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Chapter 1

Darkness crept across the surface of the world as the last few rays of sunlight vanished beneath the horizon, bringing with it bright stars that twinkled like diamonds in the crisp, night sky. Frost covered the ground, blanketing the earth in beautiful, glittering crystals.

A pair of high beams broke through the still darkness, accompanied by the powerful roar of a sports car engine, momentarily shattering the serenity of the quiet landscape as it zoomed past wheat fields and a plethora of other floral life.

Bumblebee called in to let the other Autobots know that he was on his way in from his patrol duty and was ready to kick back and enjoy some much needed R&R. Ever since his vocal processor was fully repaired by Ratchet two months ago, he talked the audios off of both humans and his Cybertronian elders alike. Even though the other Autobots sometimes acted as if he annoyed them, the smiles they tried to hide from him only proved that they had missed his voice.

He heard that Ironhide and Jazz had gone to pick up Sam hours earlier along with Mikaela, Epps, Maggie, Glen, and Lennox and brought them back to base in leiu of their new yearly tradition of watching horror film marathons on Halloween night.

The young scout remembered well the year before, when Jazz had used the humans Halloween custom to revenge prank the infamous prankster twins. Bumblebee hoped that this year would be quiet…and calm…and peacefu—

Bumblebee shrieked when a large, dark, bulky shape appeared within sensor range a few yards ahead.

The yellow Camaro with black racing stripes swerved to avoid hitting a random cow that had wandered into the middle of the road. The screeching of brakes followed by the smell of burning rubber against the asphalt of the road filled the clean, country night air.

After a thorough sensor sweep, Bumblebee deemed that it was safe, and transformed. He then proceeded to walk carefully over to where the cow was now half in the opposite lane, chewing on some grass on the side of the road.

"How did you get all the way out here by yourself?"

Bumblebee looked around and after scanning a nearby fence, detected the break. Some dilapidated boards, run down from the Earth's elements, had fallen off at an odd angle from rot and decay. He was a little surprised that none of the other cows had followed their comrade out of their fenced in area to freedom.

The young scout released air from his vents in what sounded like a human sigh and walked over to see what he could do to repair it. The moment he touched the neighboring section of fence, more boards fell, creating an even bigger hole.


Bumblebee looked frantically around for something to block the hole with since there was no way he could repair the fragile human made fence without wrecking the rest of it.

That was when some of the other cows in the field noticed his presence. Some soft "Moo's" greeted his audios as some came nearer and the Autobot scout worked frantically to repair the damage he had inadvertently caused.

"There…that should do it!!"

Bumblebee stood proudly, admiring his handiwork.

"Now to put you back little fella!"

The Autobot reached down and carefully picked up the cow and replaced it on the proper side of the fence before transforming back into car mode and raced off into the night.

The farmer who owned those cows was no doubt going to be surprised when he found an entire tree, roots and all, blocking the gaping hole in the fence when he went out to inspect his livestock the next morning…

:: Bumblebee…report::

:: Sorry sir, my attention was…diverted. I am approximately ten miles out!::

An amused chuckle sounded over the com-link system.

:: Admiring the wildlife again, Bumblebee?::

:: This time around…I think they were admiring me!::

:: We will be waiting for you, Optimus out::

About two minutes later and Bumblebee was rolling into their designated 'base of operations'…which happened to be their ship.

When he arrived he was surprised to find that his comrades were all gathered around the Transformer sized television in the REC room, the humans all situated in lounge chairs on the large, Cybertronian version of a coffee table so that they could see the screen better.

"What I miss?"

"Bumblebee, you're just in time!!"

Sunstreaker and Sideswipe grinned devilishly as they both came on either side of him and led him to an empty chair situated near the front row.

Jazz hopped up to insert the first movie which was "Van Helsing". The younger bots whispered amongst themselves during the previews, Jazz not a part of their conversation since he was too preoccupied fast forwarding to get to the part where the movie actually started…

At last, the chatter died down and everyone munched on popcorn (humans) or sipped on some high grade energon (Autobots) as the movie finally started.

Once they finished that one, they popped in the "Underworld" trilogy.

It was during the second one that Bumblebee started to fidget uncomfortably. Something about this human vampire story was bothering him for some unknown reason…

He looked around the room to see how everyone else was faring.

The humans appeared to be enjoying it as they continued to pass the large popcorn bowl and various candy items around, all eyes glued to the screen. The Autobots were also, mildly fascinated although the elder bots like Ratchet, Ironhide, and Optimus…seemed kind of bored.

It was near the end of the second "Underworld" movie that a long forgotten memory file resurfaced to the front of his processor, replaying like an old holo-recording. His optics dimmed as the old memory resurfaced…


Bumblebee sat near slightly younger looking versions of Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, who were both in the process of telling him an old, old legend.

"Long, long ago…there lived a mech by the name of Rawfist, a scientist who had a happy life. He lived with his sparkmate and two sparklings in peace, centuries before the Great War ever began. It was only when a terrible accident in his lab that caused the deaths of his family that he swore vengeance against Primus for his misfortune…thinking that it was Primus's fault that his family was taken from him so cruelly."

"…b-but…wasn't it his fault that the accident happened? Why was his family in his lab to begin with?"

"They came by to visit him…he was a bit of a workaholic, so his sparkmate would sometimes bring him some energon on occasion. And like we said…it was an accident."

"So what happened?" The squeaky voice of a tiny, youngling questioned with wide, baby blue optics.

Bumblebee hugged his blanket closer to his chest as the other twin continued somberly.

"Desperate to find some way to bring back his family…he meddled in the dark arts of sorcery, until he came into contact with unicron himself. The dark one promised to bring his family back to him so long as he submitted himself completely to his dark power forever. Rawfist foolishly agreed."

Bumblebee's optics widened considerably and he shrank down further into the comfort of his soft yellow, blanket.

"Rawfist was transformed into……something…..something dark. Something EVIL…"

The little yellow youngling whimpered, no longer liking this story but far too curious to abandon the tale before the ending just yet.

"It was only after the dark one began to change him, that he realized to his horror, that unicron had been lying to him about bringing his family back. In his rage and in his despair, he tried to lash back out at the evil one for his treachery but instead, was transformed into a dark creature…that was forced into eternal servitude to unicron."

Bumblebee was shaking now, he was so scared but he had one question that was bugging him.

"W-what…d-did he turn into?"

The older younglings shared a troubled look before turning back to him.

"Very few have seen him…and lived to tell the tale. A couple survivors…claimed that he resembled a cross between the Fallen and some sort of...sharp fanged…creature…thing…"

Sideswipe fumbled with his description and looked to his twin for help.

Sunstreaker growled and shook his head.

"No one REALLY knows for sure what he looks like…all we know for sure is that he has only survived this long by drinking the energon out of a living cybertronian. That's what the fangs are for…you see, after he jumps on you and pins you down, he brings his fangs down and bites your neck and sucks out your—"

The little youngling began to scream from where he sat shaking on the floor, the twins sharing a guilty look before turning and making a run for it just as Ratchet and Optimus came running down the hallway.

End Flashback

Bumblebee's optics brightened as the suppressed memory had faded and he found to his horror that he was currently standing up, screaming his vocal processor out. He stopped shrieking when he realized where he was and turned to look at his comrades with clear embarrassment and couldn't stop his next outburst.


Bumblebee was almost sure he heard noisy crickets chirping from outside as both humans and Autobots alike stared at him after they paused the movie.

"Umm…I'm sorry…about that. I have to go now."

Bumblebee excused himself from the room, shivering when his optics caught sight of one of the blood-thirsty vampires attacking a screaming victim on the screen…

Vampire…that had to be what that creature thing was from the twin's scary story all those years ago…

The human's story of what vampires were sounded near identical to the one he had heard…and still feared today. Bumblebee couldn't help but feel completely embarrassed when Optimus Prime AND Ratchet followed him out of the room.

"Bumblebee…would you mind stepping into my office for a moment?"


He followed his elders to the med-bay and sat down as Optimus and Ratchet stood nearby.

"I think I know what that outburst was about…" Optimus began slowly with worry etched on his face.

"You have recovered a suppressed memory file, triggered by the movie we were watching, most likely. How do you feel, youngling?" Ratchet questioned as he ran a quick scan on him.

Bumblebee under normal circumstances would have bristled with defiance at the older bots calling him a youngling but at the moment didn't really care…

Now, how best to answer that question? He supposed honesty was the best policy at this point since he already knew that both Ratchet and Optimus would see right through his lies.

"I feel…frightened."

Ratchet nodded his head in understanding.

"That is to be expected…that pit-forsaken story the twins told you when you were still so young was a very traumatic experience for you. We knew that it was only a matter of time until it resurfaced again."

Bumblebee remained silent, unsure of what to say.

"There is nothing to fear. Nothing will harm you while we are around," Optimus reassured him with a smile.

He nodded in response and looked down at the floor, resisting the urge to cry like a sparkling. To be honest…that story still terrified him, no matter what Optimus said to make him feel better.

When he looked up, Ratchet met his gaze evenly.

"You are welcome to sleep here for the night, if you feel the need to. I have much that needs to be done tonight anyways…my med-bay is always open, youngling."

Bumblebee nodded his head numbly.

"Thank you Ratchet…but…I think that I will be okay on my own tonight."

"My offer still stands. Don't hesitate to stop by if something bothers you."

The young scout left the med-bay and returned to his quarters to try to get some recharge, not at all aware of the domino effect he had just set into motion.

The twins, the eavesdroppers that they always were, had heard the entire conversation and now left to return to the REC room to finish the movies. Both of the brothers couldn't help but feel guilty and they both thought of ways to make Bumblebee feel better…

It was when Jazz released an audio piercing shriek at a vampire/werewolf pop-out that the twins thought of the most brilliant idea.

:: Hey Sunny…you thinkin what I'm thinkin?::

:: Oh yeah…payback is finally ours!!::

:: You know what? I think that Jazz might be just as scared of vampires as Bumblebee is…::

Sunstreaker shared a wicked grin with his brother before the two bots all but ran from the REC room to get started on their planning.

4 hours later…

Bumblebee awoke from recharge with a cry of alarm, bringing his weapon online as he surveyed the room for some hidden vampire enemy…when none was in sight he breathed a sigh of relief.

"It was just a dream…pull yourself together. Don't be a sparkling…it was only a dre--"

Bumblebee whimpered when a strange noise came from the ventilation shaft in the ceiling. With a cry of alarm he ran from his quarters and raced down the hallways to the med-bay and slid to a stop as soon as he got there, looking absolutely terrified.


Ratchet turned from what he was working on to look at him.


Bumblebee felt rather ridiculous…

"Never-mind…it was probably just Sunstreaker and Sideswipe crawling through the ventilation shafts again…"

His door-wings sagged as he turned to head back out to his room but stopped when he felt Ratchet's hand on his shoulder.

"You don't have to act tough in front of me, kid…its' okay to be scared. Everyone gets scared sometimes...even Optimus Prime!"

Bumblebee raised an optic ridge.

"Do you ever get scared?"

Ratchet snorted at the question.

"Of course I do!"

"What are you afraid of?"

Ratchet's face fell as he let out a heavy sigh, his hand falling from Bumblebee's shoulder. When he looked up, there were tears in his optics, and thick emotion could be heard in his voice as he struggled to say what he knew he had to say.

"…losing any of you…whenever someone calls me to tell me someone has been injured...I can't help but fear that this time around, I might not be able to fix it…might not be able to save you…"

Bumblebee's face held a look of wonder as he saw Ratchet in a new light.

"Well…at least you aren't scared of vampire-mechs…"

He couldn't help but cross his arms and pout a little from where he stood in the doorway.

Ratchet laughed and shook his head with a smile.

"I'm sure I would be if I ever saw one laying in my med-bay! Just waiting for me to walk over and—"

A pair of hands grabbed the medic from behind, pulling him backwards.


Ratchet let loose a shriek and twisted around to strike out at his attacker. Two giggling twins were leaning on each other for support, laughing their maniacal afts off.

"AH-HA-HA! Happy Halloween HATCHET!!"

The CMO glared at them and grabbed the nearest wrench he could find and chased them out of his med-bay screaming death threats. Bumblebee had seen them drop down silently from the vents above the med-bay, right behind Ratchet and had trouble keeping a straight face as one of them had given him the 'shhh' sign with one index finger.

Once they were gone, Ratchet composed himself as best he could and faced Bumblebee again who was having difficulty holding back a giggle.

"Oh…you think seeing old Hatchet nearly have a spark-attack is funny, do you?!"

Bumblebee couldn't help but laugh as the playfulness of the medic's tone accompanied by the big grin on Ratchet's face cheered him up considerably.

"Maybe just a little…"

Ratchet threw his hands up in the air, in a show of mock dramatics.


Bumblebee went to sit on one of the exam tables, finding comfort and solace here.

"So…you really don't mind then…if I stay here for a while?"

Ratchet's face softened as he placed the wrench back where it belonged.

"Stay for as long as you'd like…"

Bumblebee nodded his head tiredly and situated himself on the recharge berth.

"Hey Ratchet?"


"What is Optimus afraid of?"

"You would have to ask him yourself…"

Silence lasted a little longer this time.



"So…even Ironhide gets scared?"

Ratchet chuckled at this.

"Like I said before…everyone gets scared…even seemingly fearless, trigger-happy soldiers like Ironhide. Now get some recharge."

Another five minutes of silence passed before it was broken again by a softer, sleep filled voice.



"Thank you…"

"You are more than welcome, kid."

Before long…he had gone back into recharge…his processor free of any vampire dreams.

Ratchet smiled softly as he checked on Bumblebee a few minutes later to see that he was peacefully recharging.

"Sweet dreams, youngling…"


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