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Chapter 10

The Autobots cautiously advanced upon the last known coordinates that Sideswipe successfully supplied to them hours before his capture.

Tracking him down to the vampire lair was difficult but not impossible.

Optimus ordered them to silently fan out, all of them armed with their specialized weaponry of choice that would hopefully take Cronos out. The Autobot leader brought one hand up to the side of his helm and opened up a com-line with his troops.

: Autobots, proceed with caution. If any of you get into a tight situation you can't handle…don't be ashamed to call for backup! Our enemy is both powerful and deadly and should not be underestimated:

The Autobots responded with their own individual acknowledgments before charging the enemy base. Optimus, Ratchet, Jazz, and Ironhide were the first to enter the cave while Wheeljack and Sunstreaker swept the perimeter in the event there was another possible exit their enemy might attempt to take should he decide to flee the fight.

Optimus heard something to his left and held a hand up, signaling Ratchet and Ironhide to stop and be on their guard.

Soon an evil chuckle filled the silence all around them.

"So…you have come to save the little one. How very thoughtful of you Optimus Prime!" Cronos spat the name venomously like a curse.

Optimus's optics narrowed angrily and his majestic voice echoed through the stillness of the cave expanse and tunnels.

"You have attacked us without cause and have thereby made yourself our enemy!"

"Oh…but I DO have a cause, a worthy one, appointed by Unicron himself!"

"Come out and show yourself and we will make your termination swift!"

"Come and find me Prime…and I will make yours slow and excruciating!"

A harsh, grating laugh followed.

"Why that son of a—" Ironhide snarled and lunged forward intent on finding the villain for insulting his best friend like that but Optimus restrained him with an outstretched arm, blocking his rather hot tempered and reckless abandon.

"No. He is clearly baiting us."

"Aww, come on Optimus…let me at em'!"

"You will have your chance, Ironhide. Just not HIS way"

"What's the plan, then? Bumblebee needs help!" Ratchet whispered urgently.

"We are going to do the unexpected."

"What do you have in mind?"

"You'll see…"

Optimus took a few steps forward.

"We surrender!"

The sound of weapons clattering as they hit the stone ground echoed out and Ironhide grinned in silent anticipation, itching for a fight.

The sinister laugh returned, much closer this time.

"I'm insulted that you take me for such a fool! I know that the great Optimus Prime NEVER surrenders to an agent of Unicron!"

"Oh, but I believe I just did! So come and claim your prisoners!"

Silence greeted their audios and the four Autobots strained to hear a response.

:Do you think he bought it?:

:If anything, we have succeeded in confusing our foe:

Soon Cronos appeared from the shadowy gloom, his ruby red optics the very first thing they noticed.

"You are not as wise as I first believed. Now prepare to meet your doom, Prime!"

Just as Cronos lunged forward for Optimus he ducked down with a shout.


Ratchet, Ironhide, and Jazz obeyed his order and pulled their specialized weapons from subspace. Ironhide was the first to fire at Cronos with his Van Helsing styled crossbow sub-machine gun that spat out the specialized diamond tipped stakes. They flew over Optimus's head and struck Cronos in the chest, knocking him back a few yards. He snarled and crawled to his feet, plucking the few arrows that had managed to lodge deeply into his chest armor. None had struck his spark chamber, unfortunately for them.

With a howl, he leapt back up to his feet and vanished into the shadows. He began to toy with his victims. Every now and then, he would appear behind one of them and lash out with his claws and wound them before becoming one with the darkness around his helpless prey.

Finally fed up with such nonsense, Ironhide pulled out one of Wheeljack's special inventions.

"It's about time we field tested this one…"

Ironhide set the timer after sticking it to the floor and shoved the others down into a side corridor just as the explosion went off, shaking up the cave and sending small rocks and dust raining down on them from the ceiling of the tunnel. Cronos was now effectively sealed off in the tunnel on the other side of the rubble behind them.

"That should have done that creep SOME damage. Now let's find Bumblebee!"

Optimus nodded grimly.

"Alright Ratchet. You three get to him and get everyone out of here. I will stay behind and deal with Cronos."

"But Optimus…you can't really be serious about taking on that creep all by yourself!"

Ironhide didn't like the idea one bit.

"Don't worry…if anything goes wrong, I can always call in Wheeljack and Sunstreaker. Now get moving!"

Optimus pointed down the corridor with a stern look that brooked no argument and both Ironhide and Ratchet made a grudging retreat further into the dark domain.

Now to find and eliminate Cronos before he could do anymore harm…


Wheeljack and Sunstreaker swept the perimeter with careful optics and could not detect any signs of a back entrance.

"This is weird…either he is just stupid or Cronos has poor building planning."

"No back exit in the event he gets cornered by us? This is practically INSULTING," Sunstreaker grumbled.

"Maybe we should go back and find the others," Wheeljack suggested helpfully.

"Yeah, there is no point in wasting our valuable time trying to find a whole lot of NOTHING!"

Sunstreaker began to march back the way they had come and Wheeljack was just about to follow after him, when something shiny caught his attention. His peripheral vision had caught a glimmer of something in the dim moonlight. It was hidden beneath thick shrubbery.

"Hey Sunstreaker…I think I found something!"

Sunstreaker turned around, mildly surprised to hear Wheeljack's claim.

"You did? Well what is it?"

Wheeljack had Sunstreaker help him move the brush out of the way of the thick metallic door hidden in the ground.

"I think we found his back exit."

"Yeah…and to think…we almost missed it!"

"Now…to rig up a little surprise for our friend…"

Wheeljack got to work while Sunstreaker stood on guard, carefully scanning their surroundings.

A few minutes later, and the two were heading back for the cave entrance breaking out into a run when they both heard and felt the tell-tale signs of an explosion nearby.

"Ironhide sure knows how to make an entrance!"

"He sure does…now why don't the two of us make one of our own!"

Wheeljack and Sunstreaker slid to a stop when they found that the cave entrance had been completely sealed off by rocks and other forest debris.

"Just great…"

"Well…we can't get in through the back door after that little present I left that creep. So it looks like our only option is to clear this rubble."

"I'm on it," Sunstreaker smirked as he wedged a grenade in between two of the largest rocks that to a human would look more like giant boulders.

"Alright, stand back!"

Another explosion went off, this time clearing away the debris from the mouth of the cave and granting the two Autobots admission.

Sunstreaker and Wheeljack ran in, silently hoping that Cronos had already been dealt with…

Sideswipe cheered when the door to the room that held them prisoner was blown completely off its hinges. Ironhide charged in first with Ratchet hot on his heels. Jazz was the last to enter, his gun trained on the tunnel they had just vacated in the event an enemy tried to attack from behind.

They both caught sight of them immediately and Ratchet wasted no time in rushing over to Bumblebee's aide.

"Bumblebee…can you hear me?"

A low groan was his only response.

Ratchet checked him over and frowned before addressing his comrades gravely.

"His energy levels are too low. Since Bumblebee is unable to consume energon, I'm afraid he only has a few hours left…"

Ratchet picked up their youngest team member and carried him back down the hall they had come from, wasting no time in evacuating Cronos's lair.

"I need to get him back to base."

"I will escort you, doc."

Sideswipe followed the CMO through the maze of corridors solemnly. Soon, Ratchet broke into a run with Bumblebee's limp body in his arms when he heard sounds of a battle down a dark hallway they jogged past. Wheeljack and Sunstreaker ran into them at a hallway intersection and joined Ironhide and Jazz in their search for Optimus in the hopes of helping him in his battle with the evil vampire mech.

Sideswipe helped put Bumblebee inside Ratchet's ambulance form before the two peeled rubber and drove as fast as they could back to the base. The medic wasted no time in updating his leader.

::Ratchet to Optimus, come in::

::Yes, what do you have to report?::

::I am taking Bumblebee and Sideswipe back to base for repairs, and Optimus…I don't know how to save Bumblebee…::

::Understood…I will see what I can discover. Keep us updated on his condition, Prime out::

Optimus focused on the villain before him, doing his best to evade oncoming attacks while deftly attempting to land counterattacks of his own.

So far, the leader of the Autobots had learned that Cronos kept to the shadows. It was in the darkness that the creature was at his strongest. Whenever he was exposed to any kind of lighting…even the dimmest light from an occasional torch mounted on a nearby wall appeared to weaken Cronos marginally.

Optimus did his best to use his enemy's weakness to his advantage and tried to lure Cronos into the light for another counterattack but the wretched being somehow KNEW what he was planning.

An evil laugh bellowed from directly behind him and Optimus dove for the floor and combat rolled away and brought his gun to bear on his enemy…who was no longer there. He was chasing shadows at this rate!

"What's the matter Prime? Are you afraid of the dark?"

"Not a chance! If anything, you are afraid to show yourself!"

Optimus cried out with surprise when he was tackled to the ground roughly from behind and pinned down. He struggled to throw his opponent off but he realized with sudden horror that he was currently in one of the darkest parts of the corridor. His enemy had tackled him out of the small ring of light that a nearby torch had provided him and his gun was now out of reach.

"Hmm…I could just KILL you…but I have a more…DELICIOUS idea in mind…"

Optimus did his best not to panic as he continued to squirm beneath Cronos's powerful grip. Cronos rolled Optimus onto his back and kept his claws deeply embedded into his shoulders to keep him pinned down while the large vampire mech crouched on top of Optimus's chest, his clawed feet stretched out behind him, keeping the struggling victim's legs from kicking him off. Prime soon realized that his struggles were all futile and felt his spark sinking at his current predicament. There was no knowing where his Autobots were or if they would get here in time.

His worried thoughts were cut off when Cronos lowered his face close to Prime's battle mask and chuckled darkly.

"Why yessss…I believe I have better plans in mind for you."

"Forget about it…your plans will fail!"

"Is that so? They haven't thus far…what makes you think you can stop me?"

With those words Cronos gazed deeply into Optimus's optics with a sly grin.

Optimus felt a strange sensation creeping through his CPU and did everything in his power to avoid looking into Cronos's hypnotic stare. He shuttered his optics closed with a growl and turned his head away.

"You wanted me to show myself…and here I am. Why do you look away? Is Optimus Prime truly AFRAID?"

Optimus didn't fall for the enemy's bait and refused to look at Cronos. Although his audios did pick up on the dark allure of the evil one's manipulative tone of voice. Even he had to admit…it was rather tempting to stare that creep in the eye and tell him to go back to the pit.

"Soon…my pupil will be dead and I will need another to replace him. Who better than the greatest and most powerful of all Autobots? I think it's time you joined me…this fight is rather pointless."

"You are just going to abandon Bumblebee? I thought he was your apprentice!"

"That little FOOL chose not to listen to me and now he will suffer the consequences for his insubordination! His death…is at hand."

"Tell me how to save Bumblebee!"

"Why tell you how to save him…when you can't even save yourself?"

At those words, Optimus did turn his head to look back at his foe with a frown.

"Darkness will never prevail! Your days are numbered, agent of Unicron!"

"Hahahaha…that's what they ALL say…"

This time, Optimus was caught in the hypnotic gaze and tried to look away but his optics refused to respond to his own mental screams.

Just as Cronos bared his fangs and prepared to bite into Optimus's neck, something sharp struck him in both shoulders, sending him flying backwards off of Prime.

He snarled and leapt to his feet angrily, furious that he had been denied his chance to turn Optimus to darkness.

"Who DARES interfere?"


Cronos growled dangerously when out of the gloom, he was met with the sight of four Autobots all of them armed with various weapons and all guns trained on him. They stood protectively over Optimus, as Ironhide helped him back up. Prime smiled warmly when he was greeted with the sight of his troops.

"Just in the nick of time, Ironhide old friend"

"Come on Optimus, less talk…and more fight!"

Optimus's smile nearly went supernova at that remark and he turned his full attention back to Cronos.


Jazz, Sunstreaker, Ironhide, Wheeljack, and Optimus all charged forward with battle cries and took a startled Cronos off-guard. Their foe screeched in anger as more of those accursed spikes ripped through his arms, legs and torso, and he stumbled backwards through the hallways until he soon found himself cornered in the very room where he had kept his "son" and that other Autobot prisoner. The fire was still going in the fireplace he had built and torches on the walls added to the light. Cronos felt some of his power drain away when he was in the light but refused to admit defeat so soon.

After all...he still had the night on his side.

Sunstreaker laughed psychotically as he took out cloves of garlic and began to throw them at Cronos's face.


The vampire mech hissed in response and caught one of the thrown vegetables in one clawed hand and crushed it into a dusty pulp before turning to dodge some more of Ironhide's van-helsing styled diamond tipped spikes.

"Well…I guess garlic doesn't work on vampire mechs after all…"

Jazz shrugged apologetically at Sunstreaker and then ran at Cronos with his blaster pistol firing.

Cronos picked Jazz up, tore the blaster from his hand and crushed it before tossing the Autobot aside like a rag doll.

"If this is the best you can do…then you Autobots will soon meet your end!"

It was in that moment that Sunstreaker got an idea. It was a good thing Sideswipe wasn't there with him right now…or he would have done a face palm with a frustrated sigh at his brother's blatant stupidity.


Sunstreaker tackled Cronos and shoved another glove of garlic into the vampire's wide open, snarling mouth, effectively silencing their foe before agilely dancing out of reach again.

Cronos made a disgusted face and spat it out. He leapt back to his feet with a furious roar and ran at the yellow twin in retaliation.

Sunstreaker yelped and ran away from him.


All of the Autobots fired upon Cronos, catching him in the crossfire.

They were surprised to see their blaster fire bounce harmlessly off of the creature's armor.

"Autobots, resort to PLAN B!"

They put their regular weapons back into their sub-space and traded them for super-soakers filled with holy water that Optimus blessed in Primus's name.

So far, the garlic failed, and Ironhide had not yet managed to get a direct hit on Cronos's spark chamber with one of the metallic stakes. The Autobots were running out of solutions but it wasn't over yet.

Cronos melted back into the shadows in the corner of the room that was not well lit. The Autobots unleashed some of their super-soaker fury after him, unsure if they had hit their target or not and then ceased fire when the room went quiet.

With a whirlwind of fury, Cronos used some of his ingenuity and the Autobot's new weapons to extinguish all of the flames in the room, dousing the fighting arena in pitch darkness.

He appeared purposefully in front of a flaming torch and taunted the Autobots into firing their weapons in order to douse the light one by one. Cronos was just too fast…if he had been a regular decepticon, the Autobots knew for certain that their high velocity Super-soakers would have nailed him.

Soon, only one torch remained and Sunstreaker aimed his super soaker full of holy water at the spot where Cronos was supposed to have appeared. He never had the chance to shoot since a strong wind from out of nowhere blew the last torch out.

You can't kill…what you can't see!

Wheeljack laughed in response and activated his best gadget yet.

"Then let's shed some light on the subject!"

The device on the floor activated like a star flaming to life and illuminated the room in brilliant white light, almost as if a mini version of the sun had been sparked right there on earth.

Cronos shrieked in pain and dove down into the only available hiding place…a grate in the middle of the floor.

"After him! Do not let him escape!"


Wheeljack stopped the others with a smile shining in his blue optics.

"Follow me…I know how to end this nightmare once and for all!"

Two Autobots, Ironhide and Jazz chased after Cronos, playing their part in Wheeljack's plan while the others all ran back outside and around the perimeter to where the scientist had rigged a rather explosive surprise on the vampire's only available emergency exit.

"If my calculations are correct he should be opening the door in approximately three…two…one…"

The Autobots watched in fascinated awe as the dark night was lit up by a brilliant explosion that illuminated the entire landscape like a mini atomic bomb.

As soon as the light had faded and the smoke and debris had settled, the Autobots charged in to see what was left of Cronos.

"I don't see him, Prime."

Ironhide and Jazz soon poked their heads out from what was now a giant, gaping hole in the earth.

"Did you catch him?"

"You mean…you didn't see him come out this way?"

"We lost sight of him down in the tunnels…it was too dark."

"Well, SOMEONE triggered that explosion!" Wheeljack exclaimed in morbid confusion.

"Do you think he was atomized by that bomb?"

"I don't know, Ironhide. I wish I did."

The Autobots jumped startled when the stillness of the night was broken by the incessant beeping of Optimus Prime's emergency comlink system.

::Optimus here::


"How did Cronos get over there so fast?"

"Autobots, ROLL OUT!"

The Autobots wasted no time in racing back to their headquarters and found that the power had once again been cut.

"I am so sick of this creep…" Jazz sighed tiredly.

"I JUST FIXED THAT YESTERDAY!" Ironhide yelled his frustration to the heavens.

They all entered their base, ever alert now that their lighting systems had been severed.

They made their way to the Med-Bay and found Cronos savagely attacking the Med-bay doors with his claws, howling in fury as he attempted to break his way in to get at the three helpless victims on the other side. From the looks of him, he had suffered some damage from that blast, some of his armor had melted and other parts had been scorched and dented. Dark purple energon that was almost black in color ran freely from wounds that went entirely unnoticed. The leader of the Autobots shouted his battle cry at the sight of the monstrosity in the hopes of distracting him from his attacks on the weakening repair bay doors.


Optimus ran forward, his arm sword sliding down his wrist guard, where it locked into place.

Cronos must have been more damaged than the Autobots though since he didn't appear to hear let alone even register their presence a few yards away. Cronos cackled in mad triumph when he successfully ripped through the doors, earning cries of dismay and terror from the three occupants within.

A few seconds later and Optimus had tackled Cronos away from the med-bay doors where he pinned his opponent down with fire burning in his bright blue optics.

"You will NEVER harm another living soul again!"

With those words, Optimus plunged his energon sword through Cronos's spark chamber without any regret or hesitation, his grim expression hidden behind his battle mask.

Optimus felt his own spark twist with fear when he heard Bumblebee's audio piercing scream from behind him. Ratchet shouted something, clearly panicked and yelled for some assistance.

Cronos shrieked and writhed in pain as he felt his darkened spark pierced through by Optimus Prime's righteous blade. The dark crimson light in the vampire mech's optics flickered as his dark life slowly slipped away, his spark soon extinguished, leaving behind an empty shell that was his body.

Bumblebee's screams soon died, leaving the Autobot's headquarters in dark silence.

Optimus finished the job by deftly beheading their foe to ensure that the creature could not miraculously be revived.

The power soon flickered back on, thanks to Ironhide's quick work, revealing the gruesome remains of Cronos…that dark agent of Unicron that was now going to be nothing more than a memory.

The Autobot's all entered the med-bay cautiously, afraid of what they would see.

Bumblebee was laying deathly still on one of the berths and Ratchet was beside him working frantically to save his fading spark.

Soon one of the monitor's emitted a mournful tone, indicating that Bumblebee's life functions had ceased and that his spark had been extinguished. Ratchet swore and threw a wrench furiously across the room.

"NO! Don't do this to me kid! You can pull through…YOU CAN STILL PULL THROUGH!"

The other Autobots stood silently nearby, watching the tragic spectacle with heavy sparks, none of them courageous enough to break that terrible stillness…as if speaking alone would make the scene before them a reality carved into stone. No one wanted to make Bumblebee's death a permanent reality.

Ratchet did everything he could to try and revive him and it was only when Optimus placed a strong, comforting hand on his shoulder that he stopped his frantic efforts.

"You did everything you could, Ratchet. It's not your fault."

"I…should have been able to save him…I-I don't know what went wrong!"

"It is finished. The one responsible for Bumblebee's death has met justice."

Optimus Prime turned sorrowful optics on the other Autobots and began to address all of them, with an anguished spark, although he did well to hide most of his pain. Bumblebee had been like a son to him.

"Bumblebee's death…will not be in vain. We have purged both ourselves, and the universe of a terrible menace. No one else will ever have to suffer or perish at the hands of Cronos ever again. Bumblebee was one of the youngest of our team…and he was a brave soldier that we shall never forget. He-"

Optimus Prime's moving speech was interrupted when the life support monitor's still attached to Bumblebee flared back to life, startling everyone in the room.

Ratchet turned back to Bumblebee and laughed joyously when his sensors registered what had occurred.


The Autobots cheered, happy to hear the news and thanked Primus for that miracle.

"His spark is back to normal and pulsing strongly. His systems appear to be completely free of whatever Cronos had done to him!"

"Thank the Maker…"

Optimus sighed with relief at this news and felt that heavy darkness that was anguish completely lift and his spark felt lighter than it had in eons.

"I need everyone but Optimus to clear the med-bay immediately!"

The others grumbled at Ratchet's order but complied regardless.

Ratchet turned to Optimus with a happy smile although confusion was evident in his glowing blue optics.

"I don't understand what exactly happened…but I'm glad it did. Bumblebee appears to be a brand new bot. He should awaken relatively soon."

"I understand. He will need his rest."

Optimus turned to leave but was stopped by a restraining hand.

"Optimus…there is a possibility that Bumblebee might not remember any of what has transpired with Cronos."

"If that is the case, then I suggest that we keep quiet on the subject. We shall see first if he does."

"I will stay here with him until he awakens and will be sure to inform you immediately when he does."

"Thank you, Ratchet. I know he is in good hands."

Optimus left to inform the other Autobots of the news.

It was about an hour later when the Autobots received word that Bumblebee was finally conscious.

Optimus was his first visitor.

"How are you feeling Bumblebee?"

"I feel like a new bot, Optimus."

"Do you…remember what happened to you?"

Ratchet stood nearby silently listening as he cleaned his tools and put them away.

"You mean…what Cronos did to me?"

Optimus sighed sadly and nodded his head.


Bumblebee appeared to have spaced out a moment as his optics fixated upon a spot above his head on the ceiling, his body currently relaxed upon one of the repair berths in the med-bay.

"…it was beautiful Optimus…more beautiful than anything I have ever seen in my life."

The autobot leader sat down beside his youngest scout and listened intently to what he had to say.

"I…got to meet him…the Lifemaker. He was so kind to me. He said he forgave me for all the bad things I've ever done in my life…and he said that my life wasn't over."

Bumblebee tiredly shut his optics a moment before continuing.

"He said that there was so much more I had left to do before I could stay there with him in paradise...I felt so bad for nearly turning evil but he hugged me and told me that I have a good spark."

Bumblebee looked intently into Optimus's face.

"Can you…ever forgive me Optimus…for what I almost did…for what I almost became?"

Optimus smiled warmly at him.

"Of course I can. I want you to know that I am proud of you, Bumblebee. You succeeded where many others have failed."

Bumblebee sighed and shook his head.

"I don't feel like I deserve it."

"Oh, but you do. You did everything in your strength to keep your spark pure and tried your best to stay in the light. You did very well…you resisted Cronos's evil power and refused to take the life of one of our own. You are a HERO, Bumblebee…whether you believe that or not, is up to you but it IS the truth!"

"Thank you, Sir. Did you…is he…terminated? I don't…sense him anymore."

"Yes and he will never haunt you again."

Optimus reached down and pulled Bumblebee into a fatherly embrace, thankful to have him back with them.

"Sunrise is coming…and if our research proves true, we must dispose of Cronos's body as soon as possible."

Ratchet helped Bumblebee down from his recharge berth and with the elder's help was able to follow Optimus outside where the others had gathered around the remains of the vampire mech who was laying on the edge of a cliff, overlooking the pink horizon where the first rays of dawn were appearing.

The stars overhead in the sky began to wink out one by one as blossoming yellow rays of light bathed the world in a golden glow. Soon, the light finally reached the vampire mech's dead remains and the Autobots watched in fascinated disgust as his deceased shell disintegrated into silvery ash and was soon blown away by the wind, leaving no evidence of his existence behind.

Bumblebee sighed with relief.

It was over. The nightmare was finally over.

Bumblebee sighed tiredly as he leaned against Ratchet for support and looked over at the twins who were staring at the ground where Cronos's body had been moments before. They soon looked up and caught his stare.

"Hey guys…I don't think…we should do anymore pranks."

The Autobots all looked from Bumblebee to the twins in mild amusement at the sour expression the twins had on their faces to the very serious one of their youngest comrade.

"But…but pranks are so much fun!"

"And we get bored so easily!"

"How else will we get a good laugh?"

Bumblebee gave them a small smile and shook his head.

"Just…no more scary ones about vampires, werewolves, or zombies…okay?"

The twins shared a look with one another before their optics lit up brightly with mischief.

"I don't think we ever did do a werewolf prank…"

Some of the other Autobots groaned at this while Ratchet and Ironhide shot the twins death glares.

"Don't even THINK about it!"

"Do it and you will be lookin' down the business end of my gun barrel!"

The twins surrendered and swore not to do any scary pranks involving ANY mythological creatures again after getting chased around by an angry mob of other Autobots who completely resented their wild future prank idea. After all…if their vampire prank turned out to be real…then who was to say that one of the others might not be also?

No one wanted to find out the hard way…EVER AGAIN.

"Maybe we should prepare for a zombie invasion…"

"I know how to kill zombies…you gotta shoot them in the head!"

"With your aim, you will need a LOT of practice to get that kind of shot!"

"That's what a SHOTGUN is for!"

The younger Autobots all laughed and argued together as they all headed back inside their headquarters, happy that everything was now back to normal.

At long last, the Autobots found some peace and determined that they would be sure to enjoy every minute of it that they could until the next wild adventure swept them off their feet again, into the realm of the unknown.


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