AN: I wrote this when I was 15, The 7th Harry Potter hadn't been released yet, and I was obsessed with love stories because I was still as innocent as freshly fallen snow. I figured that this story should be published.

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Chapter One

"Harry. Harry. Harry," Ginny mumbles in her sleep.

"Ginny wake up, Mum says it's time for breakfast, Ginny?" inquired Ron. He started to shake, poke, and yell at his sister but she just continued to mumble in her sleep. He eventually gave up and took off down the stairs. "Mum! Ginny won't wake up, I think she's ill," Ron announced with an edge of hysterics.

Molly, being a loving and overprotective mother, immediately dashed up the stairs with Ron close at her heels. When Molly entered her daughter's room she commanded Ron to appeariate to Harry's house and bring him back.

"But why? What's wrong with Ginny and what does Harry have to do with it?" Ron questioned.

"Just go!" snapped Molly.

With a pop Ron appeared in the Dursley's backyard to avoid other muggles from noticing a young man appear out of thin air. Ron walked to the back door and knocked on the door. Petunia, being the snoop she is, peeked out the back window silently wonder what kind of freak goes to a person's back door. The second she saw Ron she yanked him into the house and took a quick look to make sure none of her neighbors took notice that a redhead oddly dressed young man was in her back yard.

Once Vernon saw Ron his face went through at least six shades of red and then he began to yell in an extremely flustered voice, "What the bloody hell are you doing at my house?"

"Uh…my mum sent me here to fetch Harry and I'm uh… not exactly positive why but I know it has to do with my sister in some way," Ron answered.

"My useless freak of a nephew is still lazing away in his room," Vernon answered in disgust.

With that Ron bolted up the stairs and into Harry's room but when he got there he was asleep mumbling his sister's name over and over again. Internally Ron was wondering how in Merlin's pants was he suppose to get Harry to his house let alone down the stairs. Then in a moment of stupidity he smacked his head and levitated Harry down the stairs. Once Ron was down stairs Petunia fainted at the sight of her nephew floating down her stairs.

"Um… is it okay if I take Harry for the rest of the summer?" Ron asked hesitantly.

"I don't bloody care what you do just get out of my house!" boomed Vernon.

With a pop Ron appeariated Harry and himself back to the Burrow and levitated Harry up to his sister's room. The minuet that Molly noticed that Ron had returned with Harry she ordered him to put on the cot that she had set out. Once Harry was within arm's reach of Ginny their hands snapped together.

When Harry was lying down Molly chanted, "Perfecto Insepramabrume."

"Will someone please tell me what is going on here!" yelled Ron in frustration.

"Ron do you know what a soul mate is?" Molly asked her son patiently.

"I think Hermione said it was something like your perfect person," responded Ron, though he was still extremely confused.

"Yes, but when that occurs in the Wizarding World it is considerably stronger. If a wizarding couple that are soul mates they cannot function without the other and the only way to fix it is by using the Insepramabrume charm," explained Molly calmly.

"What does that charm do exactly?" asked Ron still hazy on the details.

"Well it makes the witch and wizard unable to release each other's hand until the come to a solution on how they can be together," she informed her relatively shocked son.

"Mum, what have you done? Harry doesn't plan on going back to Hogwarts this year, he was going to hunt down and destroy You-Know-Who's hortcruxes and then he was going to face You-Know-Who," he stated as his face visibly went whiter as he thought of his sister being in the thick of it.

"Well I guess that plan is canceled because there is no reversing this particular charm. They are just going to have to figure out what they are going to do," she responded as she left the room.

About three hours later Harry and Ginny woke up. When Ginny opened her eyes she sees Harry next to her holding her hand she screamed. This of course startled Harry who had yet to put on his glass.

"Come on we're going down stairs so we can find out why the bloody hell you are in my room and why our hands are stuck together," Ginny ordered.

Once they were down stairs Harry just blurted out, "How did I get here?"

Then Ginny interrupted, "why can't we let go of each other's hand?"

Ron answered Harry's question in between bits of hash browns, "I went and got you from your house mate."

Ginny thinking this was some kind of sick joke that her brother's were pulling on her started to look exactly like Molly when she was about to give Fred and George a piece of her mind. Once Ron noticed the look on his sister's face he immediately jumped in announcing that Molly had made him. Molly figured that this was her queue to tell Harry and Ginny exactly what was going on.

"You two are unable to let go of each other's hands because I just casted a little charm," Molly answered as if it was no big deal.

By now Ginny was absolutely fuming and simply didn't give a damn who she was talking to and blew up, "Mum! Why in God's name would you do that!?"

"Watch your tone young lady. I did it because I felt it was the only way to protect you two. And before you ask the only way you are going to get apart is if you figure out your problems; so hop to it," Molly retorted.

"Mrs. Weasley what am I suppose to do if Voldamort-"everyone but Harry and Ginny cringes, "tries to kill me?" Harry worried.

"Guess that just gives you more motivation to solve your problems because this spell has no reversal. Now go and get out of your pajamas," ordered Molly.

With that Ginny stormed out of the room with Harry in tow.

"How in Merlin's holey shoes does she expect us to change when we are stuck together?" fumed Ginny.

"Hermione taught me a spell that could work," Harry suggested trying to calm Ginny down.

"Well you're going to have to perform it for the both of us because I'm still a couple months away from legally doing magic outside of school."

"Sure, all you have to do is concentrate on an outfit that you would like to wear today. Keep thinking until I'm done or parts of it might end up missing. Got it?" Harry asked.

"Yeah go ahead."

"Innovo Sumptum."

After they were done they joined the rest of the Weasley family for breakfast.

"Good morning Mr. Weasley," greeted Harry.

"Oh good morning Harry. I didn't know you were…Molly you didn't why would you do that of all things in a time like this?" Arthur said steadily turning red.

"Great now he decides to be the responsible one," Ginny says under her breather earning a slight smile from Harry.

"Arthur they're soul mate! I couldn't wake them up," Molly tried to reason.

"You still don't cast that spell of all spells. That spell could end up killing our daughter or did you not notice that you just attached her to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's mortal enemy?" argued back Arthur.

They were so into their argument that they didn't seem to notice that all of their children with exception of Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred and George were still there listening.

Eventually Ron couldn't handle it anymore and decided to intercede before it went any further, "Yeah it happened. Yeah it was all you could do, and you don't like it. But what's done is done no point in crying over spilt milk now can you please stop arguing so that I can enjoy my breakfast."

Molly was looking at her son in shock that he was being the mature one, and Arthur was slightly embarrassed that he had argued with his wife in front of his child that they stopped and finished they're breakfast.