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Chapter 1

A successful team beats with one heart. – Unknown

"I've missed this you know." She turned to glance at her friend.

"Yeah yeah. You were the one who decided to go and be all successful at work. Plus get herself into a proper relationship!" The red-head saw her friend's expression change. "Ok, spill it."

"Spill what?"

"Innocent won't work with me. I've known you too long. So what did I say that hit too close to home?"

Her friend sighed. "Remember how I said after Sam I was done with the whole proper relationship thing?" She saw her friend nod out of the corner of her eye. "I was wrong."

"Ha. So he is 'the one'?" The red-head even did the air quotation marks preparing herself to give her friend some serious stick for going back on what she had claimed. For years she had been avoiding any relationship that might turn serious. It was almost like she had a 2 month rule…As soon as she got to 2 months, she'd break it off. The red-head knew why. She remembered how crushed her friend had been when she found out Sam had been cheating on her; how broken she was after it had ended. Ever since, she had always kept a distance from everyone, making sure nobody got close enough to hurt her like that again.


She stared out of her front windscreen while she drove. "O…k…You have been with this guy for well over a year now but he's not the one?" She watched her friend shake her head. "But you have met someone who you think could be?" This time she nodded. The red-head sighed deeply and shook her head. "Well, one thing is for sure…You know how to make things complicated. How did you get yourself into this mess?"

"Same way as always…I run away from anything that could be serious."

"What am I ever gonna do with you?" The conversation in the car faltered at the sight of red and blue lights flashing in their rear view mirror. "Damnit…I so wasn't speeding."

"Yeah right Jules." She pulled the car off to the side of the road and rolled her window down and waited for the police officer to come and talk to her. "You never were good with speed limits."

"What's taking him so long?" The red-head glanced into the rear-view mirror and could still see the police officer sitting in the car. Seeing his door open she turned back. "Finally!" As he came into sight at the side of her door she turned to face him but instead found herself staring down the barrel of a gun. "What the…" Her words were cut off as the sound of a gunshot rang out.

Her friend screamed and reached for the door handle but was frozen in place by the sound of his voice. "Stop." He waited until she had stopped moving before issuing his next instruction. "Get out of the car slowly, keeping your hands where I can see them." She cast a glance over at her friend and knew that there was nothing she could do. Her head had dropped to rest on her chest, the blood dripping down the dashboard. She followed his instructions, as she got out of the car she could feel the rain start to soak through her clothes. She could see the blood being washed along her skin by the rain.

It was in those moments that she waited for the end to come that one thought refused to leave her mind. The thought that she had run away from the one person she wanted to be with. Run away and now she would never have the chance to apologise and make amends. The next moment, everything went black.

The rain poured down, turning the road into a river…Yet it could not wash away the horror that awaited the BAU team that October night. The team pulled up next to the police cars, Rossi and Morgan were already at the scene. Emily and Hotch walked over to where the two of them were standing. "What have we got?"

"911 operator got a call telling them that he had killed someone. A unit was dispatched to the scene and found evidence of at least 1 murder."

"The victim?" Emily asked.

"Unknown." Seeing the confusion on his team mates faces he started to walk to the car. "You'd better take a look."

As they approached the car, they took in the scene around them. The road was in a quiet area of the city. There wouldn't be much passing traffic at this time of night. The car itself looked like it was in good working order. Both the passenger and drivers doors were closed. The police had covered the area with a tarpaulin to prevent the rain from washing away any evidence there might be.

"The window is rolled down on the driver's door." Morgan observed. As they came up alongside the car and looked inside, more of the incidents of the night were revealed.

"Is that human?" Emily asked pointing at the heart sitting on the driver's seat.

"They think so but will need to test it to confirm." Rossi answered.

"There are no signs of a struggle. Could be we have an unsub who is using a rouse to get the victims to pull over and then takes them by surprise." Reid commented.

"He'd have to look non-threatening to get them to pull over at night, especially in this weather. Who is the car registered to?" Hotch asked.

"Julie Bradshaw, she's a teacher at the local high school."

"I think it is safe to say that we are looking for a body to go with that heart. He must have known that this road was quiet enough to be confident enough to take the time needed to cut the heart out of her body without being seen."

"Ok, but why take the body? Why not leave it here rather than risk moving a body when you have notified the police?"

"Maybe the heart isn't human. Maybe he has just kidnapped her and left this to throw us off." Rossi suggested.

"It will be." Hotch replied, his attention focused on the back seat of the car. The rest of the team followed his gaze and what they saw made their blood run cold. The eye of providence. "Foyet." Was all he said.

"It could be a copycat." Reid suggested. "Foyet stopped calling the police after he had set it up for us to find him."

"Call Garcia and get her to get us a copy of that 911 call and any surveillance cameras in the area. We then need to make sure that we keep certain details out of the press. Call JJ and get her to schedule a press conference as soon as possible."

Morgan called Garcia as Emily called JJ. It was then that they heard the sound of the phone ringing from inside the car. Both Morgan and Emily looked at each other. Hearing the ringing not only on the end of their phones but also from the car. Rossi moved around to the passenger side and knelt down to find the source of the ringing, offering a silent prayer that it was a mere coincidence. He reached under the seat and his hand made contact with the phone. As he lifted the phone out and looked at the display he felt his stomach drop. He closed his eyes for a moment preparing himself for what he had to do. He then stood up to face the rest of the team.

"Rossi whose is it?" Morgan asked, his phone still held forgotten in his hand. The fear that something had happened to Garcia again gripping him.

Emily felt her heart stop at seeing Rossi's expression. She knew that one of the two most important people in her life was at best in mortal danger and at worst already dead. "Who?" Was all she could ask, her voice sounding so quiet that it was a wonder anyone could have heard it against the rain.

Rossi looked at his team and tried to find the words. He knew the effect the news would have on them. He knew that the moment he spoke her name then there was a very high chance that at least one of his team would be devastated. Despite the moratorium on intra-team profiling it didn't take a profiler to have picked up on the attraction between the two. It just surprised him that neither had acted on it yet. As much as he knew he had to give them the name, the words just wouldn't come.

That was when the voice came down the phone still being held loosely, forgotten in the wait to discover which member of their team, their family had been involved. Rossi couldn't feel the relief at not having to tell them who owned the phone as the end result was the same. He watched as the realisation set in to the people in front of him. He watched as the phone fell to the ground from fingers that could no longer hold it. Watched as the agent turned and ran to the bushes before sinking to their knees and emptying the contents of their stomach. He then looked back to where the phone had landed in the puddle, saw the water bouncing off the screen as the light crackled and then faded to black.