Well, technically a drabble is supposed to be a hundred words, so this is four times a drabble, but it's still the shortest thing I think I've ever written. Hope you guys like. I got the idea off of some random comment off a random daily deviation on deviantart. Weird how inspiration comes from bizarre places sometimes.


Colin slowly opened his eyes, and for a while just lay there, staring at the ceiling. The air smelled like his clivia lilies, which were in full bloom. He smiled, sitting up. Tory was still asleep next to him on the bed, so he carefully and quietly climbed off the bed and padded over to his bathroom, filling his watering can and going around the apartment, caressing the leaves of a ficus here, checking the soil of an ivy there, breathing in deeply the scent of his lilies. He hummed to himself as he fed his cats, and then spun around gracefully and happily, picking up his hairbrush and stroking it through his hair.

He dropped the brush with a loud clatter, staring in the mirror. He touched his skin, then rubbed at it.

"TORY!!!" He shrieked, jumping on the bed and shaking his boyfriend awake.

Tory groaned and cracked his eyes open. "Mwhut…"

"Tory!" Colin repeated indignantly. "What the hell is this!"

"What?" Tory asked groggily.

"THIS!" Colin jabbed a finger in the direction of his own neck. Tory squinted, sleepy.

There was a series of dark hickeys aligned around Colin's entire neck, with a collection of them making a centerpiece heart over his sternum. A line of permanent marker connected them together in a ring around the neck, and each "bead" was outlined in Sharpie as well.

Tory sighed with an indulging smile. "You said 'Don't buy me anything! It's so cliché and materialistic for a boy to buy his lover gifts!'" He mimicked. "So I made you an "amethyst necklace"."

Colin hissed, jabbing Tory in the stomach. "We have school today!" He yelled, blushing. "How am I supposed to go out in public?!"

Tory smiled wider, still blinking sleepily at him. "Aren't I thoughtful? I did it in wintertime, when high-collared turtlenecks don't look out of place."

Colin sighed, rubbing absently at the heart bruised into his skin. "Well…I guess. It does sort of make me feel pretty," he admitted.

"See?? Tory grinned. "That's the spirit."


Most random idea EVAR. You see why it wouldn't fit into any of my fics. Oh well. Review!