Chapter Thirty-Three: Spring

The day of the wedding had dawned, and there was sunshine in the air as well as in sky. Toris had arrived the night before and was already awake when Kiku came into the living room. Kat was staying at Matthew's so that Nat couldn't see the bride, as was the tradition ("Even though both of them are the bride, right?" Toris had asked. Kiku had nodded and smiled as he had put the last icing details on the cake.)

The wedding went by quickly, Matthew having to use Toris's handkerchief many times during Francis's sermon. When Katysha and Natalia had kissed, the brides-maids had burst into tears and clapping, hugging both brides and anyone else in the vicinity. They had all filed out again to the back of the church, and everyone had made their way to the Café Rose for the reception.

The music was Katyusha's iPod on shuffle, but there was some good dance music, and Katyusha and Natalia indeed began the traditional wedding dance after some alcohol and some good food prepared by Alfred and Ludwig in the kitchen.

"I'm so happy," Katyusha told her wife as they danced alone for the first ten seconds of the song.

Natalia smiled, "I'm so glad. I'm so happy you're so happy."

"Don't quote Into the Woods anymore, and I'll be the happiest woman in Monde," Katyusha warned.

Alfred and Matthew began dancing next, Matthew having been in the wedding party. Toris went ahead a few minutes after Alfred and Matthew, with Bella.

"They're beautiful," Alfred said as Sesel and Heidi follwed Toris and Bella on to the dance floor.

"The brides? Or Sesel and Heidi?" Matthew asked.

"Well.. they all are. All the girls, all the boys, all the couples. Everyone. But especially you…" Alfred said, looking at his boyfriend expectantly.

Matthew blushed and looked over at Gilbert leading Eliza onto the floor. "You think we'll ever get married, Alfie?"

"One of these days. When I stop being an asshole. I'm working on it," Alfred replied.

And Matthew simply kissed him as they danced off the floor and into some chairs at the nearest table.

"Come on, Lovi! Let's go dance!" Feliciano said, tugging at his boyfriend's arm.

Lovino grumbled and gave Ludwig a glare saying We're in this together, ask your boyfriend to dance or so help me I will feed you your balls to you for breakfast.

Ludwig glanced at Kiku and bowed slightly, offering his hand. Kiku blushed and took it after looking around to see if anyone had seen that. (The Good Slash Forever Fangirl Alliance had.)

"We're so lucky," Feliciano said to Kiku as they began slow dancing with their respective partners.

"How? We're not the ones going on a honeymoon to Marseille, France in a couple hours…" Kiku replied, but he was smiling.

"No… we're so lucky to be with our loves, dancing with several of our friends. We're blessed that Kat and Nat could get married with nothing going wrong in their plans. They should be so blessed…" Feliciano explained.

"I feel blessed," Lovino said.

"Yeah? And why's that, Lovi?" Ludwig asked.

"Because I'm here with Feliciano," Lovino said, kissing the younger Italian.

"You are the typical Italian," Ludwig replied, rolling his eyes.

"They're beautiful. My little Ukrainian princess and her Belorussian prince," Francis cooed as he sipped his champagne. Though he had been the minister, he didn't want to go out dancing. Arthur grinned from next to him.

"Who are they if we're all part of our own Gilmore Girls spin-off?"

"Sookie and Jackson?" Francis asked, pointing to the couple in question with the pinky on the hand that gripped the champagne glass.

"Good point. But you just called them your little ones…"

"… In my mind, I am the French King, you are my little English princess, and Katyusha is my adopted child. A princess from Ukraine…"

"You have one wild imagination…"

"This from the boy who swore he was a pirate until he was fifteen."

"Damn straight. Get me a sandwich or walk the plank, wench," Arthur said, pretending to have Francis at gunpoint.

"Another time, my Pirate King. For now… why don't we elope?" Francis suddenly said.

"Sure—wait, what?" Her Highness asked.

"Marry me? Right this minute. There's a church up in Fou that won't charge us for same-day appointments…"

"Do you think anything through?" Arthur asked, but a softened smile spread on his lips.

"No… but this wedding got me thinking—" Francis was stopped by a kiss from Arthur.

When they parted, Arthur got up and said, "I'll talk to the girls."

"Make sure they don't tell anyone else, all right?" Francis asked.

Arthur nodded, and he disappeared into the crowd. A few minutes later, he returned and Francis was up on his feet.

"You have the keys?" Arthur asked.

Francis dug in his pockets, fished out the keys to his car, and they were both at the door in a second. Katyusha and Natalia waved from the edge of the dance floor, Katyusha winking at the couple as they left the café and went out to the car.

Last chapter! Sequel should be up in a few days. It's called The Last Stand of Toris Lorinaitis. Hope to see you there.