Chapter 21

Simon sat nervously on the bus seat, fumbling for his phone that buzzed loudly in his back pocket. Today had been a weird day. Jace pretty much "booked" Clary and he didn't even get a chance to say goodbye when the afternoon bell rang for the end of class. What was even stranger was that Izzy, someone who he'd always assumed was off limits, approached him in the afternoon when he stood in the courtyard pondering what to do with another lonely afternoon.

It wasn't that he hadn't dealt with heartbroken girls before; he was just shocked that it was Izzy who had come to him seeking for a shoulder to cry on. After overcoming his initial shock, he listened intently about how Tyson dumped the hot girl and got together with Nancy, a girl he overheard Alec telling Magnus about.

And the craziest part of today was that he is going on a date. And not just anyone, he was going to a date with the girl that was all legs and charm. Maybe it's because you're a vampire boy now Lewis. Simon thought bitterly. That's why she's even noticing you now.

At least you're not sitting on your bed playing pathetic videos games tonight. The voice in his head prompted. Clary's not the only one who's got a date tonight. He smiled at that thought. He wanted Clary to be happy, but at the same time, it was time he thought about himself a little. Maybe the vampire macho is real after all.

As Simon pulled his phone out, he tapped a key to read the most recent message. It was from his date.

There in 10. Hope you're not late daylighter. Iz.

He smiled as the bus pulled to the side. He hastily typed a reply and jumped off the bus as the doors sprang open.

Count on it.

At dinner, Alec strategically sat himself in a seating close to the door so he could make an emergency exit if he had to. It was also a seat in which Alec can eat and engage in conversation while observing the door without being too obvious all at once. However, dinner seems to be quiet tonight.

Alec swallowed every scoop of his potatoes with anticipation a glittery warlock will strut into the kitchen. He had a mixed feeling that Magnus was and wasn't going to come. Maryse had not questioned anyone of their out of ordinary behaviour, seemingly to have matters on her own mind.

"Mum, what's wrong?" Alec inquired when he walked into the kitchen.

Maryse snapped out of her dreamy state and replied "Oh, nothing. The clave's all fine."

"Uh- the steak..." Alec muttered, frowning at his mother's mental state and the overcooked steak on the pan.

"Oh!" Maryse sighed and tipped the meat into the bin. "Sorry. It's just vegetables for dinner then."

Alec stood up as he finished the last scoop of potatoes and beans on his plate, both relieved and disappointed.

"I'm full." He said, and headed out. "Oh, and mum? Have some rest. You look tired." He added, poking his head back into the kitchen.

Magnus had not come after all. Oh well. I didn't expect him to come anyway, Alec thought, and headed towards the library.

"How did it go?" Alec asked as Jace walked in, not bothering to close the door. By the way he walked, Alec could tell it went badly.

"Don't mention it." Jace muttered. "Ask me something else, how the weather is, what is my favourite colour, where to get the best pie in New York."

"What happened with Clary?" Alec pressed, unwilling to see his parabatai to suffer alone.

"I said don't ask me." Jace shot back, turning sharply as he did so, the only time he talked like this to Alec was when he is really mad.

Alec sighed as Jace swore under his breath, taking a swing at a nearby book shelf, missing completely.

"Clary thinks I'm a murderer." Jace said at last, dumping his coat in a dump by the table. He sat on the desk next to Alec and buried his face in his hands.

"Murderer? At the movies?" Alec tried to joke.

"She thinks I killed him." Jace continued.

"Well did you?" Alec turned his head towards Jace, whose was still in his hands.

"No. Of course I didn't." Jace croaked. "I…"

Alec wanted so much to put his arms around his parabatai, to tell him it was all right, that they'd sort out the matter together, and that he is having a bad day too. But Jace wouldn't like that.

"What happened?" Alec asked, frowning. "Who was this guy you – supposedly killed?"

"Tyson." Jace muttered. "And he's not dead. He's just unconscious."

"Tyson?" Alec's frown deepened. "Tyson Miller?"

"I think so." Jace said, staring up at the ceiling now.

"The guy Izzy was dating?" Alec exclaimed.

"Izzy dated him?" Jace said quizzically, looking semi-interested. "Well you'd better tell her I killed him."

"Jace!" Alec said exasperatedly. "You didn't kill him."

Jace waved it off. "So, I went to buy Clary a drink because she said she wanted something. Tyson had been there and was talking to her before. When I got back, Clary was screaming really loud with him bleeding out on the floor."

Alec stared at Jace, speechless.

"And then when I tried to tell her it's alright, she shoved me into the wall and screamed that I'd killed him, and ran off." Jace continued with a sour face. "And she still hasn't picked up." Jace added, tossing his mobile aside.

"What..?" Alec started.

"Yeah tell me about it." Jace said. "What the hell?"

"Shit!" Simon cursed as he dug around in his bag for his phone. He picked up just in time after the 4th ring.


"Hey Lewis, it's Izzy." The voice said.

"Oh hey. What's up?"

"Thanks for the night. I'm sorry about Tyson, but you were amazing!" Izzy said.

"No problem Izz. I had a good night as well." Simon chuckled and sat down.

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow Simon." Izzy said and the phone clicked, signifying that the call has ended.

Simon sat expressionless for a moment, and then smiled. She'd called him 'Simon', not daylighter, or mundane.

"Do you think Magnus knows something? He acted weirdly today. I saw him talking to Tyson in the morning." Jace suggested.

The boys lounged in the library, both concentrating hard to recall what happened.

"You saw Magnus talking to him?" Alec suddenly jerked his head up. "And you didn't tell me?"

Jace raised his eyebrows at the sudden surge of anger. "I didn't think it was overly important."

Oh right. "sorry." Alec apologised as he realised. Jace doesn't know what happened. I'm just overreacting.

"Is something wrong between you and Magnus? Did he do something?" Jace inquired.

"No… no. Nothing." Alec replied with hesitance.

"Right then." Jace dropped the subject. "So do you think he knows anything?

"I don't know. Probably… if he was talking to Tyson." Alec said. "What?" he said after no reply from Jace.

"Well, you can ask him can't you?" He said, exasperated. "I don't think he's going to tell me anything worthwhile. He hates me."

"Maybe if you stopped being intolerable around him, he might like you better." Alec said, but then quickly added "But that's not the point."

"Yes. Well, so I was going to ask you to grab some information off him. And you'll know its reliable." Jace pressed on.

Well, I'm not so sure about that after what happened. "Nice to know you think so high of Magnus." Alec muttered, "I guess I could call…"

Sorry. Your call could not get through. Please leave a message or try again.

"He's not picking up." Alec said after the fifth try. As expected.

"What do you mean? Isn't his phone open to your calls 24/7?" Jace asked, frustrated. "What if you're injured?"

"Don't think just because I get my wounds healed doesn't mean I don't have to pay!" Alec said in annoyance. Oops.

Jace looked amused.

"Well, anyway. He's probably seeing a client or something." Alec diverted the conversation. "So any other ideas?"

"Let's go to his apartment." Jace said suddenly.


"Let's go find your magnificent warlock in person if he doesn't want to pick up. Surely he wouldn't mind a visit from his boyfriend." Jace said.

"but Jace…"


"I…" Alec hesitated.. for Jace.. "Alright." He sighed in defeat. Meeting the warlock meant drama. Relax, It's just a quick Q and A. There won't be time for Magnus to do anything stupid. Plus you've got Jace.