Title: Compliments Of Gaul.
Series: Merlin
Character/Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, implied Gwen/Morgana
Rating: PG-13 at least
A/N: comment_fic: Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Camelot has a new official outfit for it's servants


Merlin looked in dismay at the new outfit. It had looked great on Gwen. The ruffles, the little apron, the lacy top. She lovely, really. In fact, he hadn't see much of her since the new uniform was instituted. She and Lady Morgana were always locked up in their rooms, giggling. Doing their own secret girly things, he suspected.

"Thank Gaul for the idea. After meeting with them, both Morgana and I agreed our servants would wear this too."

"But are you sure it's for me. Not Tansy the girl who brings you food? Or any other girl, really?"

"Put it on," Arthur commanded.

Merlin sighed as he stared at the outfit. It was horribly short, really. He stepped behind a curtain.

"Are you still there? I'm changing, you know. Don't peek."

"There's no use being modest. In case you've forgotten, we're both men. There's nothing you have that I haven't seen already."

"You want to watch me change?" Merlin said incredulously.

"No. I was just informing you of your gender, since you seem to have forgotten it," Arthur said.

"You're the one who seems to have forgotten it! This is a dress!"

"It's an official uniform and you're going to wear it. Now put it on."

Merlin sighed again. He took off his comfortable leggings and exchanged his dusty brown boots for some kind of monstrosity of a shoe that had of all things, a heel. It was useless for walking in, but it might be good as a hidden weapon. Something that sharp could put out their eye. He attached the thin, transparent leggings that were held up by lacy garters, and the matching remarkably small lacy underpants. Then came the pulling up of the small dress itself. It fit better than he'd have thought, considering. The last was the black choker, and lacy headband thing. Was it a hat or a hairpiece?

Merlin stepped out in those awful shoes. Arthur didn't say anything at first. He just looked and looked, his eyes drinking in all the details. Merlin had never been looked at before, it was left him rather embarrassed. He was a bit flushed when he finally demanded a reply.


"I think this suits you. In fact, I think you're going to wear this at all times unless I say not to," Arthur said at last.

"Really, because I think it's a bit hard to work in this. My pants would be a lot easier. Which is why I should change right back to them."

"You'll learn how to manage it in time."

Merlin looked down. It'd be a long time before he'd manage this right.

"Pick up that basin of water," Arthur commanded.

Arthur watched as Merlin bent, his skirts were way too short to hide his lacy, barely-there underthings. Merlin put the water basin on the table and smoothed his skirts.

"This outfit is perfect for you," Arthur said.