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"My, what a temper you have"

A psych Fanfiction

The night was gloomy and quiet filled with the promise of water pouring from the heavens very soon. As Shawn stopped his pacing in front of the white board, holding the nonsensical scribbles that only he could understand, a couple of crime scene photos are laid all over his apartment as well as the board. Empty cups of what seem like coffee lay by the dozen and his weary body is starting to catch his over stimulated mind, begging for rest.

"There's got to be something I'm missing…" Shawn said tiredly. It's been three days since the murder of Officer Allan Mckensy and the entire department was thrown up side down. But while the station had lost one of their own, Shawn had lost someone that he thought of a part of his family. Whenever his dad brought him to the station Allan always tried to make time to keep him entertain. Every time his dad caught him doing some sort of prank at the station, Allan was the only one to laugh with him after his dad was out of earshot always telling him "good one Shawnee". Dad always invited him for family dinners and camping trips so he always tough of him as an adopted uncle but not the fun uncle. Uncle Jack will always have that category.

He was the caring uncle. He notice that his dad was training him for the job so he was always the one encouraging him to play pranks, run around and be just a kid. So this case was personal for him. But the department didn't want him at first thinking he wouldn't take it seriously. Of course, since when has that stopped him? He understood why they would be reluctant to give him the file at first, but it still hurt that they would think he wouldn't take it seriously. No one in the department knew that they both knew each other before his alleged entry into the departments' life as their new "Head Psychic". But Allan understood his need to play the part and became the quiet bearer of his secret, always willing to help him out in any way possible. But all that ended the day he enter the department to find it in chaos, all the officers filled with quiet anger and a big board with a photo of Allan's broken body in the middle of the precinct.

So here he is, in the middle of his apartment after three days of little to no sleep and he has absolutely no clue what he's missing. He's got almost all the parts of the puzzle, but he's still missing the who.

"Come on you lazy brain! Think! There has got something you missed!" Shawn then paused and whispered

"Jesus, now I'm arguing with my body parts…" Sliding to the wall he then raised his head to the board, praying the answer would just jump at him with a sign saying "HERE I AM!" or at least… wait a minute…

He shot out from the floor almost crashing into the board while he tried to the to Allan's case files. He remembered a case that Allan told him about when he was a kid. He had manage to get the kidnaper in time but he had already killed the kid. He got a life sentence and after the trial, the mother of the kid thanked him for his efforts but the father was another story. He blamed him for the kids' death because he thought he was to slow to find the clues. He swore revenge for his kids' death and promised to kill him. His partner at the time tried to talk him down but Allan stopped him. He told him that he understood the need to blame someone for the kids' death and just let it run its course. But what he didn't expect was the kidnaper getting out on parole because of good behavior. The father must've thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally strike since the police would pay more attention to a fresh out of jail convict to a desolated father. And they did too. He was the first suspect they brought in for questioning but he had a solid alibi. But he is willing to bet his entire collection of 80s' movies that the father didn't. He finally solved it.

"Here it is! I knew you wouldn't fail me now, brain old buddy!" Shawn screamed having found the case file. He then instantly pulled out his phone to call his partner.


"Hello?" Gus answer.

"Gus, buddy! I figured it out! I finally solve it. It was so simple I should've found it sooner! Dude, I'll meet you at the station in an hour. Don't be late!" And before Gus even had the chance to talk back he heard the dial tone.

He sighed. At least Shawn manage to solve the case. He spend the first day and a half trying to keep up with him and trying to help in any way he could, but Shawn's train of thought was going way to fast for him to keep up, so now he make sure he had fresh coffee and at least a few minutes of sleep each day. But no matter what he did Shawn just couldn't stay asleep. And apparently he was the only one who saw how run down Shawn was since they started working on the case. Hell! His muscles ache every time he's seen Shawn move, seeing how tired he is. He is just thankful that Shawn actually solved the case before he crashed from exhaustion. He new how hard it was hitting him since Allan was a good friend of the family and he knew he and Shawn were close.

He then got up; picking up his keys on the way to his car, on his way to finally make sure his friend got some well deserved rest.


Back on the road, Shawn was making sure the case file was tucked safely on the inside pocket of his jacket while driving his bike down the empty highway. But now that he had solved the case it seems that his body was starting a revolution to crack down the walls his mind had place between them. His vision started blurring but he shook his head in order to clear his eyes. Not seeing the road would be bad. Very, very bad. He knew he pushed himself to much but at least he manage to find Allan's killer.

"It'll all be worth it" he thought to himself. Although it seemed that his body got a hold of a skeleton key for his head because his vision started blurring again, and this time, it brought a massive headache as company. He felt his motorcycle starting to swerve and his vision going out almost completely. As he shook his head to clear his vision once more, what he saw was a telephone pole coming at his at a very high speed.

And his braced himself for the inevitable impact he couldn't help but think "Hell, this is going to hur-" before his skull hit the pole and he succumb to darkness…


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