Brennan plays the sims, and finds out how she and Booth would be together.

Disclaimer: Non of the charecters are mine, if there would be a tiny diferance. The sims is not mine either. I have never been married to Booth, Hodgins and/or Sweets on the sims 3.

1. The sims 3

Brennan was sitting at her desk, watching the tv screen, the screen was blank. Her puplisher had asked her to write another chapter. She wanted to write a cheesy chapter between Andy and Kathy, but she didn't seem to find any insparation. Angela entered her office. She watched Temperance sitting on her desk.

"Sweetie, are you okay?." Angela asked. She rested her hand on her hip.

"I'm okay, Ange." Temperance turned her face to Angela, and her eyes left the computer screen for a moment. "What are you doing here, Ange. I's 2 am."

"I could ask you the same thing." Angela sat down. "Well, I got hooked up on this game. It's called the sims 3, it's so much better then the sims 2. And the sims can't compare to it."

"The sims?" Brennan looked confused. She had no iday what Angela was talking about, she knew that it was a game, but she hadn't figured out if it was a computer game or a board game.

"You don't know the sims?" Angela laughed "Bren, have you been on Mars?"

Brennan hesitated but kept watching Angela. "Sweetie, the sims is the game, where you can make houses, let your sims live. And you can make them do anything. With the sims 3 you can visit your neighbours."

"How can you do that?" Brennan asked "I mean do you really visit people?"

"No, sweetie, it's a computer game, some kind of simulater." Angela replied "For example, you could make yourself and Booth, and you can let them get together."

"There's nothing going on between Booth and me." Brennan replied "I don't care what your game says, otherwise."

"No, the relationships are fake, you can just marry any sims you want. And it's not really you, just a sims that looks like you." Angela laughed "Hell, I married Cam in the game. But after the wedding she got an accident"

"What happened?" Brennan asked worried.

"She got on fire." Angela said "They can't prove that I'm guilty!"

Brennan laughed a little, Angela left the office,after that, heading out. Brennan was kind of curios after the game. She never heard of it. But she tought that it could give her new ideas on the book. She walked out of her office, and silently she sneeked in Angela's office. She turned on the lights. A game was lying on the desk of Angela. 'The sims 3' Brennan read. She took the game of the counter.

Brennan took the game to her office, sitting down behind her computer, she putted the disk in her cd rom. Brennan was excitng, first she had to instal the game on her computer, it took a litle time.

She started playing, she saw a big screen. 'make your sim'. Brennan clicked on the option. A screen appeared. A needy sim appeared on the screen, screaming at her. She had no idea what to do, but after all she was smart, she would figure it out.

"Name: Temperance Brennan" She entered. She made herself a little pale, and moved on to the hair. Giving her the right hair. After a couple of minuts, the sims she had made was staring back at her. She had to say,, that it did look like her. Now she had to give herself a husband. Hmm, she tough. Who would I want to marry? A infamous guy named Kevin Cox, or a famous guy called David Duchovny or David Boreanaz. No she knew who she wanted to marry… Too bad she did not have the nerve to ask him in real life. No, she would have to keep this game a secret to all of her coworkers/friends. Nobody would know about her love for Booth. 'Enter name: Seeley Booth'. After two hours Booth, the sim, was ready. Brennan wanted the sim to look just like them.

'Brennan, sweetie.' Angela came into the room. Tempe startled. Quickly she shuts down her laptop. 'I couldnt sleep. I want to play sims some more but I can't find the disk. Do you know where I left it? Have you seen it? Perhaps stole it? I saw how you looked at the disk. You are up to something!'

'No!' Brennan yelled. 'I did not take the disk and I certainly did not make myself marry Booth in the game and im not having secret sex with Hodgins and I am not pregnant!' Brennan gasped for air. 'Jees im sorry' Angela replied 'I will look for it tomorrow, you don't have to be mad at me. Goodnight Sweetie' 'Goodnight Ang.'

Angela left the room. Brennan opened her laptop again. The sims were still opend up on her computer, and she would defently enjoy this. She klicked on her family. Her family budget was only around 20000 dollars. Apparatly her sims was not that rich as her in real life time. She bought a modest house. And simple herself furniture. She got herself a job. The most like her job in real life time. Temperance made herself a scientist. And she made Booth a cop, like in realy lift time.

She cursed to herself, why can't I be a forensic Antropologist like in real life time. Booth gets to be a cop. I. Then she noticed that she getting obsessed with the game. She watched the clock. It was 3 am. Oh my god it was already pas 3 am. She had been playing for over an hour. For some reason her sims had gotten herself pregnant, and she was about to pop.

She given birth at 4 am, a little girl, she called Joy. She was a baby in a pink blanket. She was the most beautiful thing that Temperance had seen while playing the game. When she had driven herself to the hospital, Seeley had been working. He was not there when his daughter was born. Temperance found that disappointing. Booth would be there, if she 'd.

She was getting out of toutch with real life, she was living her fantasy life trought the game. And she didn't want to quit. She understood Angela when she had told that the game was She didn't believe that Temperance Brennan could be addicted to a computer game. She had to switch of the game, but she couldn't find the strengt. This game had her more interested then the boring chapter she was writing. And it had given her more ideas. Next book would be so great.

A screen appeared on the computer. The word burgelor appeared on the screen. A guy dressed in black was stealing her sofa. Brennan clicked ther character and her sims walked up on the guy and started fighting with him. A lot of clouds appeared aroundf the 2 people. Brennan was getting tired of watching them fight. After a while the police had come, and take the sim who wanted to steal her sofa.

A second Booth Brennan baby was born at 6 am, and was called Amy. She had the same blanket. Joy had grown up to a todler. She had beautiful bron hear, and bron eyes. Just like her dad. She fell asleep. The next the thing she heard was Booth laughing.

"Jeez, Bones." He said "Didn't know that you really wanted to marry me."

He was looking trough the house and had clicked open the family three. He saw the 3 children, 3 girls. While Brennan slept she had given birth to another kid named 'edmdd'.

"Booth, it's just a game. Don't make a big deal out of it."Brennan said "It just some research for my book."

"So you are admitting that you used me to creat Andy Lister?" Booth smiled "And so you like me."

"No, you are not." Brennan wante to closer her laptop, but Booth stopped her.

"Seeley Booth." Booth read when he moved the curser over his sim. "So what has this to do with the book? And don't tell me, Angela made it. Cause it's your computer. And Angela only sets Cam on fire."

"Booth, this means nothing." Brennan said "I just wanted to relax."

"At 7 in the morning, drooling over your laptop, and you were relaxing." Booth looked at her. "Bones, just admit it. You want me."

Booth smiled. "You want me!" Brennan got closer and kissed him on the lips for a very short moment. Booth felt surprised but eased in to the kiss. After a couple seconds Brennan broke the kiss. She smiled at him.

"Seems like you want me too." She closed her laptop and walked out of the room smiling.