In a stormy night, Spyro arrived at the temple and entered it. "I'm home!" he called out. "Ignitus? Cynder?" But he didn't hear a reply. He walked down the halls. "Ignitus? Are you home? Cynder? Sparx? Anyone? Hello?" No answer.

Spyro looked around until he saw the note on the ground. He read the note.

"Spyro. Cynder and I left to meet Terrador, Volteer, and Cyril. We'll be home late tonight. Ignitus."

Spyro's eyes widened. He seems alone in the temple. "Oh, no! I'm all alone!" he cried with wide eyes.

Suddenly, thunder and lightning crashed, scaring Spyro, who screamed and covered his head with his wings, shivering like a scared dragon. He later uncovered his head and gulped. "I-I-I-I better g-g-get to sleep," he said.

Spyro walked to where he slept when thunder and lighting crashed again, which scared him even worse. He screamed and covered his head. "I'm so scared!" he wailed as he shivered. He then uncovered his head.

When Spyro turned, he saw the shadow of the vine that made the shadow puppet of a snake, except he didn't know that.

The scared dragon screamed and ran but got his foot caught in a vine. "It got me!" he cried. "Help! Help!" He then shut his eyes tight and placed his paws on them, shivering. But then he opened his eyes and saw his foot in a vine. He chuckled nervously and got the vine off his foot.

Spyro walked to the wall and slept, and when he did, he began to dream.

In Spyro's dream, Spyro was all alone in the dark. He looked around. "Ignitus? Cynder? Sparx? Is anyone here?" he called out. No answer. He then heard raspy sounds, which made him shiver and hear his heart beating. "W-W-What's that?" He then saw a ferocious monster with drooling fangs and red eyes and claws.

Spyro screamed and ran off with the monster chasing after him. "Ignitus! Cynder! Anyone! Help me!" he cried. But no one came to save him. He was all alone with the monster after him. "I need some help!"

"No one can help you now!" the monster laughed in a deep, raspy voice.

Spyro kept running and screaming. "Someone help!" he cried. But when he looked back, the monster's gone. How did that happen?

"He's gone," Spyro said. He sighed and said, "Well, I guess nothing else is gonna happen to me right now." But he was wrong! A vortex appeared behind him from out of nowhere.

Spyro screamed and ran to avoid suction, but his strength was useless, and he was sucked straight into the vortex like a tornado.

Spyro screamed as he zoomed across the vortex. He then saw ghosts coming toward him, scaring him with taunts and whatnot.

"This dragon's such a coward," the first ghost laughed.

"Don't worry," the second ghost said, showing sharp claws, which scares poor Spyro with wide eyes, "this won't hurt a bit."

"Someone help me!" Spyro cried.

"No one can help you, dragon," the third ghost said. "Even I should swallow you." It got Spyro in its mouth and went through him.

"Face it, dragon," the fourth ghost said, "You're in the nightmare's clutches!"

Spyro screamed as he zoomed way down the vortex. He's in a nightmare!