Chapter Three

Breath Taking

Dawn sat there in the car as David drove down the road. She held the book in her lap and stared out the window. It was the day of the funeral and it was going to be hard. Dawn wore a simple black strapless cocktail dress with a black sweater pull over. She has a pair of open toed black heels on and wore her hair pulled back into a tight bun. David wore a nice black suit with a white shirt and black tie. It looked like a tux just without a bow tie. His hand slowly made it's way into the grip of Dawn's. She turned to look at him and he was smiling at her trying to reassure her that everything was going to be fine. She placed the book in the back seat and then pulled his hand closer to her. She was so glad that her best friend was there with her through this. Pulling up to the Funeral she could see her mother standing there at the front of the cemetary. She looked like she had been crying for hours now. Which was understandable. Dawn was able to cover her swollen eyes with tons of make up. She looked at David and smiled gently then turned opening the door. She stood and after closing the door she checked her dress making sure it was still nicely worn. She sighed softly and turned and went to join her mother.


She said pulling her mother into her arms. The two of them stood there in an embrace that seemed like it lasted for hours. David climbed out of his car and looked around. The world seemed like it was just standing still around them. There were no birds flying around, the winds were still and not blowing like normal. It just seemed like the world had gone into mourning just like the people around. David walked up to the two of the women and Dawn's mother pulled him into the hug.

"Hello David. Thank you for coming!"

She said through snobs and sniffles. David stood there and smiled. He wanted so hard to tell them everything was going to get better. But who really knew if it would or not. Finally the music started which meant the funeral was starting. The three of them turned and walked in as the family. Everyone turned to look at the three of them as they made their way to the tent where the casket sat waiting to be lowered into the earth. Dawn and her mother sat first and then David joined them. The preacher stood and walked up to the front motioning for everyone to take their seats. He sighed and you could tell that even he was fighting tears. Everyone knew her grandmother. She was more popular then Dawn and her friends were. Which was weird in a way. He looked down for a few second and then raised his head.

"Clara Dawn Hawkins was born August 9, 1945. She left our world on May 10, 2009. Clara Hawkins was one woman that everyone looked at like a grandmother, she was a friend, a loving mother, and most of all a wonderful person. She never let anyone feel like they weren't wanted around this small town. Even when a lot of other people didn't want someone around here she always made them feel welcome. She was the grandmother of Dawn Foster, and mother of Beth Foster. Both of which our prayers go out too. Now, Dawn I was told that when this day came, you would be the one to stand and speak. So if you would please come up and say a few words about your grandmother."

The preacher said looking right at her. Dawn turned to her mother and hugged her. She dabbed at the tears on her face before standing and walking up to the podium. She looked at the casket and then sighed gently before looking up at the crowd gathered in front of her. She could see a lot of familiar faces. Her friends had all come with their families. It was like the entire town stopped and came to the funeral. She took a deep breath and then opened her mouth to speak.

"Hello to all that is here. My mother and I would like to thank each and every person that came out to show their support to the family. Let me start of by saying that everyone knows my grandmother was an amazing person. She was the one I could go to for help with things that no one else could help me with. She kept both myself and my mother safe from most of the world."

Dawn stopped and took in another breath. She felt like she couldn't breath almost. It was like the air was just gone. She wiped tears that were starting to gather in her eyes.

"She would always bring a smile to someone's face. We always said that was her gift in the this world. It didn't matter what we were dealing with. It didn't matter how bad our mood was. When my eyes would meet her face it made me smile. She had the biggest heart I have ever seen in anyone. We are sad that my grandmother has had to leave this world. But we know she has gone to meet her true father and would be standing here now slapping both, my mother and myself on the back of the head saying "Stop crying. It's a celebration." and it's the truth."

Dawn smiled gently. When she brought her head up her eyes met with a man's in the back. He was dressed in all black. His head was covered by a hood. What really caught Dawn's eye was how his eyes were glowing with a blood red color. Something in her stopped and she knew he was the one that had killed her. She looked at David and then at her mother. Then looked back to see him again and this time he was gone. She stood there silent staring to the back of the crowd.

"Uhh, Dawn?"

The preacher asked bringing Dawn back to reality. She shook her head and then sighed.

"I'm sorry I can't!"

She said walking back to her mother. She let her head fall into her mothers chest and she softly sobbed for the loss. The preacher stood and walked to the podium and looked out at the confused crowd. He sighed again and then said his closing statements and the funeral was over. Everyone stood and started gathering to come pay their last respects to Clara. Her mother stood letting her sit there and went to greet people that had come out. Dawn stood and walked out into the cemetery. She walked until she reached where she was going to stand. She folded her arms and looked at the tomb stone. She was joined by Zoe, Anna, Sara, and David.

"You okay?"

Zoe asked placing her arm around Dawn. Who just stood there and looked at the Tomb stone in front of her. She looked at her friends and smiled gently. Then turned back to the tomb stone.

"It just seems like yesterday since he was taken as well. I don't know how many people are gonna be pulled from me before my life ends. It's like god wants me alone in this world."

She said through sniffles. David touched her shoulder and came closer to her.

"God wouldn't give us more then what we can handle at the time Dawn. You know that. What happened to your dad was an accident. You know that."

He said looking at his friend. Dawn turned quickly, now with everything that had happened. Were they sure it was an accident. Or was it a demon. She looked at him and just sighed and gave him a nod. The group turned and went to rejoin the crowd at the service. Dawn walked and then turned one last time to look at the stone.

"I love you daddy!"

She said turning and walking. The stone stood there reading. John Foster, loving father and beloved father. There laid Dawn's father who had been killed when she was only eight years old. Was it an accident or was Dawn right?

After everything was said and done at the funeral Dawn and her mother returned home with her friend right there by their sides. When they got to the house Dawn turned to her friends before they entered the house and smiled. She smiled and then sighed.

"Guys, I think mom and I would like to be alone for a few minutes if you guys don't mind!"

She said awkwardly. Her friends all smiled and shook their heads and turned and walked back to David's car. He stood there and smiled at her and then turned to walk to the others. Once they were gone Dawn turned and made her way into the house. She walked in closing and locking the door. The smell of food was radiating it's way through the house. When she walked into the living room she could see her mom starting to uncover the food and then she turned to look at her daughter. She smiled gently and walked into the living room after dropping what she was doing.

"Where are the others sweety?"

She asked sitting next to Dawn.

"I wanted it to just be you and I for a couple of hours mom. They will be back when I call. I hope you don't mind if I have a slumber party tonight. I need to speak with David later."

Dawn smiled gently and then turned to her mother and took both of her hands in her own.

"I want to talk to you as well, look today when I was speaking about grandma, this man was standing in the back. He was shady to me. His eyes though, they are what caught me and pulled me into him. They were glowing, a blood red mom. And there was something about him that was so familiar yet at the same time he was like a stranger."

She said standing and walking.

"What does it mean?"

She asked turning to her mother. The middle aged woman smiled and sighed just a little. She stood and led her daughter into the kitchen. She started preparing the food again and then looked at Dawn.

"Look, I think you should just stop thinking about it for a few days. Just relax sweet heart. Let's eat and we will discuss this in a little while when David comes back. Now call your friends and tell them to come back."

She said sliding the phone to Dawn. The young dark girl picked the white phone up and sighed turning to walk back into the living room. She stopped at the door and turned to her mother.

"I love you mom."

She said walking out into the living room. She dialed David's cell number and flopped on the couch turning on the tv. As she waited for him to answer she started watching cartoons. Something to get her mind off of this sad day all together. Something that would hopefully make her smile again. That's when he answered.


He said into the receiver.

"Hey get the girls to get ready for a slumber party at my house tonight. I need you guys!"

She said smiling into the phone. David let her know to give him an hour and they would be there. She hung the phone up and laid it on the coffee table and went back to her cartoons. After a while she started drifting into a slow nap phase. Her eyes slowly closed and her head fell to the side.

As she walked through the dark room she found herself almost scared to be there. She tried yelling but there was no voice to come out of her mouth. She looked around and a little speck of light appeared in front of her. It seemed really far away. She knew that she needed to go to the light so she started running. She pumped her arms as the light seemed to get further and further away from her. She started panting and then out of no where she was hit hard. The power of the hit sent her through the air and smashing into the floor hard. She rolled up on to her knees and there stood the man from the funeral. His eyes glowing but his face too dark to see now. She stood and walked a little closer and stopped.

"Who are you?"

She asked shocked that there was noise coming from her mouth now. The man stood there and then turned and walked in a circle around her.

"That is not important now dear. All that is important now is that you are here now!"

He said continuing his path around her. She turned and followed him with her eyes. She wasn't going to let her eyes off of him for one minute. She knew he would probably attack her if she did.

"Why is that so important to you?"

She asked folding her arms.

"I am the one that can give you power beyond your belief. All you have to do is invite me into your spirit. I am the one that made you in this world. I am the one they have been trying to hide from you for almost 10 years now."

He said. Dawn was freaking out now. Who was he to tell her he could give her more power? How is he the one that created her? And why would anyone have tried to hide him from her? It seemed he was the one that she needed to vanquish but for some reason she was pulled into his voice. Something about him pulled her in more this time then at the funeral. There was something about him that made her feel safe and not alone. Who was this guy? Why was he coming out now?

"All of your questions can be answered if you let me in!"

He said as if he heard her thoughts.

"Can you read my thoughts?"

She asked him and then turned to face him. He slowly nodded his head.

"I can and have been for some time now. You want to know what really happened to your father? You want to know if there is the slightest chance that he might still be a live. I can answer all of those questions for you Dawn. All you have to do is let me in!"

He said in a voice that soothed her. It was like he was placing her in some kind of trance. Suddenly, Dawn was being pulled away from him at the speed of light. She extend her arms and opened her hand screaming no. She wanted to know more about him. The only thing she knew to do was scream.

"I willingly let you in!"

She yelled as loud as possible. Suddenly she awoke to her mother standing over her. She smiled and stood. Her mother noticed immediately that something about Dawn was different. Dawn walked to the window and then turned quickly to face her mother.

"It's been a while since I have been able to fully see the sun and enjoy it."

She said in a voice that was manly and not her own. Her mother stood straight and had a serious look on her face.

"Who are you?"

She asked in an intimidating tone.

"Oh, Beth, you don't recognize my voice anymore? I understand it has been a while but still, you would think someone would recognize her own husbands voice!"

He said smirking through Dawn's body. Beth took a few steps back. She was shocked that this was happening. How did he get into Dawn's body? The only way any of that could happen would be Dawn inviting him in. Her eyes got wide and she turned to him and walked up to him.

"You made her invite you in didn't you?"

She asked. John smirked through his daughter. He walked around Beth and looked at her.

"It didn't take much. I now have your mother out of the way. Your next and then I will come for her! I will teach her to use her powers the way they were meant to be used."

He said through gritted teeth. Beth was shocked at the way he was talking to her.

"No one will believe you are her. Her friends are on their way now."

She said with a quiver in her voice. Dawn smiled and walked to the couch flopping onto it.

"Let them come! I just needed to use this body for a few minutes to gain enough energy to retake a solid form."

He said before smirking. Dawn's head dropped back wards and she screamed a blood curdling scream. He body tensed visibly and Beth started back away from the scene. Dawn started floating into the air and purple light shot from her eyes and finger tips then out through the toes of her shoes. Finally she slammed to the floor as a black light travled into sight. It materialized and it was John. Dawn jumped up holding her throat. Her mother joined her and held her daughter tightly.

"You used me!"

Dawn said through gritted teeth. John smirked and then started pacing. He pulled his arms behind his back and then held his hands walking back and fourth.

"So Dawnie, what have they told you about your father?"

He said looking right at her. Dawn shook her head and then looked at her mother before looking at him again.

"My father is dead."

She said through gritted teeth. Finally John stopped and looked at his daughter.

"I will let you keep believing that!"

he said before throwing his hands up in the air. A light started extending from his hands and suddenly the world crashed down around them. An explosion that could be heard from miles away erupted in the house destroying it. Dawn and her mother were thrown from the building. Both women laid in the street unconscious. Both were bloody and hurt. David slammed his breaks pulling the car to a stop. Everyone in the vehicle jumped out and ran to their sides. Zoe and the girls ran to Dawn and David stopped at her mom. He lifted her and slid her into the car. Then ran to Dawn. She was hurt badly. He looked at the house and was shocked. What ever did this was strong. That's when his eyes met the mans blood red eyes. He pulled his bow and arrow and stood there fixed on hims. The girls all were shocked when they saw David's clothes fading into a green suit of war. It was like a green armor. He turned to Zoe and as he opened his mouth, a helmet finished materializing over his head.

"Get Dawn out of here. Use my car and get her to the hospital. Now Go!"

He said running to the rubble of the house. The girls moved quick and got Dawn loaded into the car as well and then sped to the hospital. David stopped in front of the man and still had his arrow pointed at his head. He was ready to fire at any moment.

"What have you done?"

He said through gritted teeth.

"Dear boy, you know for a face I would have you dead before that Arrow left your bow. I merely showed the two of them my power! I am what's coming for Dawn and her mother. I am everything evil and dark. There is nothing that can stop me at this point. I am the thing in this world that Demons fear. None of you stand a chance against my powers. I will level this world before any of you know it!"

And as the finished his sentence he came at David. Before David could flinch he was hit hard. The power behind the punch sent him flying into a near by tree. He hit hard and then slammed to the ground head first. Before he could gather himself up to fight back the man was gone. He held his stomach and as he looked around. People were starting to gather in the streets. They were all scared and worried about who might have been inside. David sighed and walked to the edge of the street. He waved his hand through the air and everyone that was coming out froze like they were in a trance.

"Let your minds see a home standing. Let your minds see everything is okay here!"

He said waving his hand again. Everyone that was standing around him turned and walked back to their homes and went back to what they were doing. He turned and fell to his knees. He looked at the house that once stood there and it was all gone. Everything that was in it was gone. He had no clue how they were going to defeat this evil. He gathered his arrows and his bow and took off for the hospital. He let his suit face back into normal clothes and he came running into the er. The girl were all sitting there waiting for the doctor. They all came running too him and pulled him into an embrace. Zoe on the other hand stepped away and then looked at him. She grabbed his arm and turned to the others.

"Guys wait here I need to talk to him alone!"

Sara and Anna gave her a nod and went back to their seats. The two walked out of the sliding doors and stopped far enough away no one could here them. She folded her arms and had a serious look on her face.

"What the hell are you David?"

She said pulling her arms closer to herself.

"That suit just appeared on you. It was like it was magic. Are you some kind of super hero or something?"

She asked confused. David lifted his hands and sighed.

"Look, I can explain everything, but right now we have to focus on getting Dawn and her mother out of here."

He said turning to walk back inside.

"Oh you mean that witch in there?"

She said dryly. David stopped and slowly turned to face her.

"What did you just say Zoe?"

Zoe pulled her bag off her back and then pulled the book of shadows out of it and lifted it so he could see it.

"I know shes a witch. How else would any of that at the school that morning have happened? How was she able to render those guys weaponless from fifteen feet away? I know what she is. I know what you are too. You can't hide it anymore."

She said walking up to him. She pulled her hair up and on the back of her neck was a dragon shaped birthmark.

"That's why I want to help!"

She said smirking and folding her arms again. David stood there with a confused look on his face.

"What are you?"

He asked dryly. Zoe smiled and then stepped away.

"My father was a demon and my mother was a witch. They had me. I have both powers of a witch and powers of a demon. I am what they call hybrids. I can help you guys and you know that. I'm stronger then you, maybe not her but that's because her power is still growing. We can become an unstoppable team David. We just need to talk to her."

She said looking inside and seeing the doctor come out.

"Let's go the doctor's out now."

She said running inside. David stood there and looked out into the sun set. Everything made since about Zoe now. What did this mean for the two of them? Now Dawn and David had a new team mate.