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Bella is human.

Kalebs POV

I quickly followed his scent. A smirk crossed my features. I followed him to a clearing, where I also faintly smelled Bella's scent. He stood know in the middle of the clearing.

"You fucking jackass." I said loudly. "I'm going to kill you."I started by using the power I had gained from Alec, cutting off his senses. I moved closer and as I did so I let Jane's power take over. Slowly letting the pain wash over him. I smiled. Then I was right in front of him. I snapped his neck tearing his head off. I slowly ripped him in to shreds enjoying his screams of terror and pain. I gathered the pieces in a pile and light them on fire. I sat there watching it burn.

Bellas POV

I sobbed quietly as I lay on Kaleb's bed. Why did he have to after Edward? What if he got hurt? I couldn't stand the thought of Kaleb getting hurt because of me. He had been gone since before I had woken up. What if Edward had killed him? As this thought ran through my head another sob racked my body. I suddenly felt some next to me wrapping there arms around me.

"Shh Bella," Kaleb's voice flowed into my ears.

"Kaleb," I breathed quietly. A wave of relief rushed through me and I clung to him. Neither of us said a word.

"You could have been killed," I whispered breaking the silence. "What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking that he needed to die. That damn bastard." Kaleb said anger leaking into his voice. "Thats what I did. He can't hurt you anymore." I let this news sink in. Edward was dead. I wasn't sure what to feel. Sad? Relieved? Happy even? I glanced over my shoulder at Kaleb. We were close. So close to each other. If one of leaned toward the other we would be kissing. I leaned forward slightly when the door open with a loud bang. I jumped and looked at the door to see Emmett standing there I frowned. Damn vampire.

"How nice of you to knock Emmett." I said slightly angry. "I could have been changing or something." Emmett smirked. I picked up a pillow and threw it at him.

"Jack ass." I yelled at him. He laughed at me easily dodging the pillow. I could hear Kaleb chuckling quietly. "Get the hell out Emmett." Emmett frowned as he walked out. Kaleb quickly pulled my face to his and kissed me softly.

"Before there was another interruption." He said softly and pressed his lips to mine again. Kissing Kaleb was the most magical thing I had ever experienced. He gently held me to him pulling away. This time I pressed my lips to his. He gently sucked on my bottom lip. Suddenly there was a roar of applause from behind us and we jumped apart. There stood Alice, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme. I frowned as blood flooded my cheeks.

"Damn vampires." I muttered as I buried my face in Kaleb's chest. A laugh erupted from them. I looked at Alice and frowned. I slowly plotted to burn all her clothes. She must have seen this coming.

"No Bella please please please don't." Alice begged. "Your so evil for a human." I laughed at her. Kaleb must have read her thoughts because he was laughing. I smiled softly at him. He grabbed my hand and suddenly no one else was there but Kaleb. The others left the room and suddenly a tear streaked down my face.

"Bella..." He said softly. "Whats wrong?"

"I'm scared." I whispered.

"Bella hes gone theres nothing for you to be afraid of anymore," He said softly mistaking my fear.

"No Kaleb. I'm scared of you." I whispered and hurt flickered in his features. "Because you hold the power to hurt me. I don't mean physically I mean emotionally. I like you too much. I'm afraid of being hurt."

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