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April 20

I cannot believe Tsuna-nii is paying me to do this, to just sit.

He said everybody was busy, even Lambo. Tsuna-nii didn't want to involve me. I was not directly Vongola. Tsuna-nii thinks he's being nice to me that way. But I'm part of his family, always been, since I came, and I want to help.

He tells me I can help by keeping an eye on Hibari-san. Just sit here by the hour and keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn't leave the hospital, make sure he doesn't do anything weird.

I'm being paid more than my noodle-delivery job, just to sit.

He can't do anything weird right now, though. Too injured to do much of anything but sleep.

I didn't like it that I wasn't there. At least I could've helped somewhat. I've kept up training. My master would be proud.

He faced an ambush attack by the White Spell alone. Tsuna-nii wouldn't have known, but Hibird kept circling an alley and the independent research team sounded an alarm.

That's where I come in. While he's healing, Tsuna-nii would get daily reports from me, whether Hibari-san wants it or not. If he objects, at least I could keep up a suitable defense (something Tsuna-nii admits even he cannot do).


He woke up and stared at me.

He looks so much like the master does in all the pictures. It makes my heart beat so terribly fast, it makes my forehead sweat, it makes my hands shake. Ten years of seeing him has not made the sensation any less. It has even made it worse.

It took all my composure to explain why I was there.

He just nodded. He pointed to the window.

The yellow bird was at the window. I opened it and let Hibird hop onto my finger. I brought the bird over to him. Hibird hopped from my finger to his and chirped happily. He listened to the bird chirp and chirp without saying a word.

I asked if he needed anything, but he shook his head. He gave the bird back to me before he went to sleep again.

I must have done something right. He did not glare at me, or motion for me to get lost. I've heard stories of him glaring at people, or hitting people, no matter his condition. He just looked at me.

The master looked at me like that as he told me good night, when I was much younger. I wish the master was here. I miss him. Every time I look at Hibari-san, I miss him. I wish things were different, I really do.

He looks so peaceful like that, sleeping. You wouldn't guess he was the silent terror of a mafia branch, if you saw him asleep. I wonder what he worries about, what makes him dream. The mask he wears during the day disappears, and I see that he has much on his mind. They make him frown more than he already does when his eyes are open.

Somehow, I should like to know. I would like to help him, even a little. If I could at least do that for Tsuna-nii, for the family. It would be wonderful.

I guess it won't be so bad being here with him.

At least I don't have to run around delivering noodles.

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