He Can't Forgive


He can't forgive him for taking his partner's place, for pushing his way into the organization and playing the role of his new comrade. For thinking he could ever belong the way that...the way that Sasori had. It just wasn't right. He wasn't Sasori. He wasn't his partner. He was just...just nothing.

His heart is cold and impassive, much like his ice blue eyes as they look at the man with the swirled orange mask sitting across from him. He doesn't avert his gaze, continuing to pierce straight through the other man's mask with eyes of steel coated with disgusted hate. The mouths on his hands gnash together viciously, aching to make explosive art and feel the rapture of ethreal peace as something explodes into small, insignifcant shards.

The man in the mask drops his eye and looks at the ground. His shoulders sink slowly and he fidgets under the baleful look of his partner's eyes. The hate seethes from him like a living being, and it licks at his arms and legs as if drawing him in so that he can be swallowed by it. It promises peace and acceptance, but it is only a trap. Both know that the other knows, and yet the gazes are still not lifted.

The newest member feels sadness and regret for the actions he hadn't even caused. For the way that the world seemed to have stopped moving for the artist before him. For the guilt weighing down so damn heavy on his chest. He wishes he could change the outcome of this tragedy somehow, and so he tries with a soft murmur of an apology, knowing full well that it will only make things worse. And yet he has to try to make it better because he is a good boy.

"Tobi is sorry."

And still the bitter, hurt, damaged, confused, miserable, frustrated man cannot find the need--nor want--to forgive the guilt-ridden partner of his unperformed sins.

Well, I hope that wasn't too hard to understand. Basically, if you didn't catch it, Deidara can't forgive Tobi for taking Sasori's place. Anyway, I hope you liked this short little drabble. Please review?