CHAPTER 6: Calling for Backup

"Hello?" Zim called into the mini-transmission watch in his backpack. "We need help!" With no response, Zim realized he needed to turn on the alarm, so he switched a button and the watch's distant partner began to ring.

Andrew heard it from his place on the living room couch, and instantly paused his game of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. This meant trouble – Zim only called when he was really in need of help.

Surely enough, when Andrew ran into the kitchen and picked up the watch, Zim's first words were "We need help!"

"Zim, what?!" Andrew asked frantically. "And – and is that Dib behind you?! What's going on?!"

"Hi," Dib said quietly, motioning for Zim to quiet down, too, "Listen, we're in that haunted house –"

"The one on Pond Street?"

"Yes, exactly! And we're being chased by a ghost!"

Andrew suddenly looked skeptical. "Oh, come on. Is this a joke?"

"No, Andrew-human!!" Zim replied angrily.

Suddenly, Andrew saw them look off screen and scream.

"What is it?"

Zim and Dib began to get up and run, and Zim immediately turned the mini-web-cam of the watch to view the disturbing image that was Shae.

"HOLY BUTT!!" Andrew yelled as he involuntarily dropped his transmission watch on the kitchen floor. "Okay, okay, I believe you!" He said quickly, picking it back up again. "What do I do?"

"Call Jes and Hey –" Zim instructed.

"You mean Rebecca and Matt?"

"YES, whatever! Call them and tell them to come help!" Suddenly, the screen flashed black. Zim had hung up.

And Andrew burst into action.


"This is the place? AWESOME!" Rebecca shouted excitedly as the three ran towards the entrance of the Ramsey mansion.

The two boys glared at her.

"Sorry... I couldn't help myself. Ghosts are just so COOL!!"

"Yeah, well, you won't think that when you see the one they're dealing with." Andrew said under his breath.

They ran up onto the porch and flung the door open, to immediately meet a dark foyer.

"Geez, it's dusty in here..." Rebecca commented.

"You said it." Matt agreed.

[A/N: I can't help myself! Dust is funny!!]

"HEEELP!" Came the distant, distinct voice of our favorite invader.

"This way!" Rebecca pointed down the hallway, and they took off.

When they appeared in the room, the sight before them made everybody but Andrew gasp aloud.

"I told you." He said to the other two.

Shae was cornering Zim and Dib behind a very old sofa. "Oh, look!" Zim pointed, creating a distraction, "More murderers!"

Shae turned around, snarling as she stared down Rebecca, Andrew and Matt.

"Oh, gee, thanks, Zim!!" Andrew yelled sarcastically as all five of them shot off together into another room.

"Well, what was I supposed to do?!" Was Zim's arrogant reply. "Is this all of you?!"

"Kali MOVED, remember?!" Rebecca reminded Zim angrily. "To Shmendall?"

"Ah, yes, the big move..."

"But GIR's coming."

"Oh, great, he'll be a big help..." Zim said sarcastically, wheezing again.

"Hey, are you okay?" Matt asked, getting slightly ahead of the other four due to his massively longer legs.

"No!" Zim replied, ticked off. "Your stupid human 'cold' and this stupid ancient 'dust' are slowing me down!"

"That's what got us into this!" Dib yelled angrily. "You and your stupid non-existent nose!"

"It's not non-existent, it's just small!!" Zim retorted.

"It IS dusty in here, isn't it?" Andrew noted.

"Listen, when is GIR –"

As soon as Zim began his sentence, a small metal figure on jets shot into the room.

"Oh, the irony!" Andrew said, almost laughing despite the situation they were in.

"I'm heeeerez!" GIR announced his presence and began jetting alongside the group of biological creatures. "What yew want me to dew, now?"

"GIR, thank the Tallests!" Zim exclaimed, relieved. "Listen, we need you to help us battle the ghost!"

"Battle?!" Everybody else said in unison.

"Yes! It's our only chance!"

Before the rest of the group could protest, the blue mist caught up with them and rematerialized directly in front of them. Everybody shrieked.

"You and your friends must die now." Shae whispered, only the slightest air of insanity about her.

"Not while I'm alive, ghost scum!" Dib cried bravely.

"Oh." Shae said curiously. "Are you going to fight me? Weird, they never do that... Well, fine, then." She dropped into a battle sort of position, ready to fight.

This is where Zim's military combat training came in. Observing his opponent carefully, he noticed that Shae was guarding her right side more so then on the left. Thinking for a moment, he realized that in order to be killed, she would either have had to be poisoned or physically injured. And the latter was more likely.

Zim smirked and lunged forward to smack Shae in the side, but unfortunately, she instinctively went to mist. After she had rematerialized, and Zim had fallen flat on his face, she got angrier than ever before.

"How dare you!" She ranted. "Trying to vanquish me with the very scar of my death! Well, newsflash: You're NOT going to defeat me with irony!!"

"...Do you like froggies?" Came a small, quiet voice from the corner.

Shae gasped in joy, her mood instantly altered. "I LOOOVE froggies! Ooh, I love them so much! Who said that?!"

GIR stepped out of the shadows, grinning a big, robot grin. "I love froggies, too! They're so green and jumpy."

"WOOOW!!!" Shae yelled, instantly going back to her ditzy nature. "What about kitties?"

"Mmm, kitties are good, but PIGGIES are better!"

"OMG, you're COMPLETELY right!" On that note, Shae picked GIR up in her arms and hugged him until his metal body squeaked under the strain. "You're perfect! Who are you?" She released him.

GIR hopped down. "I'm GIR!!"

They continued this conversation for several more minutes as the rest of the group slowly sneaked out of the mansion.


Everybody was sitting in the living room Zim's house. "I can't believe GIR saved us by being ditzy!" Rebecca laughed.

"That was just WEIRD." Dib agreed. "Who knew the long-dead ghost of a murdered teenage girl named Shae was as crazy for small animals as GIR?"

GIR then opened the front door. "Speak of the devil..." Matt said without finishing.

"Hi! I like Shae!" GIR greeted the group. "She likes all the things I do. Except for foods from da Mex-ic-o. Apparantly they didn't have those stuffs when she was alive."

"Heheh..." Zim giggled, trying to avoid the inevitable next subject, "Yeah..."

"Ok, well," Dib said as he stood up and went for the door, "See you guys later."

Everybody said goodbye, and Dib closed the door behind him. Zim sighed with relief.

The door suddenly swung back open. "Oh, I almost forgot!" Dib said. "I won't see ZIM for a WEEK, ha!"

The door closed again.

"Curse that Dib..." Zim said. He sighed again. "At least I'm back in my own, clean, dustless house. I hate dust..."

"OH!!" Matt screamed, startling everybody a little, "Guess what? Speaking of murder... RED RUM SPELLS IT!"

"Haha, very funny..." Rebecca laughed sarcastically.

[A/N: Red Rum is Matt's nickname.]

Andrew looked smug.

"What?" Matt asked suspiciously.

"You're a butt!" Andrew blurted, giggling.

[A/N: That's his thing. 'Butt'.]

And then everybody had a nice, end-of-the-fanfic laugh. Or did they...?

Weird ending, huh? Sorry about that – I'm almost as bad as the Monty Python crew. But I thought it was funny. STUPID DUST! I KILL YOU!! Well, Zim's probably going to go suck on a thermometer for a while. He's such a hypochondriac... ah, Zimmy...