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It was sunset and Kagome Higurashi sat there thinking about her very messed up past and equally messed up life. She was transported here by Midoriko three days after the final battle had been fought. She laid there thinking, they've won with help of the Western Lord, Lord Sesshomaru and the Lord of the North, Lord Koga, who had finally come to his senses and had taken Ayame as his mate. They were also surprised when Kikyo had stood next to Kagome and helped the Inu Brothers and Koga. Sango and Miroku both got married and were now the proud parents of five beautiful children, three boys and two girls. As for Inuyasha he mated Kikyo after Midoriko had given her a soul for her not falling into grasp of the evil hanyou.

She was the adopted sister of both brothers and both the ruler of wolves and was now the Princess of the West and North and was also called the Shikon Miko, she was now also a demon and miko. Rin and Shippo had mated after he had a sudden growth spurt that they had explained was natural because Shippo was not only very young in demon terms, heck even Sesshomaru, Koga and Ayame were young, but that was beside the point, Shippo also chose to remain in that form so he could have Kagome's love of a mother.

Even Jaken survived and also Hakudoshi, Kanna and Kagura. They agreed to let them free if they didn't cause any harm unless they were in those situations where they had to. Kagura had taken the two children as her own. As for the humans and half-demon and their children, they were all given immortality to see Kagome one day in the future if the well or Midoriko sent her back or somewhere else.

This brought her to where she was now, waiting for Itachi to show up. Itachi and her had been dating for the last two years she had been here. They had met when the Hokage assigned them on the same team with Itachi as her captain and captain to the rest of the ANBU squads, though Itachi had been ANBU Captain ever since he had been thirteen. She like him had risen quickly in ranks because all the training she had went through with her friends, her demon and miko abilities. Everyone in the village knew about it though, but not her past.

It just so happened that because of the rate she had risen in rank had caught the eyes of the Uchiha Prodigy. She often wondered why but he always said that it was because he liked challenges. Uchiha's were not know to show any emotion other than possessiveness but Itachi was an entirely different matter. He loved her and although he didn't show it like ordinary people he did show it and people could plainly see it.

"Kagome-chan" Itachi called her softly as he stood behind her head looking down on her. "Hey, Itachi-kun how are you today?" Kagome questioned as she sat up and leaned towards Itachi after Itachi had sat down and gave him a kiss on the lips. He pulled her to him so he was lying on the grass and she was lying on top of his chest. Breaking the kiss for some much needed air.

Kagome stood up for a minute to stretch her muscles, but she did not expect her hands to be grabbed by Itachi so she looked down on him. Raising an eyebrow at him he pulled her down to sit o his lap. "Kagome we have been dating for two years now." Itachi said then continued. "I love you and I want you to be mine. Will you Higurashi Kagome become Uchiha Kagome and my wife and mother to my children?" Itachi asked quietly though you could hear the hope in his soft voice.

Kagome was shocked to say the least, she seriously thought that they would date for a while but she had never given any thought to him wanting to marry a plain girl like her. Itachi noticed she was thinking but was thrown off guard when she suddenly launched herself towards him and jumped into his arms crying 'Yes' all the way. And for the first time he had a full blown smile on his face without caring if anyone had seen him.

But Kagome didn't notice the rest of the Main Uchiha family that were hiding while Itachi smirked at them when he saw that as usual his mother was crying, like she usually did on occasions like this while his father and little brother were smirking towards them. "So when is the wedding and when am I getting any nieces and nephews?" asked Sasuke. As expected Kagome flushed and fell off of Itachi while the rest of them laughed, well Mikoto did while the men chuckled at her.


Time Skip-Wedding


There were many people who had gathered. Even the Hyuuga's were invited to the heirs wedding. At the front stood Kagome in a beautiful silk, white kimono and Itachi in a black, silk haori and hakamas. They were a sight to be hold for sure. Just after they had said their wedding wows Itachi leaned down and captured Kagome's lips in a sweet and gentle kiss; while they could hear cheering all around them.


Time Skip-One Year Later


"Itachi-sama, congratulations, you have two beautiful twins!" said an enthusiastic nurse. Itachi just walked past her into the room which held his wife and now two children.

"Itachi meet your son and daughter, children meet your father." said Kagome softly, exhausted from giving birth to their two healthy children.

"What are their names?" he questioned silently so as not to wake the sleeping babies in his wife's arms.

"I have only named our daughter, she is named Tamasine , now, please name our son." Kagome requested.

Thinking for a while Itachi came up with the perfect name for their son, " He will be named Toshi because he looks exactly like his sister." and it was true they were mirror images of each other. They both held that innocent look about them that only children were able to achieve. They had pale skin and onyx coloured hair, but there was one thing different, while Tamasine had deep sapphire eyes like her mother, Toshi had onyx eyes like his father. This was their family and who would've thought that this started out as a love on the training grounds.


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Name meanings:

Toshi-Mirror Image


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