Time for Dib to get a new hobby, and ya know what THAT means?? No, you don't, I suppose... well, it means that he's going to go investigate a haunting! But this mansion is more dangerous than it seems, and much more dusty.... GASP! Dust? What could that mean?! Time to find out, huh? NOT ZADR unless you close your eyes and go to Mars. Takes place just after 'Zim Catches Cold', but it can be read without accompanyment.

PS – I felt I should add a disclaimer here, because it could get kinda confusing...

DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Invader Zim.

CLAIMER: I DO own my OC Invaders, Rebecca/Jes, Andrew/Der, Matt/Hey and Kali/Kal. I also own Shae the ghost, who is part of my to-be comic, Afterlife is Good.

CHAPTER 1: Lamenting to Potatoes

"I mean, it's STUPID," Dib began, pretty much ranting to himself, knowing that Gaz wasn't listening, "That I can't win one over on Zim!!"

"Do you WANT me to sock you in the face...?" Gaz asked rhetorically from her spot on the other end of the couch.

"Well, sure, he never wins, either..." Dib continued, ignoring Gaz's threat. "But isn't good always supposed to prevail? So much for fairy tales, I guess. He may be an alien, but this is still reality!"

"Can you leave me to my VIRTUAL reality?" Gaz mumbled as she turned on her GS2.

"Whatever..." Dib said angrily. "I may as well be talking to a sack of potatoes." Then his eyes lit up. He smirked, then got off the couch and walked into the kitchen.


Dib was in his room... er... talking to a sack of potatoes. Pathetic, right? Anyway...

"Maybe I should take a break. I mean, every time I try to take action and spy on Zim's base, I lose. I only win when I actually have to STOP him from DOING something. So, it couldn't hurt if I took a little vacation, right? If I waited for him to do something instead..."

Dib trailed off. It was probably the best idea he'd had in a long time.

"Then again," he continued to himself, "I basically have no hobby if I'm not spying on Zim." The idea had some gaps in it, now, didn't it?

Dib sighed. He wasn't going to solve this problem immediately, so he repositioned himself on his bed and turned on his TV.

And what should come on but an episode of the Othersiders?

[In case you don't know what that is, it's a ghost hunting kind of show on Cartoon Network.]

Dib practically dropped the remote. "THAT'S IT!!" He screamed.

"Auugh!" Came an echoing scream from the living room. "YOU JUST MADE ME LOSE TO BOWSER!!"

Dib once again ignored Gaz's screams of frustration and said, "Gaz! I know what I'm going to do today!"

"Aren't you a little STUPID to be doing anything today?"

Seeing a pattern, Dib replied "Why, yes. Yes I am." He giggled quietly.

But THAT'S enough Phineas-isms for now! "Gaz!" Dib called into the living room, "How would you like to help me – oh, wait. I forgot who I'm talking to. Forget it."

You may have already guessed what Dib knew he was going to do that day. Dib was going to investigate a haunting.