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The Konoha Revolution

Chapter XIII

Blast and Fallout

The invasion force I was leading was directly behind me and travelling painfully slow. We finally reached the trees next to the wall and were essentially right in front of them. The root were standing rigidly still on top of the wall, and there was no camaraderie or friendship or pity within their stare into the open air. I brought up my hand with my two fingers sticking up. I waited two seconds to make sure none of the anbu noticed the motion and then pointed down. Five ninjas dropped to the bottom of the wall facing the forest and aiming their gigantic flares up through a gap in the trees. Their leader nodded at me, indicating that they were ready for our signal. I looked to everyone else. They were ready and awaiting my command. I waved my arm and they scattered. I was alone again, and everyone else was off on their own little raise-hell-and-haul-ass mission to collect the root. We had considered all sorts of complicated tactics like Genjutsu or carefully planned group strikes, but we eventually came to the conclusion that good old fashioned shove and chase would work out just fine, especially with shadow clones.

I jumped to the very center of the village, having carefully avoided the root anbu on the border and all the squads in between. Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! I made about a hundred clones and sent them to their own portion of the village. They spread according to voice radius and anbu concentration. I saw them all wrap a flash bang tag around a kunai just as I did. "We're all ready in here."

"All good here," crackled the radio with the voices of the mortar men.

"Same with all of us," confirmed Kakashi-sensei. "I'm ready when you are. Everyone be ready to haul back to the village when all this shit goes down. Naruto, I'll meet you at Bravo in 30 seconds exactly."

"Copy." I paused. "Okay, detonate in five, four, three, two..." On the count of one, I and my clones detonated the tags we had sent up at two. Flares hurled toward the destination of the battle outside of the village. A couple of government owned structures near the border were consumed by fanciful pyrotechnics. I suppose Kakashi was trying to make an impression. I saw several root squads all across the village suddenly take heed of the situation. I saw one in particular in which the root looked up at the fireworks which would be the beginning of their end, and the surprise of their faces all gradually dried up into the grim clay that they wear as a neutral expression.

I used an invisibility Genjutsu as another clone I had just summoned went ran off chased by two squads of root. As soon as they were no longer there, I hastened over to a spot about a block from the Hokage tower. There, I henged and walked lazily over to the entrance Kakashi and I had designated earlier. I met an equally inconspicuous looking-person there right at the thirty second mark. We simultaneously poofed into our real forms. He had on his anbu mask from back in the day, I assume, and I had donned the blank mask I had designed myself. We had our backs to the wall two meters apart from each other. He nodded to me and I quickly fastened a low power explosive tag to the wall.

Through the small hole in the wall, I quickly hopped onto the back of the root there and snapped his neck. I jumped up, taking his body to the rafters with me right as another anbu turned the corner of the hallway right towards us. I saw a dog scurry through the hole in the wall that the anbu had come over to investigate. He seemed mildly irritated when the dog sniffed his leg and licked his sandal. When he tried to kick it away, the dog hurtled up his torso and gnashed at his trachea. The scene was finally still with the anbu on the ground, his throat shoving blood on to the floor on either side below a face of pure, ghastly surprise with the small dog sitting next to him, covered in blood, contentedly wagging his tail. I didn't know whether to be amused or horrified. I shot Kakashi a look, and he shrugged.

Around us were the lower priority prisoners. In practice, they were innocent citizens that had decided to verbally disapprove of Danzou's dictatorship. I summoned shadow clones along the way who freed them and instructed them to go home safely and eventually meet up with the civilian organizer. Kakashi and I made our way through the catacombs of the tower. It sucked that we had to work our way up, but I suppose Danzou foresaw something like this rudimentary breaking-and-entering occurring. As a result, he placed his most important prisoners, i.e. Sakura and Tsunade, up closer to his actual office. There were several, I must admit, petty instances of Kakashi and I trying to impress each other with cool-looking, stealthy, or simply gory methods of removing the anbu that blocked our path. I found it interesting that Kakashi indulged in this little game of ours; in situations like this he would always accuse me of being immature and endangering the mission. I suppose this time he had something to prove to me or himself.

On the way, we stumbled upon a squad of four. Izoumaru had warned me of the root guard strategy: they used single patrols pacing small lots with a squad of four highly trained commanders trolling the sum of them all, keeping their subordinates in order and intimidating the prisoners. They were advancing towards the area below us, and we were carefully masking our chakra. I positioned myself above the center of the triangle made by the front three, the four of them being in standard 1-2-1 diamond formation. Kakashi was perched behind the last. I made some hand signals to him and he dropped down silently behind their leader who was in the rear. I fell and drew both my swords from each hip with the adjacent hand in order to have the blade facing downward opposite my thumb. When I was two thirds down, I saw one of their mouths open in a vain attempt to yelp before his inevitable silence. I sent a small pulse down to the sandals I had modified, and a small dagger sprang from the heel. I drove both swords into the centers of the crania of the anbu leading down into their spinal cords, causing both of them to flop. Simultaneously, I axe kicked rotationally in the air, sending the blade into his spine as well. Meanwhile, Kakashi had snuck up to their leader before he could activate the chakra alarm intrinsically routed through the root superiors, and, with a pulse of chakra upon the root's palmed brain, turned his thoughts, quite literally, into mush.

We finally made it to their cage. I quickly scouted out the seal on the outside that required the sharingan and the seals on the inside that created a hostile chakra matrix preventing entrance or access to the seals themselves without undoing of the sharingan seal. I had tried to transport in or even load some kyuubi chakra into the sharingan seal, but it was pointless. I was going over my work when I heard a peep. "N-Naruto-k-kun...?" My ears perked up immediately, and though I knew the voice better than my own, I certainly didn't want to admit that my being so long in rescue caused its owner to be in such an audibly fragile state.

"We're coming to get you out of there, Sakura-chan! Kakashi! You're up; I got your flank." He flew through hand seals at a rate even I was somewhat impressed with, and soon he was staring intensely into the seal.

"N-Naruto-kun... Shishou... She needs help..." Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!

"Kakashi, hurry!"

"Shut the fuck up and let me work." He was way too focused as he said that. There wasn't a tinge of emotion. Despite the gravity of the situation, the part of my mind that saunters about at any given time randomly making judgments about people began to wonder if he'd reverted somewhat to his own anbu days of yore. That bothered me.

I saw Kakashi's commas rotating and noted the lines of blood gradually seeping into them. Characters from across the gate began to radiate towards the seal, and Kakashi began to quiver. The seal was a golden circular object fastened abstractly to the middle of the bars of the prison cell. There was a reddish jewel in the middle of the scaly gold, and on it was a dot with three marks surrounding it. They had begun to rotate corresponding to Kakashi's initiative.

The last of the characters on the bars reverted to the seal and the commas disappeared. The seal fell off and clattered to the floor, obviously alerting anyone within twenty feet. Kakashi remained where he was and twitched for half a second before clattering to the floor like the seal he'd just removed. He'd be fine. I saw Sakura in there. Despite being as beautiful as she is, she authentically looked awful. Kyuubi began to boil alongside my inner consciousness, and, equipped with all this extra energy, I gripped the bars. Before I could transfer the energy, I involuntarily recoiled due to the flood of electricity that began to flow through. Damn reflexes. Using all of my strength, I gripped the bars. Visible bolts flew up and down the bars and all through my body as I crushed the bars with my fingers. Let's go, dammit! Yeah, yeah. The seals were advanced chakra eliminators, not simple suppressors, but like suppressors, there were only two main ways you could deactivate them: the jutsu known by the person using them, or, in this case, a shitload of volatile chakra. The red chakra floated to the surface and I experienced the uncommon but not unknown sensation of suddenly plunging into a vat of boiling blood. My pupils dilated and slitted, my facial lines broadened, my teeth sharpened, and my fingernails became claws. I could feel my tissues begin to corrode and my nerve signals disrupted due to the electricity, but luckily the chakra was pushing it back. The bars shattered and the seals with them.

I ran inside to where I had originally seen her faded pink silhouette. From the door I couldn't see the shadowed figure whose head she was cradling. When the light got to her, a lot of the shadows I expected to fade didn't, and I saw the side of Tsunade I had only seen three times in my life up to that point. The pretty purple diamond that usually resided in her forehead was gone, and the resilient, spunky bombshell that usually kept me in line was reduced to the picture of a woman on a rocking chair in a lemonade advertisement. The bruises and shit didn't help much either.

"Do what you did to me after the battle." Sakura was now looking up at me pleadingly, and it was the saddest thing in the world. I hate seeing someone who prides themselves on their pride and strength is reduced. I also couldn't help but notice the risen Kakashi's puzzled look at Sakura's plea. Bastard.

"Of course," I said as I positioned my hands on her forehead and chest. Kyuubi? Yeah? You think you could replenish her technique as you heal her? Well... It's a long shot, but I guess if she was able to get her wits about her fast enough, she could begin to gather the chakra into that dot of hers. Let's give it a shot. I summoned the energy, converted it into pure cellular energy alongside small bits of electricity, and seeped it into her system. Her eyes shot open and darted around, seeking an explanation with an element of panic that really worried me. Upon seeing the calming look in Sakura's shadowed eyes, she relaxed somewhat. "Baa-chan, I'm giving you healing chakra right now. Tell me when to switch to regular chakra, and you can refill your diamond thingy." She nodded and kept absorbing the energy.

She managed to quietly say 'now' in a voice that sounded horrible to me. It lacked the timbre, the pitch, the musicality of the voice of the woman that could assign you a mission and then punch you right in the junk if you showed anything other than joy at whatever mission you got. Again, I hate to see anyone reduced. She brought her hands up and began to make hand seals. I could feel the chakra welling up inside of me from what seemed like nowhere and then rushing through my arms into her. I saw the chakra floating to the surface where she masterfully changed its color to purple and arranged it into the cryptic looking lines leading to the purple diamond I expected.

The process was over, and I quickly turned to Sakura. Tsunade was breathing steadily, and her diamond was now in all its former glory. "I'm so sorry I had to wait this long to get you." Upon turning to Sakura, I quickly put my hands in the same place they had been on Sakura and began the technique.

She whispered, "it's okay. That you eventually came is enough." I could tell it soothed her and was making her more healthy, safe, and comfortable. I was extremely relieved. "Naruto-kun... You have to make them pay." This confirmed any suspicion I'd had all along. These fuckers hurt Sakura-chan, and their recompense will be swift and brutal.

I finished, and she sighed, relieved. As soon as I had pulled my hands away, she snared me into an embrace and hugged me as hard as my chakra allowed her to, like she was afraid I might disappear, or that this could be her last chance. I reluctantly pulled away; pressing issues are at hand. "Are you both okay? Some stiffness and soreness is to be expected, but other than that you're good?"

"Yeah, we need to get going. I assume this is one leg of the planned attack?" Sakura was now brushing herself off and I assume planning to leave.

"Yup. Kakashi, take them back to the front. Brief them on the way. I'll join up with you guys later." Suddenly Sakura looked concerned.

"Danzou?" Sigh... Of course she would figure it out.

"I'll be really careful." I caught a kunai that had been whizzed at my neck just before connection. "Like that." I turned to my assailant, a root. "Stay safe, I'll reconnoiter later. Go!"

I looked back right at the time she did. I saw the look in Sakura's eye. It made me want to run back, grab her, and sprint with her in my arms away from all of this, to some place where we wouldn't be nobles, we wouldn't be heroes, hell, we wouldn't even be ninjas. We could live with nature, in harmony with everything instead of constantly dealing with the constant, pointless, endless contention of man. But, of course, even while this spastic fantasy played out in our gaze, I knew it couldn't happen. I knew I couldn't let it happen. There are people here, and I, if not in word, then at least in deed, have made promises to them. I keep my word. We might not live like that, but, as long as it's with her, I can sure as hell live like this.

She was pulled away by Tsunade and our gaze was broken right as I clanked upwards another kunai aimed at my neck and caught it soon afterward. "Hey buddy, do you have a woman? That, you know, you love?" The strikingly guileless anbu just stood there in a fighting stance with a sword drawn. No response. "Just silent like all your bros huh? Damn, didn't anyone ever teach all of you any manners? For Christ's sake, I've asked you guys stuff ranging from whether you wanted to give up to that last little question, and all I ever get is a load of that opposite-O-face and fucking silence. No Goddamn manne--" I brought one of my swords up from the sheath at my left hip and blocked his overhead swing. He proceeded to try another round of strikes and we engaged in a long, drawn out kendo match. I knocked off his sword's balance, grabbed the hilt out of his hand, and cornered him against a wall with both swords at an X in front of his neck, ready to sever the link at a synapse's notice. "SAY SOMETHING!" Of everything that could piss me off about them, it was their silence. I pushed the swords up until they drew blood.

"You're pitiful." That caught me off guard. "Using all this time and energy in the pursuit of pointless, illogical ideals." I raised my eyebrow.

"I wouldn't call them pointless or illogical. The fact that you think that trying to provide a better life for people is just that is proof that you have to die." I saw him bring up a hand and start to gather chakra. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Let's just say the quickest path to those tags you were about to detonate is through about four internal organs." He let his arm drop. I suddenly sensed some more guards on the way. A whole squad, most likely deploying as reinforcements. "We'll have to continue this later." I quickly used a Genjutsu and he was out. He would prove very useful if everything didn't go according to plan. Judging from his swordsmanship, he was near the very top of the root ranks.

I grabbed his body and sword sheathing mine and I jumped up to the rafters. The squad hurried through like men on a mission do, except for the last one that saw the empty cage where Danzou's most high profile prisoners normally were. "Hey guys!"

"Get the fuck over here! We have a crisis dammit!"


"NOW!" It was good to finally hear some unprofessionalism. Though it reminded me that I need to hurry up so I can help everyone out back there.

I jumped silently across the rafters of the conveniently high-ceilinged hallways on the way to the location I remembered the Hokage's office being relative to Sakura's cell. I should've arrived there a long time ago. Something was up, though I hadn't felt any sort of chakra disturbance that would imply a Genjutsu being cast. That is not to say I couldn't have entered a Genjutsu. Kyuub. Right. He irritated my chakra flow and reality was hazy for a second. When it hopped into focus, what had previously been a hallway was now a wall covered with high power tags. They all lit simultaneously. Shit!

When the dust cleared, the clone I'd summoned to block for me poofed away and I turned around to see three root troops in triangle formation. That Genjutsu was probably intended to keep the prisoners from escaping by keeping them running in circles in their own minds. I whipped three kunai at the root, and, after blocking them, the two at the sides ran at me with kunai drawn. They swung at the same time and I back flipped out of the way. I saw the third root, presumably the leader, fly at me midair. I knocked away one of the kunai he swung with my left sword, but he blocked my attempt to take his arm off with my other sword with his other kunai. We exchanged a few more blows on the ground before I managed a kick in the side and he was launched away. One underling was back on me with the other close behind. He tried another kunai stab; I tossed up my sword, grabbed his kunai hand and used my other hand to dislocate his elbow. While he was still yelling in pain, I shoved him into his companion who dodged right into my axe kick on his cranium. I grabbed my other sword out of the air and sheathed them both. Smooth. I know, right?

I grabbed one of the writhing troops and brought him up to my face. I loosed a generous amount of killer intent; I smelled urine. "Where is Danzou."

He pointed down the hallway. I punched him hard in the side of the head and he was out. I could've gone for a stealthier or stylish approach, but I was quickly losing my mood for such things. I lobbed him on top of his unconscious comrades. I turned the direction he pointed, and walked toward Armageddon.

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