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I whipped my head around to the forest, my gaze settling on the four figures emerging from the clusters of trees; the four figures now heading towards Jacob's house. I couldn't help the anger that rose within me. This was Sam and his gang; the gang that had removed two innocent boys from their regular life, the gang that had also removed poor, innocent Embry from Jake's inner circle and turned the poor soul against my best friend. I knew Jacob couldn't be saved, for I had already spotted Sam and the others hanging around him; but I could voice my opinion on the matter. Jake had abandoned Quil and me the same way Embry abandoned Jacob and Quil, and I would not stand for it anymore.

I slowly stalked my way over to the four buff Natives, glaring at them as the few hundred metres reduced to only one mere metre in a matter of seconds. My eyes skipped between them, settling on Embry and noticing the changes his body had made in the few months that had passed without word from him. He was taller, buffer, and if possible, his skin had darkened a few shades. I recalled, as I took that final step closer to Sam, that these were the exact same changes I saw in P – Jacob a few weeks ago.

It wasn't until I was nose to nose with Sam that I felt the heat radiating off his body. I wanted to run over to the others and check if they were running a fever, but I needed to focus on the task at hand.

"What did you do?" I all but growled out, pushing hard against his chest. I only held my hands there momentarily before the heat coming off his chest became almost too much for my human hands to withhold. I knew that whatever these boys were, it had to be something supernatural. What else could explain the heat, the growth and the irritability? "What did you do to him?"

I heard a growl to my left, an almost animalistic sound, further confirming my suspicions that these boys... no, men were not their ordinary young adult selves.

"Watch it," Sam warned the kid who growled. I stared deep into the leader's eyes, telling my gaze not to part from his face. Maybe I can psych him out. But I knew it would be futile.

"He didn't want this!" I tried pleading. I knew my voice was attempting to gain an octave, but I wouldn't let them hear it. Jacob was my main priority, no matter how distracting these men could be.

"What did we do?" Paul asked from my left. He stood between Sam and the kid who growled earlier. He moved in closer to Sam, and I had to fight my urges to just turn and look at him. Ever since I set my eyes on him last week, I haven't been able to get him out of my head. After that encounter, he even came and talked to me. We had gotten along so well in those few minutes, and I swear he was about to kiss me when the butt-head Sam called him away. Why is he acting so harsh now? "What did he do? What did he tell you?"

I was trying so hard not to turn and slap Paul, or even worse, turn and kiss him until all his thoughts were lost. I was fighting an inner battle, a much harder battle than trying to hear Edward in my mind. It surprised me at that moment to feel nothing when I thought his name. Edward, I tried, and nothing. Not a single ounce of pain, or remorse. Paul, I tested, and I felt my body fill with love, much like it did when I used to think of Edward, back before the whole James debacle.

Paul was so close to my face, I could just lean in and our lips would be pressed together, but I couldn't do that, not with the other three guys around; not in front of Jacob's house. "Both of you, calm down," Sam tried, grabbing Paul's arm and pulling him away slightly.

I almost let out a whimper at the movement, Embry and the other, still nameless guy staring at me with knowing smirks. I would not let them know just how Paul affected me, although I had a feeling the nameless guy did, because I saw the pained look flash across his eyes as Paul looked down, almost apologetically.

"Nothing," I tried to reason. "He told me nothing because he's scared of you," I interjected, knowing my attempts would be feeble in the long run. All I wanted right now was for them to leave, and for me to head off with Paul, having him arms wrapped around me for the rest of the day as we kissed. Why am I feeling this way?

Paul and the nameless guy began laughing, and Paul's rumbles sent shocks through my body, straight to my core. Now is not the time to be thinking of that, I chastised internally. I knew what I was going to do next would not only hurt both myself and Paul physically, but also emotionally. I knew the moment that my hand connected with the soft, warm skin of his left cheek that he felt the same way about me as I did him. I love him. I couldn't explain how or why, I just knew that we were meant to be together.

He began shaking as Sam called out his name in warning, and I felt myself be scared. I wasn't scared of Paul; never. I was scared for Paul, because I could feel his emotions running through me, and beneath the current rage at being assaulted, all he could feel was how scared he was for me. I backed away slowly as Paul started breathing deeply.

"It's too late now," nameless guy began as Paul's shakes became more violent. Sam called for me to move back, but all I could do was stare at Paul, knowing it was me who had caused this change in him. All I wanted to do was kiss him and apologise, but I knew that was out of the question.

"Paul," Sam warned once more. "Paul, get back now!" He commanded as the veins in Paul's beautiful neck began to rise, his whole body blurring as he clenched his teeth and breathed in through his mouth noisily.

I had no chance to move before a feral growl ripped itself from Paul's lips and he doubled over, before springing back up in the form of a giant, greyish wolf. It shook its head at me, as if apologising, and I nodded slightly, pleading with my eyes to tell him it would all be okay. He mirrored the look in his eyes, as if telling me silently to go along with his plan, when he began his advance on me. Do it Bella. Just act like you're ridiculously scared, and reap the rewards later. My mind was once again making no sense, but I knew I should listen, because it felt as if my heart was tied to the furry man before me.

I ran towards Jacob's house, the voice in my head telling me all the while to play along; that if it got too bad, someone would step in and help me out a little. As I took the first few steps towards the veranda of the small house, I saw Jake, clad in no more than a tight tank, shorts and pair of sneakers run out, the tribal tattoo on his arm standing out to me more than ever.

"Bella!" He cried, as if calling my name could stop the creature that was now behind me. I knew it wouldn't, but I let Jake continue, playing out the damsel in distress act further. He hopped over the fence of the veranda as I continued to run forward, his large strides almost double the size of mine.

"Run," I screamed; the need to act this all up was the most important thing at the moment. I knew that Jacob had more than just a small crush on me, and knowing that I was, no, had fallen in love with one of the guys that had kept him from me, it would tear him apart. The wolf, Paul, started to slowly walk up to me, his slow footsteps telling me to continue running, he would sort out everything and we could have our moment in a matter of minutes. "Jake, run!"

I sped up my movements as Jacob did the same, Paul still going at his slow, languid pace behind me. I tripped over a concealed rock just as Jacob leapt over me, bursting out of his skin and into a giant russet wolf, now nose to nose with Paul. They continued to growl for a while at each other, neither moving an inch. It was as if they were having a silent conversation between them.

Sam and the other three stood to the back, all of them smirking as the russet wolf bowed its head, before letting out a heartbreaking howl. He ran off back to the house, where a few moments later Jacob reappeared in a pair of loose track pants, his head hanging low. He walked over to me, before pulling me tight against his warm chest. It was in his arms that I felt his body shake; I instantly knew he was crying. Crying for the love that he had never experienced be taken away from him. It brought tears to my eyes knowing that I caused him this pain, but I knew in the long run that it would be better for Jacob. He would find his soul-mate soon enough, and when he did, I would be there once again as his best friend.

"I'm sorry," I whispered as I let the tears go. I felt as they rolled down my cheeks and off my face, onto his chest where they evaporated with a light hiss. Jacob clutched my chin between his index finger and thumb, pulling it up so we could gaze into each other's eyes. The pad of his thumb wiped away my tears in two quick sweeps, before his lips curved upwards into a smile, my smile.

"Don't cry Bella, this is something amazing," he spoke softly, squeezing me tight against his body before releasing me. I stumbled a little, and ended up in the arms of Paul, my Paul. I swept my eyes up to look in his deep brown eyes, and I felt our lips moving closer to each other, as if they were controlled by magnets. I felt my eyes flutter close as our lips lightly blushed together, before both Paul and I deepened the kiss simultaneously. I moved my hands to his shoulders, gripping onto the warm skin there as his hands weaved into my hair, anchoring our mouths in place as they moved together.

Once breathing became a necessity, we pulled away, still looking into each other's eyes as we regained our breath.

"Bella," he whispered, cupping my cheek in his large palm. I turned my head and nuzzled my face into his warm flash. "I'm falling for you Bella, my soul-mate. Please tell me you feel it too; please tell me you feel the imprint."

I knew nothing of this imprinting business Paul mentioned, but if it was what drew me to him, then I feel it. I feel is so strongly I could never leave this man. "Yes my love, I feel it too."

I knew my cheeks would be flushed pink, but for once it would not be from embarrassment. No, this time my cheeks would be flushed from the feelings of love and lust coursing through my veins. Love for the man in front of my, my werewolf, my Paul.

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