Title: Whatever Love Brings

Rating: Teens due to blood, violence and mild sexual themes.

Genre: Adventure/ Romance/ Drama/ Supernatural

Summary: There is a single moment when love can change everything where decisions must be made in order to save and protect the one you love dearly, even if it cost you your life.

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Whatever Love Brings

Chapter One:

One Year After…

A dark figure was lurking about in a deep dark forest as the sun was setting for the day. It continued on walking until it came upon a castle.

The figure entered inside as it walk down a corridor. It was on the verge of something sinister and vile, something that will turn the vampire and human world upside down into total destruction and chaos. But before that could happen, it had to find a way to get rid of the things staying in its way in order to be successful.


The Kuran Mansion...

A beautiful young girl of seventeen was sitting in a grand library. Her long reddish-brown hair fell down upon her like curtains. Her reddish-brown eyes scanned through the books as she study from them.

Her name was Yuuki Kuran, the pureblood daughter of Haruka and Juuri Kuran and sister and fiancée of Kaname Kuran. She had spent the first five years of her life in hiding due to the Vampire council want to use her and also her evil uncle, Rido Kuran wanted to have her blood for power.

But now, all is well…for now.

There was still some disturbance between vampire and humans living together in harmony. Her brother/ lover/ fiancé Kaname was making sure that the peace treaty between them would be successful.

Yuuki loved her brother. She was in love with him that very first day he saved her from being attack by a Level E vampire. Ever since then, he has always been there for her. She's been harboring deep feelings for him.

But also, there was Zero Kiryuu, whom she also harbored strong feelings for. Zero's family was vampire hunters, one of the strongest, but they were killed by a pureblood vampire and Zero, himself was bitten and become a vampire himself. Ever since that day, he had a strong hatred of vampires, especially purebloods.

Yuuki never expected herself to be a vampire by birth, especially a pureblood vampire princess of the Kuran royal family, but she is. And now, after a year, she sort of gotten use of being a vampire and her vampire powers she had from birth have returned, even though it took her awhile to get use to.

Since a year passed, she has been living in her family's manor basement, the same one her parents basically raised her in until she was five. Kaname was out doing secretive business in the vampire community and also trying to keep the peace between vampires and humans. Yuuki knew what Kaname did to the council of the ancients and yet she wasn't disgusted of what he did, she wanted to be by his side for all eternity whether his hands were tainted or not.

Yuuki was so lost in thought that she didn't hear the door open, until she felt a pair of hands on her shoulders. She looks up to see her brother/ lover standing right behind her.

"Kaname-onii-sama!" cried Yuuki with a smile on her face. She was so happy to see him after being gone for three and a half days. "Welcome home." She said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Kaname hugged Yuuki in a loving embrace, something he was looking forward to ever since he left. It was always painful for him when he's never near his precious girl, his princess, his queen, his bride-to-be.

After nearly eleven years of being separated from her, despite that they went to the same academy, he always wanted to be her side, to protect her even though she had no memories of her vampire life or being engaged to him, but now, everything is back the way it should be.

Being away from her for three days was intolerable. He had longed for her blood, to suck the sweet, moisturizing red velvet taste that runs through her veins and he also knew that she longed for him, too.

"Yuuki." Kaname said in a deep hissing voice as he was breathing hard for her blood with her eyes glowing red.

Yuuki knew exactly what he need. Unbuttoning her shirt, she lifted up her neck, giving him full permission to take her blood. Kaname gently lick her neck before penetrating her neck with his sharp fangs, opening up a wound on her.

Yuuki gasped and moaned as she felt her brother's fangs going in deeper into her skin. She grabbed a hand-full of his dark brown locks, pushing him even farther into her throat. A single drop of her blood ran smoothly down her neck.

Kaname pulled his fangs gently as he looked at her also unbuttoning his collar. "Yuuki, I know that you thirst for blood. So, please, my dear girl, take as much as you need."

Yuuki gently lick his throat before drawing her fangs into them. Even though it pains her to hurt him like this, it was the only way for her to feed upon. After she was done, Kaname gently pulled Yuuki from his throat and kiss her lips with love.

"I love you, Yuuki." Said Kaname lovingly as he pulled away from her lips.

"I love you too, onii-sama." Replied Yuuki as the two vampire siblings/lovers resume their kiss.

'Never again, Yuuki. Never again will I lose you to anything or anyone. You are the most and only one important person to me in this world. Now and forever.' Kaname thought as he deepens the kiss.

Unbestknown to the pureblood lovers, someone was watching them, someone from afar. Someone who was planning to make their lives a living hell.

"It won't be long, you two. It won't be long until I've destroy you both, once an for all"

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