Spyro's nightmare was over, but Spyro, still asleep, squirmed around on the ground, screaming. "Someone help me! Ignitus, help!" He kept screaming and squirming until Ignitus's claws landed softly on his chest and his stomach.

"Spyro, it's okay," Ignitus said. "You're just dreaming. Wake up, Spyro."

Spyro settled down and opened his eyes. He saw the sun shining until he saw Ignitus. "Ignitus," he said. "I was so scared last night. I was having a nightmare filled with vortexes and..."

"Now, now, Spyro," Ignitus chuckled. "Just forget about it and come see your friends."

Spyro followed Ignitus down the hall and to the front door, where Cynder and Sparx are at with Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer.

"Man, can you believe that storm last night?" Terrador asked.

"Hey, Spyro," Cynder said, "are you okay? We've been hearing your screaming when we came home. Is everything all right?"

Spyro shook his head and said, "I just had a nightmare, Cynder. A pretty nasty one."

"A nightmare? Spyro, I thought..."

"I thought I was gonna have a good night sleep, but I was wrong."

"Spyro," Ignitus said, "come to my room so we can talk."

Inside Ignitus's room, Spyro had told Ignitus what happened, and Ignitus was not surprised. "My goodness," he said. "That explains the screaming and the squirming."

"Yes, and there was a dragon named Devil. He caused me to have a nightmare, and just before I awoke, I killed him when I finally gained courage."

"Devil the dragon? Hmm. I gotta look it up." A book magically flew to him and opened it to show all the dragons, and to his shock, he sees what Spyro had seen in his nightmare. "Oh, my Lord! Devil the dragon, of course! That's a coincidence Spyro had a nightmare last night!"

Terrador, Cyril, and Volteer came to Ignitus.

"What is it, Ignitus?" Cyril asked.

"Devil the dragon. Oh, boy," Ignitus said.

"Who's that?" Spyro asked.

Ignitus looked at Spyro until he told him the full story about the villainous dragon he saw in his nightmare.

"Years ago, here in this world, Devil the dragon was a villain capable of giving nightmares to every young dragon like you, Spyro." This made Spyro gulp and shiver. "For years, I've tried to capture him with my friends, and just before you were born, we've got him."

"So what did you guys do to him?"

"We've tortured Devil for a week." This freaked Spyro out a bit, and he was about to go crazy when Ignitus placed his paws on his shoulders to control him. "Easy, Spyro. Easy. As I was saying, just a week after the torture, we exiled him to the underground caves, where he died a month during his exile."

Spyro sighed and said, "That's a relief. I thought I'd see him for real because I did see him in my nightmare."

Ignitus chuckled. "Young dragon, that was the first time you had a nightmare, but it shall never happen again. Now run along and play with your friends." Spyro left the room. He sure hopes a nightmare like that won't happen to him again.

Author's Note: I wanna apologize for making the short story like this, but I don't want the story to be completed after Halloween, otherwise it'll be too late to finish this October. Happy Halloween!