I had a really weird and yet really awesome Hyde dream last night.

I'm gonna fuel some of those ideas into this.

It's kinda fun.

There's language in this one.


Molly woke up and looked over at Hyde sleeping next to her, smiling a little and then running her fingers through his curly hair before she got up and got dressed. She wasn't going to leave and make Hyde potentially feel used, but she definitely didn't want to lie around naked either just in case. Luckily, Hyde woke up while she was pulling her pajamas back on, and she smiled at him.

"Good morning." Molly told him, pulling the top over her head.

Hyde nodded at her. "Were you going to just take off?"

"No, I wasn't. I was going to get dressed and then crawl back in with you." Molly explained. "Unless…you'd rather I just go ahead and go back upstairs now…"

"I'm actually kind of hungry so…" Hyde offered and smiled a little when Molly did.

She nodded at him and tossed his pajamas at him, waiting until he got dressed to head up to the kitchen. When they got there, they rummaged through the cabinets and found some cereal, sitting at the kitchen table together and eating in silence. Both of them wanted to say something, but Hyde was afraid of starting an emotional conversation, and Molly was afraid of verbally vomiting all over him.

"I'm surprised Aunt Kitty even has cereal around here." Molly said with a laugh as she shoved some into her mouth and then started to talk before it was all chewed up and swallowed. "She normally makes such a big deal about making breakfast."

"You're right, she does. I bet if she walked in here right no she's totally have a breakdown." Hyde replied with a laugh.

Molly nodded and then she shrugged. "If she knew what we were doing…"

Molly trailed off and Hyde nodded—he knew she was referring to their pact, and at that moment, Kitty walked into the kitchen. It was 6 o'clock in the morning, and she was going to figure out what to make for breakfast and she was wondering why Hyde and Molly were hanging out when she knew they bumped heads a lot. Still, she didn't want to ruin a perfectly good moment…but she did want to know what was going on with them.

"And what is it that you two are doing?" Kitty asked them.

Molly and Hyde looked straight at Kitty and took deep breaths—they knew they had to come up with something fast so Molly had to take the reins. Hyde knew that she could handle it, and for some reason Molly was really good at coming up with lies on the spot that people believed when she smiled her smile.

"Aunt Kitty!" Molly told her blushing, which Hyde thought was the perfect touch. "We didn't want you to know we were sneaking cereal!"

Kitty smiled at her. "That was a pretty competent lie, Molly."

"I knew I couldn't actually pull one over on you." Molly said with a smile. "Steven and I are just actually getting along and we snuck in here to eat breakfast and hung out in the basement talking and I guess I just figured you'd rather the two of us had left the catching up for the daytime and got some sleep and helped with chores."

"Well if you want to eat cereal, Molly, I'm not going to stop you." Kitty told her with a laugh. "How are you this morning, Steven?"

Hyde smiled at her. "I'm great, Mrs. Forman."

Kitty nodded and then smiled at Molly when Molly offered to help her with the breakfast, both of them chatting away and then Hyde setting the table. For the next two months, Molly found herself blending into the Forman family and was hanging out with Angela one on one in the kitchen doing homework when Eric came in to talk to her. It was the month of Molly's father's birthday and she was a little down, so Kitty wanted to throw a barbecue and invite their friends and family.

"Hey, Eric." Angela told him, smiling at him.

Eric smiled back at her. "Hey, Lilly. So, I take it you will be attending this barbecue?"

"Of course I will! I'm thinking about bringing Lisa, Heath and Clara along too." Angela explained, shrugging a little. "I mean if Molly doesn't mind."

"I don't mind as long as Lisa keeps her skanky hands to herself." Molly replied with a smile that made Eric laugh loudly.

Even though Molly had been spending most of her time with her new group of friends and the gang missed her, Eric was pretty positive that Molly was falling for Hyde. To be fair, Eric was pretty certain Hyde was falling too, but Hyde would never admit it…and Eric was actually growing quite fond of Angela's company—especially since Donna hadn't come back around yet.

Eric was still hung up on Donna a bit, but he was getting better about it, and Angela was fun to be around. Angela was actually the only one that Molly really liked to hang around, because Clara and Heath were a couple but she kept hitting on Fez, and Molly didn't like Lisa because Lisa was being a little more pro-active about hitting on Hyde. The only thing that Molly was really happy about for the last couple of months was that she and Hyde had been able to keep their pact a secret.

"I think someone wants Hyde all to herself." Eric teased, resting his hand on Molly's shoulder.

Molly rolled her eyes. "I never said that."

"No, but you called Lisa a skank so…I'm pretty sure that implies you have the hots for Hyde." Angela replied with a smug smile and then she and Eric both cracked up when Hyde came in through the sliding glass door.

"Who has the hots for me?" Hyde asked them.

Molly laughed loudly. "Eric, obviously."

Eric shot Molly a look as Angela reached over the table and high-fived Molly, Hyde smiling and nodding. He was pretty certain he knew exactly who they had been talking about, and for some reason the idea made him rather happy. Hyde knew that he wasn't the boyfriend type, but at the same time he was attached to Molly and he knew he couldn't help that now—he would miss her company far too much if she up and decided not to be around him anymore.

"Oh, well I knew that Forman had a thing for me—I'm irresistible." Hyde replied and then pointed at Eric. "Is this barbecue for real?"

Molly nodded at him. "Yes, it is, and I'd really appreciate it if you didn't make any special brownies this time, all right?"

"But special brownies are such a hit." Hyde protested, sending her a pleading look that normally she would have fallen for, but Molly had her reasons this time for everything to go off without a hitch.

"Look, Steven, I know you're trying to be cute, and normally it would work, but this barbecue is in memory of my Dad so…don't screw it up." Molly told him firmly.

Hyde just nodded at her and he wished he had a comeback, but he couldn't find a mean thing to say right then. If Molly really wanted this barbecue to go off without a hitch, then he was going to make sure that happened for her. On the other hand, the pact was still in place and if there was maybe just one problem, she'd definitely be willing to have him there for her…but was it worth making her upset about her parents?

He was started to think against his original plan because he knew what it was like to have no parents and his weren't even dead—just deadbeat and gone. So he nodded again and Molly smiled at him, ready to sneak down to see him that night, but he had no idea—he was just trying to figure out what he was going to do about the barbecue. What Molly needed was someone by her side, but Hyde wasn't sure he could do the comforting thing…he had never been good at it before.

"Fine—just promise me this barbecue won't be lame, all right?" Hyde told her, pointing at her.

Molly rolled her eyes again. "Steven? Do what you were going to do and go—you too, Eric. Lilly and I have homework to do."

"You are seriously studious? You're making me look bad and you're not even my sibling! You're my cousin!" Eric protested, shaking his head. "Wow…stop that."

"Oh shut-up and go!" Molly told him, pushing him playfully and yet smiling at him.

Eric nodded and he and Hyde snuck a beer and handed back down to the basement, Angela watching Eric as he left. She was definitely attracted to him but she didn't know what to do about it—he was just out of a break-up and she didn't know how he still felt about Donna. There was also the matter of Molly—did she even like the idea of her best friend dating her cousin?

"He has a nice ass, huh?" Molly asked Angela, cringing a little at weird that felt to say about her own cousin.

Angela blushed and looked at Molly. "Um…yes."

"Yes, well…go for it, I don't mind. This weekend at the barbecue, monopolize his time." Molly suggested, looking down at her math notes as Angela laughed. "What did you get for number 5?"

"I haven't even done 1 through 4." Angela replied, both of them laughing some more.

Molly smiled at her friend and decided that she could do this…she could get through this barbecue as long as she stayed in the right state of mind…

Note: If you hadn't noticed, I'm speeding up time just a little bit because I kind of want to get on the whole Molly/Hyde rockiness really soon with a little more angst. I hope you guys will like the next chapter—it's the barbecue! Feedback is always appreciated!