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Sesshoumaru's POV

I watch as Kagome feeds our new born pup. It is a little boy which we have named Maru. He is the new Prince of Japan. He has silver hair with black streaks in it, all of my markings, and Kagome's brown is defiantly a mixture of the both of us. I think back to the day that I pro nosed my love to Kagome.

Flash Back

It's early spring and I am traveling towards my half bread brothers last know whereabouts. I am not looking to cause a fight with him, but I will if need be,

I am going to get my beautiful Miko,Kagome. I have fallen in love with her, she no longer lovers the half bread after she found him matting with the dead clay pot.

She still travels with him, even though he has brought the clay pot into the group. She is staying for two reasons, because she's trying to fulfil her duty to put the jewel back together and because her friends are there.

When ever I wounder into them I see the look she gives me and how her eyes are filled with love. I can not wait to take her into my arms and kiss her passionately. I soon reach them and Inuyasha growls at me and draws Tessiga.

"What the hell do you want Sesshoumaru?"


I hear her gasp, I look over at her and she is smiling at me. I hear Inuyasha rattling on in the back ground but I am paying no attention. Blue clashes with gold and I can feel the love between us.

She has her pack on, I seen her pick her fox kit up and whisper something into the demon slayers ear. I know Inuyasha is about to send a attack at me from Tessiga.

I use my demonic speed and run over and pick Kagome up and take off. After running at top speed for only a little bit we are about 10 miles away from them.

I stop and set Kagome down and Shippo jumps down off her shoulder. She sets her pack down, along with her bow and arrows. Before she can say anything I say.

" I love you Kagome"

She smiles at me. " I love you to Sesshoumaru"

There under the blooming Sakura trees Kagome and I share our first kiss.

End of Flash Back

It was not long after that we matted and Kagome found she was expecting. 9 months after that here we are. Kagome is holding our little and Shippo come into our room, climb up onto our bed and crawl over and set down in my lap and look down at Maru. I can not help but smile.

I have a perfect family, and I could not ask for anything better. Kagome looks at me with a huge smile on her face. I lean down and place a kiss on her and Shippo start to fuss over how cute Maru is. I look at Kagome and our children over and I finally decide that they are the most beautiful family.

The End

By KatiechanXoxoXSesshoukun