Title: Strapped

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I don't own ANYONE! None of this is real! NOPE! None!

Summary: "You're gonna get fucked by the Champ, baby. What do you think of that?" Mike's blue eyes seared through John's, "I think you'd better fucking put on that belt…"

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Mike winced, watching Cena get his arm raised in victory.

Oh, the blood…

It was making him want to cry.

He turned off the TV, flopping down on the hotel bed. John wouldn't be home for at least another twenty minutes.

Mike grinned, his blue eyes brightening. He stood, heading into the bathroom. He had a little surprise for his Champion.

-A little while later…-

John stumbled into the hotel room, his bright blue eyes wearily looking around the room. He looked to the bed, seeing it empty. He pouted.

"…Mizzy…?" he called out softly.

No response.

John whimpered, "Baaaaybyyyy….?"

Again, no answer.

John groaned and moved to the bed. He was about the flop down onto it, but was stopped by slender arms wrapping around his waist.

"Uh uh…you're not getting blood on the sheets…they aren't ours." Mike whispered softly, his warm breath teasing John's ear. He moved his hands down to John's back, slowly pushing him towards the bathroom.

"Where we goin?" John asked wearily. "I wanna get in bed and sleep."

"Sorry," Mike said, grinning smugly, "That's not gonna happen."

John pouted, "Says who?"

Mike shoved John into the bathroom, "Says the man who owns your heart."

John's eyes brightened, seeing the bathtub filled with suds and water. There were a couple of rose petals in there also, and the whole room glowed with soft candlelight, smelling sweetly of vanilla.

"Come here…" Mike smiled playfully, his pretty blue eyes glowing. He pulled John's tank top off. He loved it when John wore tank tops. They were so easy to get off and they looked amazing on him.

John lifted his arms, smiling softly as Mike rid him of his shirt. He moved back a bit as Mike leaned up to kiss his face. "No, I've got blood all-"

"Shut up."

John blinked in surprise, closing his eyes in ecstasy as Mike lapped the blood away from his face. He shook a bit, his cock starting to harden from behind his boxers. He gripped Mike's pretty hips, pulling him tight against his bigger body.

Mike gently rubbed John's cheeks, enjoying the hard kisses being placed on his mouth. He gently bit at John's lower lip, pulling the soft skin into his own wet mouth, suckling it softly before easing back, letting the soft lip slide out of his mouth.

John panted, his eyes darkening several shades. "Bed. Now."

Once again, his baby boy refused to do what he wanted. "Get your ass naked and into the tub," Mike ordered softly.

John groaned, but did as he was told. "You're such a cock tease," he huffed, sliding off his shoes, armbands, shorts and boxers. He slid into the water, moping. The look slowly disappeared though, being replaced by a look of pleasure at the warm water lapping at his skin. "Hmm…"

Mike rolled up the cuffs of his pajamas, sliding into the tub behind his boyfriend. He sat on the edge, John between his legs. Slowly, Mike slid a wash cloth into the warm water, lathering it up with some bubbles before adding a good dose of body wash.

John groaned in pleasure, eyelashes fluttering. "Fuck…that feels so damn good."

Mike washed up John's back, rubbing firm circles into the skin to get it nice and clean. Leaning forewords a bit, he ran the cloth over John's face, neck and pectorals, delighted at the way they jumped at his touch. He washed lower still, over John's abdomen.

John smirked, "Lower…"

Mike raised a brow before he grinned. "Lower?" he purred. He skipped John's large, hard cock, going straight for the strong legs of his champion.

"You're forgetting something…" John whispered heatedly. He grabbed Mike's hand, putting it on his throbbing cock.

Mike smirked, giving it a good squeeze. "Later." He stood promptly, drying his legs. He stepped out of the tub, watching John stand straight to turn to shower-head on, drenching the suds away from his body. "Finish up and then come to bed."

"Yes, ma'am," John joked, reaching for the shampoo bottle.

Mike grinned and turned, heading back into the room.


His fingers played with the gold, "W" spinning it slowly. He giggled. He always enjoyed the way this belt looked. It was so pretty.

"Having fun?"

Mike looked up, seeing his clean and wet boyfriend walk into his line of vision. He smirked, "So much fun."

"Can't be better than what we are about to do," John smirked, moving to grab Mike in his arms.

Mike dodged it, "Nuh uh. Sit down."

John sighed, but sat down. "I think we're forgetting whose dominant here, Mikey."

Mike smirked and went down on his knees directly in between John's legs. "No…I think we've got a good idea who's dominant." Mike's hand wrapped John's thick length, stroking it hard before popping the head into his mouth.

John grunted, staring down at Mike as he started the terrific blowjob. "Damn…you look so gorgeous on your knees." He was rewarded with a hard suck for that. "Ah, Mike…" John's fingers curled around Mike's hair, pulling at it.

Mike moaned, his mouth full of his boyfriend's throbbing dick. He pulled away, licking all around the long length. He moved down to nuzzle at John's heavy balls, kissing them softly before nibbling on them.

John grunted deeply, his muscles tensing. "Fuck, Mike…get up here." John gently pulled Mike up by his hair, crashing their mouths together before pulling away to look deep into his loved one's eyes. "You're gonna get fucked by the champ, baby. What do you think of that?"

Mike's blue eyes seared through John's. "I think you'd better put on that fucking belt," he gestured to the WWE belt lying on the bed.

Cena raised a brow. "What's that?"

"I want you to wear the belt while you fuck me. I want my champion fucking me through the bed." Mike said, his tone dripping with lust and passion.

John smirked, "Alright…lie down, baby." He grabbed his title belt, strapping it around his waist. When he turned to Mike, he found his baby lying on his back on the bed.

Mike gladly welcomed John over him, moaning as he felt John's cock at his rim. "Fuck me," he whispered.

John put his hands on the sides of Mike's head to balance himself with and then surged forewords, his cock sliding deep into Mike's unprepared hole. The scream it tore out of Mike nearly made John blow his load.

Mike moaned loudly, gripping John's shoulders. The feel of that large dick and the belt rubbing against his own cock was almost too much to bear. It felt so amazing. He wouldn't last long with that pleasure running through him.

"You like that baby?" John growled, watching the way Mike's eyes clouded with pleasure, "You like being fucked by the champ, don't you?"

Mike whined at each thrust of his boyfriend's hips, the cold belt rubbing against his dick. "Oh, fuck, I love it," Mike moaned, "I love getting fucked by my champion."

"Dam right you do," John murmured, putting more power into his thrusts. Pretty soon, he was rocking the bed, the post making loud banging noises against the wall. He greedily took in Mike's loud mewls of pleasure.

"Yes, yes," Mike chanted, "Right there!" he cried out, feeling John hit his prostate. The belt scraped harder against his cock, "Oh, John!" he let out a shrill cry as he came, his cum splattering all over the belt.

John clenched his teeth, whispering Mike's name as the hot walls milked him of his seed. He could feel himself filling Mike completely, and he groaned in desire.

Mike panted softly, staring up at John through hazy eyes. "The champ…is most definitely here."

John smirked, "Oh he's here alright…and he's gonna stay here for a good while."

Mike smiled, "Fantastic."


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