He watched her with hungry eyes. Golden eyes were shining with passion and desire. Her high heels clicked down the stone floor in the hollow hallway in the most lovely way.

He stood immobilized by curiosity. He studied the movement of her hips in her barely there skirt. Although her outfit left nothing to the imagination, he knew there was a weapon hidden among her valleys and curves.

Her noisy heels stopped and she was right in front of him. There was a sly smirk on her face and she dared to run her fingers through that silky dark hair of his. He watched her, amused and wary. This woman was nothing less than deadly and dangerous because he had made her that way.

"How did you find me?"

She ignored his words as she pushed him against the wall. He allowed this behavior. Her show was quite interesting and he eagerly waited for what she was going to do next.

Her hands disappeared beneath the fabric of his shirt. The coolness of his skin stole her warmth. Her hands wandered further south. The feeling of fingernails tracing lightly over his skin was tantalizing. His heart was quickly pumping blood to a very specific area. He wanted her and could have taken her but he continued to play this game with her.

In time, soft touches turned to rough squeezes. Kisses turned to love bites. Their game turned into irrepressible desire. His hand moved slowly up the inside of her thigh and was pleasantly surprised at what he did not find.

There in that hallway they devoured each other.

"Are you thinking of killing me?" he asked with his tongue caught between her teeth. She looked at him with big brown eyes full of innocence that he was sure did not belong to her. If someone should kill him, it would be her. Only she could get close enough in more ways than just physical proximity. Her answer came in form of a possessive kiss that left him more clueless.

She loved it. The feeling of being in control, the sound of his submission, the surge of power she felt. She loved it.

The feeling of being just like her sensei.

A/N I wrote this in celebration of Anko's and Orochimaru's birthdays, Yay!