Title: A Manner Most Guilty
Series: Merlin
Character/Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: PG-13
A/N: comment_fic Merlin, Morgana + Arthur/Merlin, "where's my garter?"


"Where's my garter?"

Merlin froze. He became very red then, and looked down in a manner most guilty. He started to say something, but Arthur intervened.

"Be quiet," Arthur muttered to him.

"How should we know about the affairs of your underthings?"

Moragana was at the door, and leaned in to survey Arthur's room, which for once, wasn't quite as neat as usual. Merlin's regular clothes were strewn about the floor, and he was in something she couldn't quite see. She peeked in a bit more, and caught a glimpse of Merlin sitting on Arthur's lap, looking like the bad boy who just got put in time-out. Distinctly guilty, and quite suspect indeed.

"Why is Merlin sitting on your lap?"

"Because...because..." Merlin started.

"Because there is only one chair, obviously."

"You had three chairs just a week ago."

"They broke. Chairs don't grow on trees, Morgana," Arthur said in a mock patient drawl.

"No, they're made from trees. How can you break that many chairs in such a small amount of time?" Morgana said.


She rose one delicate eyebrow. "Swordfighting, in your room? Again Arthur?"

"Well, swords of some kind were used," Merlin said under his breath. Arthur glared at the back of his head and muttered hush.

Morgana took a step in further. Both Merlin and Arthur seemed to tense as she came around the corner. An oddly placed cupboard had compromised her vision at first, but now she saw quite clearly the scene, and a full view of Merlin's attire.

"And why is he wearing that strange outfit?"

For indeed it was strange. The robes were unnaturally short with no tights or even leggings to go with them. A v neck to the shirt. A weird, pinkish color filled out the bizarre ensemble. And it was just then that she noted the location of Arthur's hand, which crossed over Merlin's lap and had a very distant hold on his hip.

"Really now? You're saying this after you've seen the banquet hat I made Merlin wear?"

"I knew you chose that just to make me look like a fool!" Merlin piped in.

A flood of understanding came over Morgana. Really, the robe was one of the most hideous love-underthings she'd ever seen. Leave it to Arthur to have no taste – or at least, to enjoy putting Merlin in tasteless apparel.

She felt exasperated. Raiding her clothes and putting Merlin in some outfit that would be better served as a rag. Really, even a gunny sack would look better than that horrid thing.

"Make sure you wash that garter when you're done. And for heaven's sakes, don't steal my underthings for your kinky games! Get some of your own!"

When she had left them behind, she allowed herself finally the smile she had been concealing all the while. If nothing, this would be a nice anecdote, or possibly blackmail material.

Besides, maybe all that sex would make Arthur a little more bearable in the end.