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His two thick black ghostly eyebrows furrowed hard as he felt something materialized in front of him. His sadistics, frightening red eyes narrowed fiercely as the stout bluish ghost appeared right before his being, trembling like a baby chick.

"Well?" Demanded the vampire-like ghost. He was getting more and more impatient every second.

"Uh...Uhm.." Fidgeted the azure stout ghost as he suddenly found the ebony floor mesmerizing.

"Where?!" Bellowed the dignified ghost, his eyes turned to sharp slits as he threw a laser pink ray toward the stupidly pathetic ghost.

The azure fat ghost emitted an ear-shattering girly shriek as the sharp ray practically almost hit him. His ghastly eyes wide opened with such fear as he looked frantically to his master. He swalloed a large lump from his throat and began to speak.

"I..t-the b-box gh-" He started loudly and shakily as if attempting to fight off the wave of fright that was trying to eat him. But he was rapidly cut off by his master's mad yell.

"I don't need your name!" His master paused. "I need the place!"

The box ghost started fidgeting again. "Uh...it's..."

"Where?!" This time his master's ghostly arm was already stretched out, aiming directly at him. The poor box ghost panicked. His eyes darted back and forth and his floating body quaked harder and faster than before.

"A-Amity Park,sir!" He blurted out, his arms both raised up in defense, eyes closed in fright.

All of a sudden, his master's angry expression seemed to fade away. He let his arm fall back to its normal position. The box ghost's answer did seem to satisfy him.

"Amity Park." The master echoed as his bloody red eyes lit up slyly. The box ghost couldn't figure out whatever he was thinking. all he knew was, he was safe from his master's punishment--for now.

"He's searching for him. " Stated the vampire-like ghost. "Craving for revenge." He then let lout a loud lunatic laugh that went bouncing off the walls of his freezing cold dark and almost deserted castle.


As usual, I skipped dinner. Why? Because my folks would probably freak out if they see their oh-so precious son with an arm that declares it had nearly been burnt down into ashes. Mottled with dark brown like rudely toasted cookies and rich, super black with a cherry red lining down from my shoulder to my left hand. How perfectly artistic. If there's ever a fifth degree burn, this is it.

And my chest? Well, that's a different story. It has this long thin and still bleeding wound. That darn ghost sword of his created one hideous line of bloody red from my right shoulder down to the left side of my ribs. Yeah, I know these wounds are now added to my collection of injuries caused by Vlad Plasmius. And they're hurting like hell.

Him. Vlad. The way I feel whenever I came close to his name, it's inexplicable. My blood instantly turns hot and cold. I got this sudden urge to do violent things. I feel really powerful--powerful enough to make him suffer, to make him pay.

Before, I was once a nice, good boy. You know, considered as one of those 'top' achievers in school, a reliable trustworthy friend, a loving and obedient son...my family's pride and joy. But when Vlad came? When he took a crushing step unto my life? He ruined it. All. Everything. He wrecked me, my feelings and my soul. He attempted to fill my mind with selfish thoughts. He twisted trust and transformed it to betrayal. He put me into heart-shattering situations. Manipulated everything, made my friends hate me. He made me a black sheep to my own family. A problem kid. Someone who seems to stumble from one disaster to another.

He's dreadfully good in creating complex situations and suddenly, he would just pull the string and I, stupidly and instantly going to show up and come to the rescue. (or so I thought) But in the end, I'll just be the victim. A mouse that walked straightly to the trap.

And he did it all in the name of damn tests!

Wishing to turn back time is stupid. So what I'm going to do is, get my sweet revenge.

Nothing matters to me now, it's just Vlad and my revenge. I swear I'm going to make him pay. I'll find his soft part, his weakness. And when I do, let's just say... It will destroy him slowly and painfully.

So tomorrow? Tomorrow's just going to be like the other dull days of my half- human, half-ghost life--except for the fact that I'll be making progress. A very good progress. Cause I'm sealing the reality that Vlad's going down--deep.


A loud startling ring echoed throughout the large, dark and sullen room. There was a frightened feminine gasp followed by the minimum quaking of some high-tech equipment. A pale white delicate hand with onyx black painted nails brought the receiver to to a feminine ear.

"Hey Sam." The voice from the other end of the line beamed, so bright it nearly lit up the entire room.

The girl, Sam scowled. Here comes that annoying voice again. She gritted her teeth and spoke in a harsh, dim reply that replaced the invisible glow the receiver sent earlier. "This. Better. Be. Good."

She felt the sudden pause done by the irritating person. She almost smiled as she imagined the person she was talking to gaping as he realized his stupid mistake.

There was a muffled sound from the other end of the line. He gulped, she concluded.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled, not much conviction there.

Her brows scrunched together. "Save it." She spat out.

"What's this non-sense, late call all about?"

"Whoa, sounds like you've had a dinner with the queen of pink meadow!"

The way he said it, it was as if he didn't just interrupt her in the middle of her night job.

She gathered up much oxygen in her lungs. This was getting longer than necessary. "Foley, what the heck is this about?"

There. Hope the calling-your-friend-by-his-last-name act would give him the hint that she meant business. No greetings, no sharing stories. Just the main exact reason for his late night inconvience.

He cleared his throat. A silent apology. Good. I'ts really nice to know that he finally registered the situation.

"We have a new classmate."

The problem with Tucker was, he was a publicist. So that means, if there was ever a walking pile of profiles, it got to be Tucker. And mountain-top of other human beings' life stories wasn't exactly the type of news Sam needed in the middle of a busy night.

"I'm not interested." She replied non-chalantly.

"What?!" He paused. "What do you mean you're not interested?"

"As simple as that."

"B-but you need to, you have to!" He blurted out.

Okay..He was beginning to freak out and Sam felt the urge to end the conversation. She really didn't need this.

"Tuck." She called out calmly and cautiously.

"Sam, it"s for your own safety. This guy has a rea-"

"Tuck, I know about that but I'm pretty sure that this new guy. whoever and whatever he is, he won't discover a thing." She delivered slowly as if marking her own words.

He took a moment of silence, absorbing her reassuring words.

"How can you be so sure?" His tone was light curiousity but there was the underlying tinge of doubtness.

Thanks to her dear friend's question, Sam's stomach seemed to churn suddenly. Making her feel like the veggie salad she took for dinner forcibly rushing back. It taste like acid. How could she be so sure about it? One boy couldn't possibly ruin it all, could he? No, she wouldn't let that happen. Never. Besides she was just a loser girl, invisble from the crowd. A commoner. A freak. There was no chance someone could mess it up. No ,zero. And that's final.

"I've got it all covered up." The words left her mouth almost impossibly.

"Tuck, I'm safe."

She was, right? Right.

"Okay." He finally surrendered.

"Okay" She echoed. "Bye Tuck."

She quickly hung up, afraid that he'd change his mind any minute. She then stared at the innocent black phone for a few moments. Replaying the fresh conversation in her head. All she said was true, right?. She was safe as far as she know. She got to be.

She sighed. She didn't even want to think about it. All was going acceptably fine. She didn't need negative-whatever in her life. She had so much of it.

Her deep thoughts were meddled by the sudden cold strong gust of wind that stung her arms. She tilted her head to the side and realized she still hadn't close the window.

She stood up and walked toward the the opened window. She was on the verge of closing it when she remembered something.

Earlier that night, she thought she saw something sped through the dark sky. A white streak, she thought. No, actually it wasn't a streak. It was-- it was a mass of hair. A mass of humanish snowy, white hair with a black body. It had to be some sort of a body cause she noticed slender arms and a trunk...followed by a slim, black...tail. A tail?

Great, now she was seeing a human with white hair and black tail flying throughout the ebony night sky. And that was as close as to hearing voices around you.

Another sleep-deprived night and she was certain she would win the one-way ticket to the freaking mental hospital.

She let out a tired exasperation as the window clicked shut.

"I do really need to sleep." She said to no one. She was alone in her room. It didn't matter anyway.


"Sam, I don't think-" Tucker Foley stopped as soon as he realized that Sam had already hung up on him. Again. "-you're safe." He finished his sentence with a heavy sigh. The kind of sigh that held all the exasperation in the world.

He was only attempting to warn Sam about the new kid. He didn't mean to disturb her this time of the night...Okay, maybe he really did. But his reason was valid and urgent. She had to cut him some slack. Right? Ugh.

It was due to this kid, what was his name again? David? No. Drake? No. D..It starts with a 'D'...

He made a grab for the mouse and scanned the school's website. His brown fingers raced down on the keyboard as he typed some keywords. Click. A couple of firewalls the school had put up appeared. A confident grin spreaded across his face. Lame firewalls, so much for keeping students' records confidential. Double click. Type codes. Click.

View transferee student's records?


Accessing the records, please wait.

He really loved dodging firewalls and safety passwords. It was like layering the icing on top of the cake. Sweet and yummy. Hmmm.

Access denied. Error #4320 Connection to the internet failed.

"What?!" He shrieked in pure and overwhelming disbelief. This couldn't be happening. He refreshed the web page and stood waiting again.

Cannot Find Server

His fist reflexively banged on the desk in front of him, allowing the whole computer to shake visibly. Shit. Why did they call this high-speed internet anyway with that inviting amount of megabytes per second?

He decided to give it another try. He refreshed it again, half hoping it would soon be completed and half expecting it wouldn't.

Much to his own surprise, the page emerged rapidly and completely. His insides started to jumble in anticipation. The guy's photo was on the top of the page. He didn't pay much attention to it instead he scrolled down to have a good look on his profile and began reading. The photo could wait.



AGE: 16



Wisconsin?That was like miles from here. What did he find so interesting in Amity park? Why did he transfer here? And most importantly, WHY was he here? It didn't make any sense. Amity park didn't exactly srtike the words popular, attractive and ultimately modern. In fact, this town was so small and infamous.

Tucker's sea green eyes flickered, looking for Daniel's past grades. He searched every corner and found nothing. So he scrolled back up to see the provided image of him.

He stared at it longer than necessary. He was aiming to be a profiler someday. Hoping he could join the CIA or FBI after his college graduation. So this was the best time to put his 'skills' to the test.

This Daniel guy got raven black hair. He owned a perfect-shaped nose and thin lips. If Tucker was a girl, he would've categorized him as handsome. But since he was a guy he would settle him second handsome. The first was him, of course.

The one that grope Tucker's full attention was Daniel's eyes. It was a pair of sky blue. Another factor that always caught the girls' fragile hearts. He snorted. Green eyes were more manly than blue. Blue was a cliche eye color anyway.

Tucker was a geek but he didn't go for future telling or mind reading and all that creepy stuff. But he could clearly see something different in this kid's eyes. He was glaring back at the camera yet Tucker could make out some other emotions. Sadness. Disappointment. Regret. This Fenton guy looked like he blamed the world for his existenceas his front but there was an inexplicable misery behind it.

He shrugged. He could be wrong anyway and that guy could be nothing but just a pathetic creature like Dash.

He whole prying thing sucked up his energy. He needed to rest. They still had school tomorrow so if he wanted to continue his warning-Sam-bout-the-new-kid mission he'd have to get some sleep. And now was the most delicious time to do it.


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