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This is a new story that has taken shape in my mind....

Summary : Ziva attacks her NCIS Team Mates. Why?

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Tony stepped into the bullpen smiling as he replied to someone on his phone.

"I don't know Lindsey. What are your thoughts about a little candlelight, a touch of bubbly, soft music and you and me, naked in my Jacuzzi." He said as he nodded his head at Ziva. She didn't greet back and he frowned but turned away to continue his conversation.

He laughed at something Lindsey said.

"Mm, I'm sure I could throw that in. I'll pick you up around 8pm." Tony smirked before hanging up.

"Hey there, Probie," he greeted. When McGee didn't return the greeting he looked at him. McGee was standing stock still staring at a point behind Tony.

"What you staring it, McGeek?" Tony asked spinning around.

Ziva stood in the middle of the bullpen, her arms outstretched and her Sig aimed at his heart.

"Ziva?" Tony hesitated.

"Shut up, Kalid!" She shouted, the gun rising to aim at his forehead.

Tony raised his arms and took a step back. So did McGee.

"Don't move! " Ziva shouted swinging the gun from Tony's head to McGee's. "Don't think I'll let you touch me again, use me the way you did before."

Tony and McGee remained still and waited to see what Ziva did next. She turned back to Tony and ordered, "Get on your knees."

Tony did, slowly.

Ziva turned to McGee, "Bind his hands behind his back. Those bonds better be tight."

"I don't have..."

"Shut up. Just do as I say." Ziva shouted as she turned the safety off on her weapon.

"Use your tie." Tony murmured.

"Listen to him. Do it now, Fariq." Ziva said.

McGee did as instructed and stood up.

"Good. Get on your knees." She ordered McGee. McGee got to his knees facing Tony. He placed his hands behind his back and waited as Ziva moved to stand behind him.

Without warning, she slammed the butt of her weapon hard against the side of his skull.

"No!" Tony swore as McGee hit the ground, unconscious.

"Ziva!" Tony growled.

"What's wrong, Kalid? You don't like to watch one of your men brought down. He should be thankful I didn't shoot him, especially after the way he touched me... violated me." Ziva's voice hitched, the gun waivered.

Tony closed his eyes, anger at the situation bubbling up within him. But worse he wished, that he could go back to Somalia and find that Fariq and kill him again!

"Get to your feet. You will take me to Saleem." Ziva growled.

"Okay." Tony said getting to his feet, just as Gibbs arrived in the bullpen. Tony made eye contact and directed him to look at the ground, where McGee lay bleeding.

"Follow me." Tony said to Ziva. "I'll take you to Saleem."

Tony moved in an opposite direction from where Gibbs stood. Gibbs moved in, behind Ziva, his stealth training making him movements soundless.

"Don't try to mislead me, Kalid. I will not hesitate to put a bullet through your brain." Ziva said.

A nanosecond later, Gibbs shouted, "Down."

Tony hit the ground and Ziva spun around. Gibbs was on top of her in a flash. They struggled, falling to the ground.

"Saleem, today you die!" Ziva growled.

"Ziva, look at me!" Gibbs ordered.

She growled, as they rolled again. Building security and other agents moved in, waiting for an opening to assist Gibbs. But no one wanted to hurt Ziva in the process.

"Get off me! Not again. You won't rape me again!" Ziva shoved and pushed and cried.

"Ziva, no one's going to hurt you. Look at me." Gibbs demanded.

"No!"Ziva shouted just as a shot rang out.


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