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Without a second, he was back to his feet and uncontrollably staring at the familiar girl dusting off herself. She looked up to him, incidentally staring at his emotion-emptied eyes and that was when he realized how alluring those pair of eyes were. It was an interestingly bizarre shade of amethyst.

"Sorry." She fidgeted, suddenly amazed by her own feet.

A word. Just a single, non-passionate, non-seductive word, and Danny concluded that he would absolutely have an unforgettable time here in Casper high. Things would be

sickeningly twisted.

But before all of that, he would certainly had to ask for this girl, this mysteriously pretty girl's name.

And with that, he gave her his best, forced smile. "I'ts alright. I'm fine."

He instantly flashed a friendly angelic face and held out his hand. "Hi, I'm Danny."

The girl stared at it for seemed like a hundred hours then finally extended her own hand and made a nice fast shake."Sam" She hesitated. "Sam Manson."

Two persons in one day. Not that half thought grimly. But of course, if anything could go wrong, it certainly would. He was two hundred percent sure about that.

... ----Chapter 3: A Typical Paulina-girl

"Pleased to meet you,Sam" Danny found himself talking oh-so nicely. It was him right? It was Danny Fenton talking. He wasn't just imagining it. It was real,uh probably. But talking to a girl was done by normal human beings, not by freaks.So what the hell was he doing?

"Uh...yeah. Right. I mean okay." The girl whose name was Sam replied. She was undeniably disturbed with his weird behavior. She kept shifting her weight and wasn't anywhere looking at him.

Danny tried his best not to roll his eyes. Yeah, right befriending a black-clad girl with an avoidance personality was on his top priorities list. That would certainly bring him success.

"Hey," The girl murmured. "Uh. . .here." She said handing the still-rolled and now-almost-crumpled newspaper to him. His eyes flashed with realization as he suddenly remembered the reason why that thing caught his attention. He snatched it from her hand, unintentionally brushing his skin to hers. The girl blinked as she tried to hide her surprise.

"Thanks." He shrugged as he made his way past her. He walked briskly, feeling her stare behind his back. Was it due to his nice-then-freaky behavior or the fact that he thanked her? Maybe the thanking part, cause he was even startled with himself for doing the 'thank you' thing two times this day. That had to be a new record.


"Sam?" A voice from her ear whispered, flashing her back to reality.

"Huh?" She whipped her head in an instant and came face-to-face with a happy Tucker.

Sam felt light-headed, must be for the quick turning. She adjusted herself, getting ready for the Tucker Time. "I didn't see you coming." She attempted to cover her embarrassing act.

"Yeah, cause you were so busy staring at someone."

"Who was that anyway?" He questioned looking more intrigued than when he asked her about the grils who checked him out. "The crush?" His face lit up with a teasing knowledge. Something only he and Sam knew about.

Sam snorted in disbelief. "What's up?" She asked trying to steer out the conversation. Tucker noticed it but didn't argue anyway. Prying on Sam's personal life was like entering the horror house. Well, almost literally.


Tucker Foley. Sam Manson. Mom. Sam Manson. Danny counted mentally. How many people were still bound to be dragged in and tasted his revenge? Why couldn't he just picked out the guy he wanted to pummel and sentence him to another life? Why did he need to wait for this long? Why did he need to start all over? And why did he included Sam Manson on the list when she hadn't done a thing to him except for bumping at the corridor?

But most importantly, Why was he asking himself so many questions when he knew the answer to each of them? He let out a frustrated groan as he stopped. "If you need something-anything. . ." Tucker Foley's voice echoed inside his brain. And he almost physically punch himself for being too slow. Blessings are to be accepted not to be declined. He told himself as he actually smiled at his just-found solution. He offered, right? Danny didn't ask for it.

And now he just had to slightly change the course in order to reach his goal. Just a tiny weeny change.

He suddenly felt an overwhelming thrill to jog back, to go back and began his search for Tucker. To put his plan into action. To make things real and in perspective. To free himself and to escape this rotting half life.

Danny took the first step.


"Pay my beloved Amity Park a short visit. I haven't had any news about it for a while. And I think I missed it so much." A deep, acidic male voice ordered in a soft but sadistic tone.

A shadow-cloaked creature hovering in front of him nodded. It was about to brace itself for the departure when the master spoke again.

"And, don't forget to check him out." He paused, a maniac grin appeared across his dark, deceptive features. "I don't want him to get rusty."

The dimmed figure nodded again then vanished into the steely cold air. Leaving its pale fanged-smiling master behind.

"Daniel, you're such a naive boy."


"They liked it!" Tucker declared spreading his arms upward as if he just won the lottery. Sam gave in to a real curious smile. But let her guard on.

"The girls are chatting about it and they are into it.." Tucker held both of Sam's shoulders and shook her lightly. "I'm telling you Sam, you're the bomb!"

Sam's amethyst eyes widened as she cupped her palm to Tucker's mouth,immediately shutting him down. Then she instinctively looked around for possible eavesdroppers. School was through for the day and the hallways were almost empty. Maybe there were a few hanging around but evidently and luckily, they weren't anywhere near them.

She double checked their surroundings, in case she had it wrong.

"uhmmff." Tucker groaned in annoyance, reminding her of his state.

She let him go, wiped her hand off and stared him down with a brow shot up. "How many times I've told you to-"

"Okay, I'm sorry."

She yanked Tucker by the arm and dragged him to the nearest, safest area, the publication room. She cracked the door open and both of them slid in then she pushed him down hard to a plastic chair that he almost fall from , Sam crossed her arms over her chest, tapped one combat boot on the floor and hissed "Alright, we're alone now, spit it all out. In. a. Low. Voice."

"Sorry,I just got over excited with all the feedbacks. I didn't mean to-"

"Yeah, fine, you got over excited, for the hundredth time. It's okay with me. No big deal." She cut in sarcastically.

Tucker opened his mouth to defend himself then closed it again. Arguing with Sam wasn't the good way to go when you were about to drop some true good news. He emitted a surrendering sigh and tried to regain his composure. He sat up straighter on his seat. "I have good news and bad news."

"Can't think of anything more tacky than that?" Another brilliant roll from Sam's purple eyes, ladies and gentlemen.

"No, besides it sort of a really fun thing to say." He paused. "So, what do you prefer to hear first?"

Sam let out her breath."Bad one."

Tucker cleared his throat and puffed out his chest. He put up a half-bad imitation of a news anchor delivering tonight's news. "According to the jocks, their chicks wouldn't shut up about some 'cheesy' fantasy love story they read on the school's paper." He made air quotations as he said the word cheesy.

"Right." Sam agreed. "I knew from the start that boys would never like such nice things in this world." She added, "And Jocks? I doubt that they even read the paper."

"Come on, Sam. Don't underestimate us. Males are just head set about more important things in life." He then huffed, "Men, like me are kind of get-real type."

"Yeah, right. You really are getting real right now. Insanely fictional real."

"Yeah, think whatever you want, Sam. Someday you'll learn to accept the fact that males are dominammpff"

There was a muffled noise and Sam quickly hushed Tucker off. That was the second time she planted her hand on his mouth. She gestured him to listen closely. And they both went to press their ears on the wall. Shortly after that, another small cautious sound rang throughout the walls of the hallway. And it was clear that this time of the day, there was still someone else in the school besides them.


Okay, Danny sort of left that girl, Sam, here. At this part of the corridor, then he walked that way, opposite hers. So... either Sam followed him but he didn't see or she went to that direction. Oh, how stupid of him! Of course she went that way. He even caught a glimpse of Tucker and her whispering to each other moments ago. Why was he so conscious about this? It was just the school's hallway. And he was making a freaking great problem about it.

This was not him. This was the damned Danny who was always lost in the world around him. This was the outcast loser, freaky Danny that he knew. And always trying to get rid of. Why did he keep resurrecting that alter ego again and again? It was so frustrating!

His battered dirt-covered sneakers squeaked as he made his way. He was sure that he heard their voices. Talking about something he presumed private. Course, that was something private, Hell, they were murmuring to each other and moving conspisciously. He actually witnessed the girl dragging Tucker by the arm. He just didn't know which room they ducked in. He stopped, looking at three different wooden doors, waiting for his instincts to kick in.

Mmmnnn. Was it,

a. Broom closet. Who knows whatever they were doing there. They could be some coouple keeping a low profile. Or

b. Publication Room. Tucker mentioned being some newspaper person, right? And Sam could be some photo journalist who took pictures of the popular crowd while they were wasted. Or

c. Mr. Lancer's Office. One word, Detention.

or maybe it was d. none of the above. They just went home and Danny just killed his time for nothing.

He was on the verge of giving up when a blue thin mist escaped his mouth. Oh, crap. You've gotta be kidding me.

His eyes darted back and forth as he scanned his surroundings. He braced himsefl, grabbed the knob, pulled it open and jumped inside the broom closet. Closing it briefly after him and transforming to a completely new persona. Two white rings appeared on his waist, encircling him then extending on the opposite directions. Leaving no tinge of Danny Fenton but a hovering guy in a black jumpsuit with white gloves and boots. He had snowy white hair and glowing neon green eyes.

He made himself intangible as he phased through the wall and searched the place for anything- ghosts, specifically- that triggered his ghost sense.

He felt a presence on his right, swiftly aimed his ghastly hand and fired a green ghost ray. With a blink of an eye, a bulky mechanical ghost was literally flying toward the opposite direction.

"Hey Skulker." He greeted. "Missed me?"


"Did you hear that?" Tucker asked Sam in a mixture of confusion, aghast and a little bit of excitement.

"No." Answered Sam. "I thought it was just someone crashing through the school's things." She added sardonically

Tucker sniggered loudly. Sometimes he liked beautiful and sexy girls, like Hispanic Paulina or blonde Star. But alot of times, he also resented them for being so freaking unpredictable. Like Sam.


"Huh?" Sam had just pulled out Tucker from his thoughts. "What Well?"

Sam let out an irritated exasperation. "Are you just going to stand there and let your imagination ran wild or you're coming with me to check that out." She jerked her thumb backward, gesturing to the door behind her.

Tucker hesitated for a second, then grabbed his backpack. PDA ready in one hand. But Sam, on the other hand had prepared herself and was already out the door before he had the chance to warn her.

"Sam! Wait!" He tried to call out but all he got was a door slamming shut.


"Missed you?" The mechanical hunter ghost snickered in disbelief. "I missed hunting you, punk!" He said as blasted him with an ecto-ray .

The black-jumpsuit-covered ghost dodged it very easily as he laughed at the hunter one, Skulker. "What, still not improving with your sense of humor?" He countered with a tremendous kick on Skulker's weaponed-back that sent him crashing down again.

He then pulled out a silver cylinder from his back that somewhat looked like a thermos, the one used for containing soup when traveling. He snapped it open and pointed at the recovering Skulker. He was about to let out another insulting banter when something made him stop temporarily. A movement caught his eyes. He tilted his head to the side to see what was it--

--rather who was it. He was caught off guard when he saw someone familiar appearing on the scene. There was Sam, clumsy bump girl who loves black and didn't want to interact with people. Whoa, Danny thought. Too much description there. It was like he knew her even though they had just spoke for the first time minutes ago.

She was standing right outside the publication room, completely shocked with what she witnessed. She was absently gaping at Skulker who was down for the count.

What the hell was she doing inside the publication room this time of the day? School was through for the day right? Hey, and where was Tucker? Was he inside too? It wasn't like they were a thing. They just. . .couldn't. . .be a thing. Wait, a sec, was he--

The next thing he knew, his ghostly face was stinging so hard. If he was in human form it would be the best time for blood to start sputtering all over his features. Skulker had managed to retrieve his energy and hit him when he was too busy staring at Sam.

He stayed on the air, barely restraining himself from rubbing the injured spot. Damn. If he still wanted to continue with that plan he had to keep himself half-alive. He positioned himself and took a careful aim at Skulker who had his back on him. Yeah, his artificial-can head would be the best spot. Perfect. Just one blast of his ghost ray and Skulker would be waking up in the next timezone. He just need to focus his energy on his hand, point it at him and--Wait, why was he ignoring him all of a sudden?

Danny peaked at something in front of the ghost hunter. And he nearly yelped in surprise. Skulker and Sam, enagged in a glaring event. This girl was definitely not the let-it-go-and-run type. What the- oh, shit! Skulker was poising his hand on the trigger of his gun. He had to do something before Skulker turned Sam into a pile of black ashes.

Without thinking any further, Danny sped down and timely fished Sam by the waist out of the gun's path. She had no time to react as he wrapped his dead cold arm around her petite trunk and at the same time shooting his enemy with the hand that wasn't busy holding a person.

Skulker was thrown off balance. He accidentally dropped his gun and both of them clattered on the floor. Meanwhile, Danny didn't waste time in weakening him more. His mind was only set about Sam. He instantly had the most irresisting urge to put her in some safe place, to protect her even if it meant losing his entire energy. Yeah, it was so freaking corny but that was what he truly felt.


"He beat you?" The vampire-like ghost half-asked and half-stated. "He beat you!" He bellowed at his minion who had his head hanging down, eyes cast downward. He then studied his follower, his weapons were wrecked, jet pack was torn in half and his suit was in shreds.

"How could he tossed you like that? "

The ghost chose to stay silent in return.

"The girl, how about the girl?"

This time, the ghost finally answered. "I almost got her but he interfered."

"You mean he saved her." The hunter nodded briefly. It was obvious he didn't like to be put under authorization. "So, he still hadn't changed after all."

"Poor boy, he lives in the fantasy that he could be cold and heartless. He thinks he could take me out of the picture." He emanated a deep chuckle that sounded more like a growl. "He still got the idiotic hero complex inside."

He fixed his bloody red eyes on his useless ghost. "Let things cool down, just keep a keen eye on him." He paused and added, "And the girl, too."

The hunter nooded again and disappeared from his master's sight.


"Where do you live?" The flying, jumpsuit-wearing guy asked Sam. They had been touring around Amity Park for a while since the incident. As in the time where she had almost met her own death, courtesy of some mechanical thing that had alot of weapons and had the power to set gravity aside. Just like her little friend here. This guy, he was clearly not a human, but he did save her butt. That didn't happen on a usual basis, actually it never happened, except now.

So, whoever and whatever this guy was, Sam was practically not on the level of trusting him. But maybe she could cut him some slack for sparing her life. Maybe.

"Uh. . .miss." His new profound hero looked like he'd rather shot himself than to be right here, with her, in this very awkward state.

"Uhm, thanks but I can handle it from here." She said as she accidentally glanced at him on the eye and noticed his eyes were vivid glowing neon green. It was hypnotic. And somewhat familiar. Where had she seen those eyes?

"Here. . ." He echoed slowly with a small laugh as he looked down. They were evidently hovering a few feet in the air, past the tall buildings of the town.

Sam traced his sight and realized her mistake. She felt really, really stupid. She could've worn a bright fushia dress right now than to endure this. Scratch that, okay that was worse. She'd go back to being here, in this state. "Uhm, I mean, not literally here, but uh..." What, did she know what she meant? What the heck was going on with her vocabulary?

"Okay." He whispered, a sly smile plastered on his pale white could feel his breath on her neck. She had no idea what that okay meant. Yet she nodded anyway.

"Tell me where your house is." He commanded softly. Was he some kind of a maniac in disguise or a disgustingly romantic guy?

"Straight left. The farthest one." She replied, averting her gaze from his eyes. She was definitely acting like a typical Paulina-girl. It made her sick.

He made a sound, Sam couldn't quite recognize what but she assumed it was probably an agreement one. He hugged her closer to his chest. "Are you afraid of heights?" Now, his tone was dark as if she was talking to a totally different guy. Was it really possible for having a split personality?

Better yet, she decided not to give him the satifaction he thirsted for. "No, I'm not afraid." She stated defiantly.

"Okay." He chuckled. "Then hold on tight." She obeyed and tightened her grasp on him. And they both zoomed through the cold twilight sky.


He gently put her down. Slowly, unwrapping his arms around her and at the same time studying the place.

"Thanks again." Sam said, lightly pushing him off. Feeling angry at herself. So, she agreed to let him send her home, not just right at her doorstep but directly inside her room. Her sacred sanctuary.

"Are you always alone?" His voice was so. . . feelingless. It seemed that he drank two hundred gallons of anesthesia. Or maybe that came with the price of being dead. Was he dead already? Was he a ghost?

"Yes. Uh, No." She found herself unable to give a right answer. What if he was some crazed up stalker, a sadisitic rapist, or a souless serial killer? Or maybe he was just a guy asking her a simple damn question and she was theorizing like a mentally ill person.

He stiffled another laugh. Then rubbed the back of his neck. "Well, you're okay, now." He inhaled deeply as if he was hesitating. "I should go."

With that, he rose from the ground, hovered then made himself intangible and vanished through the ceiling. Leaving Sam with a jaw hanging open.

Stupid. stupid. stupid. She mentally cursed as she realized she hadn't even ask for a name. Yeah, I'm such a moron.


He landed on his room with a small thud. It was late, his parents were probably snoring away in dreamland. Not that he cared anyway, it was one of those things stamped on his memory. Like answering the equation one plus one. He got into a battle, he got home swelling, bleeding, the entire Fenton family was in deep slumber, completely missing the fact that their son nearly lose the other half of his life, he dressed his injuries, and he went to sleep. It was more than a daily routine. It was part of his life.

Well, half of it anyway. He reverted back to his human form. And quickly felt his body screaming, pleading him to get some rest. He pulled up the black jacket from his head and turned to his bed. He was just so tired. He wanted to throw himself to bed and let sleep redeem him. And hopefully, he wouldn't wake up the next day.

He didn't want to check his wounds, couldn't actually. He just need to lay on his comfortable be--What the hell was that thing? He suddenly felt very awake. He went to the edge of his study table and stared at the thing on it. It was paper, not just any paper. It was a note. A proof of surveillance. A threat. And he knew exactly where it had come from. Vlad.

He bent down and reached for it. His eyes flashed to vigorous green, his fist clenched the paper so hard it almost tore apart. Then he shut his eyes and crumpled the note in one hand. Whatever Vlad meant with that, Danny was sure it would do evil. He threw it far across his room and didn't bother to analyze it more.

He should have.


you couldn't aways see the knight comng. you would only learn- when it comes and eliminates you off the board.

be careful.

A StAle Mate is a very painful shame.


It's not that half bad, is it?

And you're probably like, "What happened to Tucker?"

Uhm, he'd reappear soon.