she asks, holding on to his arm harder as he tries to brush her off again.


"Yes, I'm surprise you don't know. I was at the Leaky Cauldron the other day waiting for Daphne, it's an awful place really and I have no idea why she wanted to meet there, but I heard Weasley going on about how that crazy Looney Lovegood has been telling everyone you two are together. I told Daphne, like you would ever stoop so low as to give that girl any attention, really no one of consequence would ever believe it, we had a right laugh about it Daphne and I" Pansy is trying that smile again and Draco forcefully pulls his arm from her hold, mouth set in a thin line and hard eyes.

"Don't ever call her that" his voice is all hard edges and it makes Pansy almost lose her footing on reality.

"It can't be true! Really Draco have you lost all sense!"

"My personal life is no one's business but my own; now please excuse me I have errands to attend to"

Draco almost forgets the pretty little ring in the dirty window in his furry, trying to get as far away from these people he has no idea how he was friends with. He is halfway down another block by the time he remembers, but he retraces his steps and when the old woman behind the counter places the little blue and silver ring in his hands he realizes he really doesn't care about silly Pansy and Daphne after all, because the pretty blue stone in the ring he is holding perfectly matches her eyes.


Luna is just walking out of the shower when he comes home, making sure to carefully put his things down by a chair before he walks towards her, pulling her still wet body close to his and not caring one bit that his shirt and pants are getting wet from her still dripping hair.

"I've missed you" he mumbles against her skin, his lips leaving kisses over her naked shoulders.

"You saw me this morning" she reminds him, giving him more excess to her slender neck, a happy moan slipping from her perfect pink lips.

"Much too long ago" he turns her in his arms so her can reach her lips properly, sighing at how perfectly they open against his own and her little tongue reaches out to trace his bottom lip.

Her towel is lost long before they reach their bed, she is all flawless smooth skin against his much too clothed body, but she takes her time undoing the buttons to his shirt, her nimble fingers ghosting over his abdomen and chest as she exposes his skin pushing his shirt ever so slowly from his shoulders as he sits with her on his lap.

His lips find her rosy nipple, sucking just hard enough to draw those long windy breaths from her that he loves so much. His hands on her slim hips, pulling her as close as he can so she can feel exactly what she does to his body.

"I love you" he whispers, letting his cool breath send shivers all over her.

Luna tilts his face so she can look into his silver eyes, her fingers tracing his lips and pushing his hair from his face leaning down so she can kiss him with as much passion as she can muster.

His pants and boxers are gone so suddenly, neither is sure who did it but they don't put too much thought into it because his fingers are running up her leg and tracing her outer lips, her gasp is mixed with his groan, because she is so wet. He lets two fingers slip in slowly, curling inside of her and pumping slowly with the gentle rocks of her hips.

"Draco, please" she moans, one hand gripping his strong shoulder while the other wraps around him mimicking the slowness of his fingers inside of her.

Draco pulls his fingers out of her and Luna moans at the lost of contact for a moment before she aligns him with her opening and sinks in gracefully. She kisses him again before moving, their lovemaking is slow, full of kisses and soft touches and gentle moans. Draco flips them over, so she is beneath him and her legs wrap around him pulling him almost unbelievably deeper, his fingers trace the curve of her breasts and down her stomach till they find her clit gently circling it with increase speed to match his trusts till there are waves of pleasure crashing over her as she cums and he follows soon after.

He lays on his side arms wrapped around her as they both fight sleep, and finally understands that this (having her in his arms, her cheeks pink and glowing blue eyes) is all he ever wanted.


There's a fine layer of dust on almost every surface of his old flat when he walks inside, the air too stale from windows left closed too long and this undeniable feeling that no one's been in there for far too long. Draco waves his wand a few times and most of the dust is gone, opening a few windows lets fresh air with a hint of summer flow through the spacious flat, but the feeling of an empty place still lingers.

There's a knock on the front door just as he pulls the kettle from the fire (because Luna likes certain things done without magic and now he can't help but do them that way as well), Hermione and Ginny are standing there when he opens the door, and though he has lost count of how many times he has gone to this women for advice it still feels awkward for a few minutes as they settle into his living room on too stiff couches.

"My husband hasn't done anything stupid again has he?" Ginny asks, mixing milk into her cup of tea.

"No, this… this is different" Draco says, sucking in one big pull of air into his lungs to draw up the courage to once again ask them for advice he desperately needs.

"On with it then Malfoy" Hermione says, smiling at his stiffness.

There's another knock on his door and he makes a quick escape as he answers it, smiling at his aunt and mother who stand there this time.

Andromeda hugs both the younger girls as she walks in, complementing Ginny on her ever expanding belly and telling the young red-head that Teddy has been asking for a visit soon.

Narcissa is a little more reserved, politely asking them how they are doing as she seats across from them, but she listen intently as they respond nodding at the right places and even telling Ginny that as uncomfortable as pregnancy has made her the last few weeks it is all worth it.

Somewhere between mindless chit-chat and tea, Draco's mind wanders (he must have picked this habit up from Luna he thinks with a smile), his hand instinctively reaching for the small parcel in his pocket.

"Draco?" his mother's voice breaks him from his current day dream "as lovely as this gathering is, I am sure we are all wondering why you needed us here?" her voice is soft because somewhere deep inside she knows the reason her son called these very different women together and left the most important one out.

"I just…" Draco is trying to find the right words to ask all he needs, but he fails to grasp them. Instead he pulls the black little box from his pocket and sets it open on the low coffee table, the blue ring sparking and they all seem to gasp in perfect unison.

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