Rewind 8.

But what left Kuran Kaname's lips next caught him completely by surprise.

"I love you, Kiryuu Zero."

Zero's whole body felt like lead as his struggling died. He merely stood there then, trapped in the brunet's strong arms, his mind a complete blank.

He gathered himself a moment later.

He turned to look the pureblood in the eyes, his violet gaze cold and hard.

"I don't think I can trust you."

Kaname felt utterly and completely distressed.

He had never felt like this before, he had never dreamed that he would be in a situation like the one he was in now.

He had never been rejected in his entire life.


And a lowly ex-human had done exactly that.

Such a predicament was unheard of. No one rejected purebloods. Purebloods and rejection just didn't belong in the same sentence. And the reason for his rejection probably wasn't even his fault. In fact, Kaname genuinely didn't understand why the hunter would reject him. It was obvious that they had feelings for each other, it was apparent enough in their previous encounters. So why? What he did, he had done to make Yuuki happy, and that was at the time understandable, because she was, Kaname frowned, feeling extremely awkward even thinking about the issue in past tense, the most important person in his life. It was natural that he would go through lengths to ensure her happiness. What he hadn't expected was to develop stray feelings for the hunter, and to even have the hunter replace his princess' place in his heart.

Certainly, he wasn't expecting Zero to just fly into his arms in tears of gratitude and love, but he definitely didn't expect the boy to outright reject him and storm out of the room.

Kaname broke the pen in his hand.

The rest of the classroom fell silent, all eyes on him as he calmly wiped the ink from his hands with the handkerchief that Takuma had handed him. Kaname realized that he hadn't done a very good job at suppressing his displeasure, and judging by the look on his inner circle's faces, his aura either.

He stood, ignoring the slight protest from the teacher, exiting the classroom without so much as a glance to anyone else.

Kiryuu Zero didn't know what to do.

He had cooped himself up in his room for the past three days, refusing entry to even Kain, who he got along with best among all the Night Class.

He felt angry. So angry and betrayed. He remembered now – he remembered what happened to his family, he remembered what he had sworn the night it happened, he remembered that he had a brother, and what that monster did to him, what the rest of her kind would continue to do. He was angry, and not just with Yuuki and Cross, not at just Kaname, but himself, for allowing this to happen, for allowing himself to feel this way for one of the things that he swore to kill.

His chest hurt so much.

You're pathetic.

You've gone soft.

Zero shook his head, silver locks falling messily across his eyes, trying to keep the unwanted throbbing in his heart out.

Kaname had said he loved him.

But how much of that could he believe?

How much of Kuran Kaname could he trust?

You're disgusting.

You're actually considering being with that Monster? He lied to you. He's probably just playing with you.

It hurt. The throbbing seemed only to intensify in the relative silence.

It hurt because he knew it was true.

He stood, grabbing a jacket on the way out, deciding to make his way to the stables.

He needed to calm down.

Kaname stood outside a familiar door.

He was about to knock when the door opened and revealed a troubled looking Kaien Cross.

Kaname frowned as the older man stepped aside and let him in, closing the door quietly behind him.

"I see you've heard."

Kaien sighed, returning behind his desk and sliding into his chair, his shoulders slumping.

"I don't know whether it's a good thing or not."

Kaname seated himself, his eyes not meeting the Chairman's.

"It's good that he remembers, I suppose. It'll give him a rest from 'finding himself'."

Kaname could feel Kaien's gaze on him.

"That may be so, but this gives rise to a whole world of new problems."

Kaname's eyes hardened.

"You should have been prepared for that when you first made the decision to help him 'start anew'."

I should have been prepared.

The Chairman had looked surprised, before turning sheepish.

"Yes, I supposed I wasn't thinking straight. Yuuki thought it was best for him as well. I guess we didn't think about the consequences as well as we-"

"You should have!"

Both men fell silent at Kaname's outburst – for the first time during their meeting Kaname's eyes met Kaien's, and it took a while before anyone broke the strained tension.

"Kaname-kun, are you alright?"

The brunet didn't know how to reply.

No, no, he wasn't okay! How could he be? He had just realized his feelings for the boy he had hated with a passion, and what's more he was willing to throw everything away for said individual. He had never felt or acted this way in his entire life – not even in his previous one. It was ridiculous! He didn't know what he was doing or why, he just knew that he needed to find an outlet for his frustration and anger.

"Y-yes. I'm fine."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

The Pureblood wanted to roll his eyes; trust Kaien to try and be a counselor.

"Cross," he began, his gaze remaining steadily on the Chairman, "I don't believe that my problems should hold precedence over the issue of Kiryuu-kun."

Cross didn't look convinced, but acceded.

"Does Yuuki know?"

The blond shook his head, a small look of distress on his fine features.

"I didn't think that it would do any good letting her worry over this yet."

Kaname nodded thoughtfully, his brilliant mind racing through the possible courses of action at this point in time. Zero had not been attending lessons as of late, and it bothered Kaname to no end.

Was he concerned? Certainly, but the desire to just leave the classroom just to search for the younger boy was foolish and intolerable. The brunet had never felt so strongly for another individual – not even Yuuki. He reasoned to himself that it was best to let the boy alone to gather his thoughts and cool his head, but already three days have passed and there has been no sign that Zero has become a little more passive and open to explanation.

They had met in the hall way just once, and the look of distaste that Kaname was met with had affected the brunet more than he thought it would.

"I believe we should inform her. This was, after all, her decision. She should bear the responsibility of the outcome."

So Zero will know that he wasn't the one who started all this.

The worried look on Cross' face did not dispel, but the blond nodded, deciding that it was a choice that Yuuki made for Zero, and that Zero deserved to know why she did what she did. It could lead to a resolution of the entire issue at hand.

"First, we have to think of how to get Zero in a mood to listen to anything we have to say. I don't think I've seen him this angry before."

Kaname gave the blond a look, before standing and bidding his leave.

"I still have some things to attend to, so I shall make a move first. Please leave Kiryuu-kun to me, and speak to Yuuki about what has happened and what we need to do. Goodnight, Chairman."

Zero patted Lily on the neck, threading his fingers through that splendid mane, sporting a small smile as he did so.

The white mare neighed, nuzzling her companion with a playful air, her front hooves clicking on the hard floor of her stable.

Zero sighed, offering the horse another carrot distractedly, his mind going back to the darker thoughts of what he was going to do. He knew that he had to find a way to deal with his feelings for the Pureblood Prince, and his course of action may very well destroy whatever 'peace' they had managed to muster up till now, as well as change his relationship with Yuuki and Kuran Kaname for what would be good to assume as forever.

It intimidated him to think of how he was going to approach the problem – he wasn't even sure what the problem was anymore. He tried to break it down in his head.

He loved the Pureblood, the Pureblood loved him – or so he claims, and Yuuki…what about Yuuki? What part did she play in this? Zero no longer knew whether the girl could be trusted any longer with what she pulled with his memory loss.

When he had recovered his memories he had felt betrayed. He didn't expect the girl he had come to love and care for to have made a decision that large that was not hers to make. Who did she think she was? How could she have just taken his trust and trampled on it? She knew how he felt about things, how his thought processes worked; with all the time they spent together, how could she not? And even so, she had made that decision. Did she believe that he would never remember things? Was she really that hopeful that she could change him? Did that mean that the one person that he thought would accept him unconditionally actually wished that he was someone else?

Zero winced as lily bit on his fingers gently, and he realized that he had a dark look on his face, and his hands had stopped moving. He apologized with a small smile, grabbing another bit of carrot for her, his thoughts drifted to Kaname.

From all that he knew, Kuran Kaname loved Cross Yuuki. It was something as absolute as the pull of gravity. The Pureblood prince existed for that girl, he had outright told him that he had let him live only as a pawn to protect her. So what was Kuran playing at? He had taken him under his wing when he lost his memories, hell, he had let Zero closer than anyone would even think of getting. But why? Was it because of Yuuki? Throughout everything, the brunet kept mentioning Yuuki's name, as if he was reminding himself that he was there because of Yuuki's grace. That he wasn't worth anything if not for Yuuki's favor of him.

Zero didn't notice that he had crushed the piece of carrot in his had until he heard bits of it fall to the floor.

He frowned, cleaning up the mess and deciding it best to leave Lily alone if he was so distracted, he pet the horse in a bid farewell, earning himself a neigh and a light head butt, he walked, out of the stables, with no particular direction in mind.

His mind was too preoccupied with other things.

It took another two days before both the hunter and the pureblood could stand being in the same room, and the atmosphere between them had toned down greatly despite the tension still being thick enough to cut with a knife.

Zero was limping slightly, and it made Kaname guilty, but he made no move to show concern, which the ex-prefect was grateful for. He didn't need the brunet's pity.

They were equals, and Kaname understood that.

Yuuki had met Zero at the gate one evening, a fake smile on her face. She greeted Kaname sweetly, and had fallen into pace next to Zero.

"Hey," she started, faltering a bit when Zero shot her a cold look that clearly said that he did not wish to speak to her.

"I heard that you got your memories back."

Zero stopped, startling the petit brunette and catching the attention of the tall one.

"You lied to me, Yuuki."

The air around them suddenly got a lot colder, and Yuuki tried to smile the tension away.

"I did what I thought was best for you-"

"You don't know what's best for me!" Zero snapped, causing Yuuki to jump.

Kaname was instructing Ichijou to take the rest of the night class to their lessons first. The pureblood quietly moved to stand behind Zero, aching to touch that trembling shoulder in attempt to support him.

"You betrayed me. You, of all people." Zero's voice was cracking, and it hurt Kaname to see him so pained, and at the back of his mind he wanted to turn back time and go back to when this all happened, so he would have never seen him like this.

And he would have never fallen in love.

Yuuki looked stricken, her brown eyes wide and panicked. She desperately tried to explain herself.

"I didn't think it would be such a big dea-"

"That's right, Yuuki! You didn't think. You just took my life into your own hands and conveniently rewrote it!"

The girl was close to tears, and she looked to Kaname in a silent plea for help that the taller boy ignored with a slight pang in his heart.

"You know how much my family means to me. You know what I went through, how much I fought against this shit, you know my thought processes,"

Zero's gaze was glued to the ground next to Yuuki's feet.

"…and you still did it."

Kaname watched the exchange with a pained silence. He wanted to comfort the both of them, and tell them that their responses were completely understandable given the situation at the time, but he didn't want to hurt either of their egos.

Especially Zero's.

"Did you really think that I would just go with the flow once I got my memories back?"

"Zero, I…" Yuuki was crying now, and she looked toward Kaname again, as if seeking comfort, but the pureblood steeled himself once more. Yuuki needed to learn this lesson. He needed to learn this lesson. Zero was important to both of them. No matter what happened, it had been wrong to just take advantage of his time of weakness. Even if it meant they had to walk down a road of thorns.

"I'm sorry!" The girl finally managed to choke out, and Zero had just looked at her coldly, before just walking away.

He couldn't forgive her yet. Of all the anger he felt, most of it was directed at her.

She was the one who acted out of turn, who decided to break his trust. The rest of them – Kuran and Cross, they were just spoiling her. If there was anyone to shoulder the blame, it had to be her. She had to take responsibility for her actions; because this was his life they were talking about, his memories. It wasn't some animal or random civilian whose memory could be erased; it was Kiryuu Zero, the last of the Kiryuu bloodline, a hunter and a Level D.

And she thought it wasn't a big deal.

Zero's anger was building steadily as he heard the pitiful sobbing coming from the brunette who had not moved from where he left her. Kuran was patting Yuuki on the head in some semblance of comfort, and she threw himself into his arms, wailing like a child. The hunter stopped, turning back to glare at the scene before him – Yuuki Cross in the arms of Kuran Kaname, and it looked so right: he had seen it so many times before. Only, Kaname's gaze wasn't fixed on Yuuki any more, but was directed straight at him.

Zero was surprised at the sadness and regret he saw in those eyes, with no blame whatsoever for saying such harsh things to Yuuki. Kaname almost looked relieved. The pureblood gently removed himself from her grip, bending down to whisper something into her ear, his large hand stroking her hair again, he made his way to Zero, and the two boys shared a look, before Kaname continued forward, towards the classrooms.

"Zero, I'm sorry." Yuuki's voice was still trembling from crying, and Zero was frankly not in any mood to listen, but he forced himself to stay.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, I just thought it would be better if you could see that Kaname-senpai and the rest of the night class aren't as hateful as you think."

Zero's chest tightened.

She was right. He had been accepted whole-heartedly by some of the night class, mainly Kaname and his inner circle. They had taken care of him, taught him and befriended him, despite his actions towards them in the past. And Kaname, he had…

Zero shook his head in attempt to clear his mind.

No, even if they did do all of that, it didn't change the fact that they were murderers who would kill in cold blood. It didn't change anything.

"Is that your only reason?" He pressed frostily, violet eyes pale and frigid.

"Just because you wanted me to play best friends with some blood suckers you betray my trust and disrespect my choices?"

Yuuki shirked back at the rough retort, choking back sobs. She was sorry, she really was. She had sincerely thought it best at the time.

They grew up together, they loved each other. Yuuki was Zero's most important person, wasn't she? He couldn't stay mad at her forever!

"I don't want to talk about this anymore."

Yuuki almost smiled as those words left Zero's lips. Was she being forgiven? Could they go back to normal?

"Don't speak to me again, Cross."

Zero turned, walking away briskly, steeling his heart and telling himself not to turn back to see the bawling girl who had sunk to the floor. He tried to keep his hands from shaking too much from the pain and anger and sadness that bubbled in his being, and once he was past the doors of the main school building, he pressed his back against the wall, willing himself not to cry but feeling the wetness on his cheeks, he slowly slid to the ground, curling into a fetal position, as if he could protect himself from all the agony his heart was feeling.

He loved her. He really loved her, but he couldn't forgive her for this.

He couldn't forgive anyone selfish enough to have done what she did, for disregarding him. Her actions confirmed Zero's insecurities, like court order, that Kiryuu Zero was a failure, that even the person that he thought he would love him and accept him as he was wanted him to change. He was a mistake, his entire life was a mistake, and all the choices that he made were wrong, and there was nobody left who would receive him unconditionally –

He didn't notice the soft footsteps that stopped in front of him.


Zero didn't move, his face was still buried in the fold of his arms, and he was still shaking. He cursed inwardly – the person who he didn't want to show weakness to the most had come and found him.

"Are you happy now?" Zero muffled voice reached the brunet's ears, sounding broken and weak. The pureblood moved to sit next to the hunter, their close proximity making Zero slightly uncomfortable.

"No," Kaname replied quietly, resisting the urge to just pull the younger boy to him and comfort him.

He heard a mirthless chuckle fall from the younger boy's lips.

"You don't have competition anymore."

Kaname patiently listened, deciding that Zero needed to let this out. He was in pain, and he had to lash out.

"I bet you're dancing inside, huh? Yuuki's out there, heartbroken and sobbing. You should go comfort her."

Zero had gathered himself enough that he wasn't crying anymore, and he leaned back against the wall, not meeting the brunet's gaze.

Kaname registered what he said silently, before leaning back as well.

"But you're here, heartbroken and sobbing too. I want to comfort you."

Zero's violet irises snapped to him in surprise, before rolling to the side in exasperation.

"Is this some kind of joke? 'Cause I'm really not in the mood. In fact, could you please leave me alo-"

The pureblood reached over, grabbing the younger boy's chin, he guided him into a brief kiss.

Zero jerked back from the action, but found himself pulled into the brunet's arms, and he suddenly felt inexplicably comfortable, safe and loved.

He caught himself a moment later, shoving the taller boy away, he got up and ran, trying to get away from his feelings, to get away from what he knew he didn't deserve.

Before he knew it, he found himself at that fountain in front of the Moon Dorms, and he cursed himself softly, and was about to leave when he heard that familiar voice speak his name.

"Don't run from me, Kiryuu-kun."

Kaname hadn't expected to the younger boy to run, but when he followed him to the fountain, he couldn't stop himself from wanting to confront the boy.

The hunter had frozen at the mention of his name, but he didn't look up. Kaname could tell the boy was caught between responding and running again, and was very close to choosing the latter.

And hell was Kaname going to let him do that.

An elegant hand caught a slender wrist in a strong grip, and the sound of papers hitting the floor resounded in the empty square.

"Don't go."

The Pureblood could see the other boy visibly tense before he tried to break free of his hold. The brunet stepped closer, trying to get better leverage and to look at the hunter's face.

The younger boy stilled, still refusing to meet the brunet's eyes.

"Release me."

Kaname's chest stung at the hunter's tone; it was cold and apathetic, and it disturbed the pureblood.


Not this time.

The brunet didn't know what he was doing – he pulled the slighter shorter to him, not giving the other boy time to struggle, crushed that lean body against him. The hunter struggled, trying to shove him away from himself, but finding the hold the brunet had on him too strong. The pureblood buried his face in the crook of the ex-prefect's neck, inhaling that familiar and extremely pleasant scent of lilacs and mint. In that moment, Kaname remembered why he didn't ever want to let go of this person.


The fair-haired boy stilled, heaving a sigh and turning his head away, slowly relaxing in the older boy's arms.

"Let me explain, Kiryuu-kun." Kaname's voice was soft, nothing more than a whisper. He couldn't resist brushing his lips against the silver on the hunter's ear. He felt the boy stiffen, and he pulled back a little, refusing to release the hunter.

"Please, listen to me."

There was silence as Kaname thought of what to say: the hunter was surprisingly pliant in his arms, and Kaname thought that he actually might have a chance, until Zero spoke.

"It's not going to work on me."

Kaname froze.


Those lilac eyes pierced through his heart like an icicle.

"I'm not falling for this again."

Kaname wanted to speak, to tell him that he was wrong, that this wasn't his fault, that he didn't deserve this treatment, not from him. But his throat was dry, and all that left his lips was broken silence.

"I won't believe anything that leaves your mouth, Kuran. I can't."

Kaname couldn't take the intensity of that gaze, and his hold on the other boy slowly loosened, and he took a shaky step backward.

No one had made him feel this way.

Nothing had.

And yet just listening to this boy speak made his chest feel like it was being crushed, like the whole world had wronged him.

"Kiryuu-kun, please."

There was no reply, and the brunet thought he was going to suffocate. He wanted to reach for the boy, but he didn't dare to.


Violet eyes shot to meet his wine red ones, and what Kaname found there scared him.


Even before the hunter lost his memories there had always been emotion in those beautiful eyes: anger, distaste, disgust, jealousy, sadness – but now…

"You lied to me. You helped her take advantage of me in my weakness. You made me…"

Zero's voice was trembling. He didn't dare to look at the brunet.

"…You made me love you."

The pureblood's heart skipped a few beats.

"You don't understand, Kiryuu-ku – Zero." Kaname began, mustering all the courage that he had in that moment to step forward, to voice his true feelings for once in all the time he had ever lived.

"I love you too."


"I love you, Zero."

"Shut up-"

"I love you!"

"Stop it!"

Neither of them knew when they started raising their voices, but they fell into a fragile quiet as they tried to collect themselves.

"You love Yuuki. She loves you. I don't fit in the equation, Kuran-"

"There never was an equation!"

Kaname was exasperated; he couldn't understand why Zero couldn't just accept that he, Kuran Kaname, Pureblood Prince, was hopelessly in love with him.

Loved him, like a complete and total fool.

He reached for the hunter's arms, to hold him, to try and repair that broken connection.

"Zero, I have feelings for you. I love you. I would do anything for you."

The fair-haired boy was shaking his head, trying to take a step back.

"You're lying. You don't mean it. Is this your way of revenge? Couldn't take someone standing up to you, Your Majesty? You had to kick him when he's down and pin him there while you're at it?"

Every word that left the hunter's mouth felt like needles in his soul.

"Why couldn't you leave me be? Why did you even agree?"

Zero chuckled darkly, his eyes dim and his hands cold.

"Why do I even bother? You're probably laughin-"

Zero fell silent as his eyes caught the brunet's face.

Clear tears were slowly gliding down the pureblood's cheeks. Zero looked absolutely shocked, before he gathered himself and his gaze turned cold.

"You're an amazing actor, Kuran. I never thought I would see the day…"

Zero stepped back, wrenching himself away from the pureblood.

"...Zero, please."

The hunter found himself frozen in place, unable to move a muscle or even speak. Kaname walked towards him slowly, his eyes dark and wet with tears, like crystals in the dim light.

Cool hands cupped the side of his face, and he was forced to look into those ruby irises that seemed to be overflowing with so much emotion Zero was finding it hard to doubt whatever those eyes were trying to say.

The pureblood pressed his forehead to the hunter, exhaling softly, his closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, he released his 'hold' on the younger boy. Zero didn't move. He couldn't bring himself to. His body refused to co-operate, not with those eyes staring straight through him.

"Let me love you."

Zero didn't know when, but his cheeks felt wet, and he wanted to run away, to hide somewhere and remember that he shouldn't be this affected, that Kuran Kaname was a bloodsucker, his enemy, and that these feelings were redundant and foolish and a complete lie.

But those eyes…

Those eyes told him of the brunet's pain, his fear, his insecurity, and most of all, his overwhelming affection. He never thought that he would see these things in those wine-red eyes, that he would be the subject of these emotions. It scared him, it frightened him because he wanted to badly to believe, to acknowledge the feelings that had surfaced in the short time they spent together – to just throw away all his beliefs and responsibilities and just surrender.

But he couldn't.

Kaname seemed to understand as their lips brushed against each other, and as their lips met Zero gripped the older boy's shirt and pulled him closer, pouring all of his frustration and anger into that kiss; biting, sucking, licking. There was nothing gentle about their contact- it was pure aggression. It was a battle for dominance, a show of pain.

"You had no right." Zero hissed in between breaths, his grip on Kaname's shoulders tight and bruising, the pureblood's own grip on his hips stinging.

The brunet steered them into the thicket near the fountain, and Zero hissed as the sharp branches drew angry lines on his skin as they collapsed to the ground in a tangle of limbs.

Leaves caught in both silver and chocolate, going unnoticed in their shared moment of obscured truth – that they wanted each other, that they needed each other.

The ex-prefect was pinned underneath the pureblood, with the taller boy straddling his hips.

"I was wrong," the brunet breathed, nipping the younger boy's collar bone, his hands busying themselves with trying to rip the hunter's shirt from him; the ex-prefect's own hands briskly tearing at the pureblood's buttons.

"I didn't feel the way I feel now, it was understandable I made that choice!" He hissed, his now extended fangs cleanly cutting into the skin exposed before him, earning him a growl and a none to gentle shove.

"So what now? You're suddenly in love with me? What about Yuuki? Are you going to just throw her away?" The fair-haired boy bit back, finally wrenching the brunet's shirt down to his elbows, letting out a breathy groan as the older boy's lips found his nipple.

"No!" the brunet snarled, his hands now moving onto the hunter's belt buckle, removing it quickly with a unspoken fury. It was hilarious what they were doing, but right now Kaname couldn't care less.

"She's important to me, but now, you're more important."

The revelation had stunned Zero into silence, his hands stilling as he processed the information.

Was the Kuran telling the truth? Did he have a place in that bastard's heart? And even so, so what? He was a Vampire, a Pureblood; he was one of the monsters that he swore he would wipe off the face of this earth. But what was that warmth he felt in his chest?

He pushed it away as the pureblood's hand tugged his boxers down. The hunter grabbed the offending hand, his violet eyes glaring at the said hand's owner.

"Stop pushing me away, Zero." Kaname crashed their lips together once more, his breathing labored, as if trying to control the amount of emotion he was letting out. Why couldn't the hunter see that he wanted to help him? That he wasn't his enemy, he never was. Sure, their relationship had started out as one of manipulation and self-preservation, but it had morphed into a twisted romance that neither of them would have ever dreamed of. Kaname couldn't stand having his thought processes hijacked by this irritatingly endearing being any longer. He would accept him; he would love him and give him the world if he so asked. But the younger boy was still Kiryuu Zero. He would never just sit back and let Kuran Kaname get what he wanted without a fight.

The older boy managed to flip the ex-prefect over, and Zero growled as he propped himself on his elbows, hissing as the pureblood angled his hips forcefully, nearly panicking when he felt the brunet align himself, mercilessly pushing in without warning.


The pain was excruciating, and he could feel the tear in the ring of muscle, the blood gliding down the inside of his thighs, but all of it was numbed by his rage.

He dug his nails into the pureblood's wrist that was propped beside his head to support the brunet's weight, almost breaking skin. Kaname gritted his teeth, starting at a livid pace, the intensity causing the slender body he was holding to jerk in both pain and warped pleasure.

"Zero," he breathed, nuzzling the fair shoulder in front of him, raining kisses down that lean back as he whispered the hunter's name.

This was madness.

What they were doing was madness.

But Kaname couldn't bring himself to stop.

It was like a slippery slope – they had reached the peak when the hunter started to remember, and ever since then, everything was going downhill at speeds that the pureblood himself found terrifying. One choice led to another, and everything snowballed into the monster of a relationship they had now.

It hurt, everything hurt, and Zero was barely holding in his cries as the brunet pushed him harder, almost brutal in his pace. But despite the pain, the hunter felt some vague cathartic release – he had heard what the pureblood had to say, he had processed what it meant, and he was showing the brunet exactly how he felt.

Their connection was like a whirlwind and a safe-house combined, tearing at their mental states savagely while making them feel safe and secure that they were there, real, alive and with each other. Neither of them understood it fully, and they were tired, so very tired of the doubts and insecurities regarding their standing with each other.

But now, everything was clear.

Zero arched backward against that solid chest, turning his head so he could reach the pureblood for a fevered kiss.

Everything was clear.

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