The idea has been floating around in my head for a while now.

This takes place the beginning of season four, so here we go.



Molly took a deep breath and parked in her aunt and uncle's driveway. It was hard to believe that this quaint little house was going to be her home now, and at seventeen trying to get into college and wanting a job too, she knew there were hard days ahead. Besides, she had to make friends with the gang again, and get closer to the family she hadn't visited as often as she would have liked to…she had to move on with her life.

"Molly!" Red exclaimed, hurrying over to her and giving her a big hug.

Molly beamed and hugged her uncle. "Uncle Red! It's so good to see you!"

Red finished embracing her and held her out at arm's length to look at her, smiling at her long dark hair and her modest clothes. She was definitely his brother's daughter, and she looked just as smart and beautiful as ever—a little taller too he could have sworn. Soon Kitty was out of the house and hugging Molly to her, kissing her temple and looking her over too with a smile on her face.

"Well aren't you just the bee's knees?" Kitty asked her with an infectious laugh. "Eric is going to be so thrilled to see you!"

Red gave her a look. "Thrilled? Kitty, the boy has been moping about in his room about Donna for days now."

Molly looked surprised. "Why is he moping about Donna?"

"They broke up, Dear." Kitty informed her.

Molly made a face. "Gosh, I'm sorry to hear that. Mind if I go talk to him?"

Kitty shook her head and while Red grabbed Molly's two suitcases, Molly headed into the Forman house and she headed up the stairs to Eric's room. As she neared the room she heard "All By Myself", but then she heard Eric change the station and it started to play "Oh Donna" instead. Smiling sadly, Molly opened her favorite cousin's door and she went in and sat on his bed, him smiling a little at her.

"Molly…I forgot you were moving in today." Eric told her. "God, I'm sorry."

"Oh forget it, Eric—I heard what happened and I get it. It's one of those moments where I wish we had spoons and a jar of peanut butter…would work if we could watch TV up here and mope too actually." She told him with a smile.

Eric couldn't help but smile a little at her but it faded in his heartbreak and she nodded and went over to him, wrapping her arms around him and letting him rest his head on her shoulder. She ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head, trying to figure out what to say to him to make things better for him. They'd always been there for each other and she had really liked Donna, and she was on Eric's side completely…even though she didn't know the problem yet.

"Come on, Forman. Get out of bed." Hyde said suddenly, coming into Eric's room with Kelso and Fez in tow.

He stopped suddenly when he saw Molly there with Eric and Kelso's and Fez's eyes lit up too. They and Molly went way back and they didn't know anything about why she was there, but it made them excited to see their partner in crime. Well, all of them except for Hyde—he and Molly were practically nemeses…even with their first kisses being with each other and their virginity taking away angry sex a couple years back.

"MOLLY!" Fez exclaimed happily. "Are you coming to Funland with us?"

"I'm not going." Eric explained.

Molly looked at them. "Are you one hundred percent positive that Funland is going to improve his mood?"

"I don't want to go to Funland." Eric told her firmly.

She nodded when she looked him in the eye and then shrugged a little at the guys and rested her head against his to let him know she had his back. If making Eric felt better meant staying with him and being silent then she could do that…she didn't really feel like talking much either. The two of them wanted to bottle up all of their feelings whether that was "healthy" or not.

"Fine. If you're not going with us, we'll stay here with you." Hyde told them.

Kelso made a face. "We're not going to Funland?"

Hyde hit Kelso in the arm and it made Molly smile a little that he was at least concerned for Eric, and then the boys sat on the bed with them. Fez started to reach out and then Eric's voice surprised Molly, but she laughed a little.

"Don't…touch the G.I. Joes." Eric warned him.

Kelso spoke up. "Hey, Eric did you—"

"—Hey, buddy, can we not talk? Thanks." Eric replied.

"Fine. We're going to Funland." Hyde announced, the others standing up too since Hyde sounded annoyed.

Eric nodded. "Good. Go."

"You know what? I'm glad you are not going to Funland because you will suck the fun right out of it. And then…and then it would just be called 'Landland'." Fez told Eric and then his whole demeanor changed. "I'm sorry. I'll get you a candy apple, okay?"

Molly kissed the top of Eric's head again and he nodded slowly and she got up and smiled at him—it was kind of uncanny that they still knew what each other was thinking. She asked him if it was really all right, and he nodded and told her to bring him back something and then she headed downstairs before Hyde, Kelso and Fez went out the door and told them she was going with them. First, she had to make sure that it was all right with Red and Kitty.

"Uncle Red? Aunt Kitty? Do you mind if I go to Funland with Michael, Fez and Steven?" Molly asked them.

Red smiled at her. "Of course not—just be careful while you're there, all right? If anyone tries anything, I'll put my foot up their ass."

"Now Red, that's no way to talk in front of your niece." Kitty told him and then beamed at Molly. "Have fun, honey!"

Molly thanked them and smiled, heading back into the living room and to the front door, linking arms with Fez as Hyde made a sarcastic and snide remark and Kelso got all excited. They picked up Jackie and then the five of them got to Funland and walked in, Molly and Fez smelling the cotton candy and smiling at each other—this could be really fun after all and it would get her mind off of things.

"Okay Michael, we have to stay together. Every time we come here you get lost." Jackie told Kelso and Molly cracked a smile—just how she'd left them.

"Damn Jackie, there's fun around every corner." Kelso protested.

Jackie gave him a commanding look. "Michael, what are the rules?"

"Uh, no hitting you from behind with the bumper cars." Michael said.

She nodded. "And?"

Kelso paused a moment. "And no riding the goats at the petting zoo."

"And?" She asked and when he didn't answer she got annoyed. "We have to stay together, Michael!"

"Fine!" He exclaimed and then looked around. "Balloons!"

"Stay!" Jackie told him.

Molly laughed a little and then Woofy the Funland Dog sidled over to them and Molly started to get a little uncomfortable even though Fez looked pretty happy. Guys in random costumes and clowns really creeped her out and so when he went to put his arm around her, Hyde and Fez, she stepped out of the way and he just got Hyde and Fez. Just the disgruntled look on Hyde's face was enough for Molly and she grinned a little even though the giant mascot still creeped her out a little.

"Hey there, kids! I'm Woofy, the Funland Dog, and I'm here to make sure that you have fun, fun, fun!" He exclaimed, petting Hyde's head.

"Touch me like that again you're gonna eat your Alpo through a straw, straw, straw!" Hyde told him, Molly's laughter at the whole thing just making him more upset.

Woofy paused. "Oh. Okeydokey. Well, I'm going down to the saloon to look for the guy who shot my paw."

"Oh, my God! That was Woofy, and he talked to us!" Fez exclaimed excitedly.

"Okay guys, we gotta pick a place to meet in case we split up. How about the corner of Fun Street and Fun Boulevard? I mean, that should be easy enough for even Michael to remember." Jackie said and then turned around. "Michael? Great. Now we'll never find him."

Fez pulled out a picture of Kelso from his wallet and explained that they could just show the picture around and find him that way, Molly looking around for the cotton candy. Jackie wandered off a little to look for Kelso and Fez walked up to a mime and showed him Kelso's picture while Hyde found some t-shirts. Molly looked over as Hyde picked one up and then showed it to Fez excitedly as Fez tried to communicate with the mime.

"Kelso's trapped in a box?" Fez asked him.

"Hey! Fez, check it out." Hyde told him.

Fez read the shirt out loud. "'Fun University'."

"Now check out the back." Hyde told him with a grin on his face, turning it around.

"'F.U.' I don't get it." Fez said as Molly laughed.

Hyde beamed. "F.U., man. F.U.!"

"Oh, right. 'Fu'. That's a good one..." Fez told him even though he didn't get it.

"When did you get fun, Hyde?" Molly asked him.

Hyde gave her a look. "I could ask you the same thing—at least you got it. Hey…not that I care or anything but why are you visiting now?"

"I'm not visiting exactly…I'm staying for good." Molly told him slowly.

Hyde laughed a little. "Oh really? Why is that? Couldn't take Mom and Dad anymore so you ran away from home?"

Molly bit her lip and then swallowed looking at Hyde. "My mom and dad died two days ago in an accident."

She wanted to stay and face it, but saying it out loud made it reality and she wanted to go back home. Even though her home was now with Red, Kitty and Eric, she just wanted away from the crowds and the music and the rides…and Hyde felt kind of bad as he watched her walk away…

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