Hey there everybody. Welcome to another chapter of Digimon Frontier 02: Legends… psych! This is the first chapter to an all new fic called 'The Wanderer'.

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I hear it panting. It will not get away from me. No matter how far it runs, I will not lose it. No matter where it hides, I will find it. No matter how hard it tries to escape tonight from me, I will hunt it down.

Its breathing is escalating. Exhaustion is getting the better of it. I can hear its knuckles hitting the asphalt floors. It's running on all fours now. That will not help it.

It's turning a corner now. It's headed towards the streets. It's hoping to lose me in the crowded streets. I won't allow that to happen.

I can see its grotesque shadow in front of me. Its large torso was massive. Maybe three times larger than that of a normal human being. I can see the swollen mass over its left shoulder. A great big hunch. That just makes it an easier target.

I quickened my pace. Having this creature out in the open was not a good idea. It would surely cause havoc to the unsuspecting public. I cannot allow that to happen.

I'm getting closer to the creature. I can smell the horrid scent of blood and raw meat. It made me want to gag. Some unfortunate soul must have come in contact with this beast not too long ago.

I can hear the busy traffic nearby. It's getting too close to the populated area.

There. I see it. The shadows hid most of its figure but I could see its bare human like feet running down the alleyway. Now was my chance.

I dug my hand into my coat. In a mere moment I held a magnum in my gloved hand. I examined my gun for a mere moment admiring its features.

The magnum was made out of a silver alloy. Holy marking decorated the cartridge, barrel, and handle.

I lifted my gun and aimed carefully. The creature was just a turn and a few meters away from getting out into the streets. Time froze. I had to shoot now.

I half a second a loud popping sound was heard and the creature slammed against the wall in front of it.

I took a few steps towards the wounded creature. Blood was flowing out of the wound in its right shoulder.

I sheathed my gun and looked at the creature's face. It was a sickly pale blue face with long matted black hair. Long, drool covered teeth produced from its blood caked mouth. It disgusted me. I stared into its yellow eyes. They were wild and cruel. It was not human. It was a monster.

I fought back the urge to kill the beast but I had my orders. Bring the creature back alive. I clenched my fist and let out an aggravated groan.

I dug into my pocket and felt around for what I needed. As I did so the creature looked up at me, its eyes were begging for freedom, for mercy.

I pulled out a long silver chain. Why should I show mercy to a creature that has killed so many?

I stepped slowly towards the creature ready to bind it in an instant. I could see intense fear in the creature's eyes. It was pathetic. I looked to the open streets and saw the cars and people passing by without noticing us. It was so close to making it out there in the streets. It was so close to harming so many civilians.

I turned back to the creature. A wicked grin was plastered on its face. "Shit."

The creature swung its large arms at me. I was hit hard and was knocked backwards a few feet away from the beast. Pain jolted to the back of my head.

I quickly got back to my feet and was instantly bombarded by large fists. I was fortunate to be able to read the creature's moves. There was no chance for me to use my magnums and the shotgun at my left hip was also useless to me.

The beast swung its claw at me slicing through the cloth. Then, I felt its fist slam into my stomach sending me back into a corner. I sat up and looked down to where I was cut. It wasn't as bad as I originally thought. The claws did slice through my trench coat and shirt and left thin cuts on my bare skin. And it barely grazed the belts across my chest.

I lifted my head, eyes wide. The creature's claws were coming towards me at an amazing speed. I ducked at the last second avoiding the attack. I felt the claw shred through my hood.

I rolled away from the creature and stood up. I could feel the light shine on my face and the wind through my messy chestnut brown hair.

The creature turned to me and smiled, shredding what remained of hood in its claws.

I smiled and pulled out my magnums. I aimed at its head then remembered my orders. I must take it in alive.

The creature took advantage of my distracted thoughts and lunged at me again. I reacted quickly and jumped to the left. I aimed at its legs and fired. Four shots and only two of them had hit their mark.

"Damn it." I cursed. I needed to concentrate. I aimed carefully and within a few seconds I fired at the creature once more. I could hear the empty shells clatter on the floor.

The creature recoiled with each shot. One after another, it took on my barrage of bullets.

I fired once more but instead of a popping sound I heard a click. I pulled the trigger to each gun a few times and heard the same click over again. "Shit."

I sheathed my guns and reached for my shotgun but the creature took advantage of my disability and struck at me. This time it grazed my shoulder. I grunted the pain away and pulled away from the beast.

'That's it. No more Mr. Nice Guy.' I glared at the beast while unsheathing the sword I had strapped to my back. "Genai's gonna really be pissed at me for doing this but I have no choice."

My sword had a simple design: the cross guard was thin but sturdy; the double edge blade was sharp and had angelic marking etched into it; and the ten inch long handle was tightly bound in brown leather straps.

It was my turn to make it feel fear and this time, real fear. I swung my blade and sliced into its palm. I saw its blue blood trickle down my blade. No doubt it noticed too.

The beast quivered and pulled its hand away from me.

I grinned. I stepped forward and struck at its chest. The creature tried to block it with its forearm. Big mistake.

The beast howled as its severed arm fell on the floor with a thud. Blue blood sprayed onto my coat but I did not falter. Instead I struck at the creature once more. A large gash appeared on its left shoulder.

The beast jumped backwards and roared at me once more. It didn't scare me. I was made for this kind of stuff. I still have the scars to prove it. Ever since I could remember I was always fighting monsters like these. Ever since the lab…

A sudden jolt of pain entered my skull. Damn, now of all times for this to happen to me. Every time I went back to those thoughts I always have this killer headache. It was like someone was sticking a white hot needle in my brain.

I held my head. The pain was so intense; I thought I would pass out any second. I forced myself to open my eyes and saw the creature's clawed fist coming straight at me again. I leapt to the left. I wasn't fast enough.

I felt a great pain on my ribs. The punch was so powerful. I held my aching side and crashed on the floor; my sword slipping from my fingers. I hit the ground hard.

I feel so much pain on ribs. I think a few of them are broken. I picked myself up slowly. I've dealt with worse; this should be nothing I couldn't handle.

I hear another roar. I rolled away from the creature's next attack. I could hear the asphalt split under the monster's fist. You could imagine my surprise. If it had punched me like that before then I would've been toast.

"Damn." I muttered under my breath. I glanced around and found my weapon laying at the bend of the alleyway. It was far beyond my reach. Just perfect.

I shifted my eyes to the beast. It stood between me and my tool. I saw the grin on its face. It knew. We stood there watching each other.

Time froze. I stared into my enemy's yellow eyes. I could hear my heart beating. I need to calm down. My heart's rapid beating began to soften. I shoved my hand into my left sleeve and waited.

The creature jumped at me.

I watched the creature reveal its blood stained claws. I stood my ground

It came closer to me.

I did not move.


I still did not move.

It was a foot away from me.

I didn't move an inch.

I was within its reach.

Now was my time to move. I skid forward and slid a long knife out of my sleeve. I dodged its claw and ran my blade into its left ribs. I ran the blade straight through the creature's chest and pulled it out when I passed the creature.

Its blood sprayed in my face. I closed my eyes instantly and wiped the blood off of my face.

The monster didn't make a loud roar this time. I turned around and I saw that the creature was on the floor. Its blue blood pooling where it laid.

I couldn't take the chance of it faking again. I slowly inched backwards towards my blade not taking my eyes off the creature. I picked up the blade and made my way back to the beast.

With each step my grip on my sword tightened. With each step my heart beat grew faster. The stress was built tightly in my chest.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally reached the beast. It laid a foot away from me. I realize that if I try to turn it my sword would be too difficult to use without ending up in a world of hurt. I cleaned my blade with my sleeve and sheathed it in a matter of seconds.

Now was the moment of truth. I held my blade with my right hand and bent down over the creature. Sweat drenched my face. My hand drew closer to the beast.

The tension was killing me. I turned the beast over and readied myself to plunge my blade into the creature's heart. It just laid there.

Its eyes were half open and glassy. I heard it expiring breath and groaned. I cleaned my knife, put back into the sheath under my sleeve, and stood up.

I looked down at the dead creature. The blade must have sliced between the ribs into the heart. I sighed and ran my gloved hand through my wet hair. I looked up at the sky and stared up at the glowing moon.

"Takuya? Takuya, you there?"

"Hmm." I reached for the intercom in my ear. After letting out an exhausted sigh I spoke. "Takuya here. What's up?"

"Did you capture the target?"

I looked down at the dead beast at my feet. I stepped away from the thing before I got my feet wet with the blood. "You could say that."


I sighed again and leaned against the broken wall. "Look, I had to take drastic measures. The thing nearly killed me." I could hear a groan from the other side of the intercom.

"Genai's gonna be really pissed at you. He wanted the target alive."

I moaned. I nearly got killed by a freaking big monster; I did not want to deal with a lecture this early. I quickly turned off the intercom before the blabbing could continue.

I sighed again and looked down at the monster. I looked around at the mess I made in the alleyway. Blue blood everywhere, holes in the ground and walls.

My name is Takuya Kanbara. I lost my memory when I was sixteen years old. All I know is that I was built to become the perfect weapon in destroying these creatures that threaten human life. For eight years I've fought these beasts. Everything was routine. I was assigned to either capture or exterminate the beasts then I was assigned to capture or exterminate a different monster.

I sighed and walked down the alleyway I came through. I entered the streets took in a deep breath of air. I opened my eyes staring at the sky. The winds were changing. I have a feeling that things are about to change in my life.


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