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Hiro grumbled on his way through town a few shopping bags slung over his shoulder along with his work bag that had a some papers that he had to look over. Sawawa had given him a list of groceries that he was to pick up when he was coming back from school after he was done teaching.

He was still trying to figure out how his sister could sucker him into almost anything. In fact she could sometimes get him to so many things in one day it was simply ridiculous!

Hiro sighed, "How does she get me to do these things?"

Hiro shook his head and looked at the list, and nodded, thank Gods he was done.

"Hey you!" a voice called. Hiro ignored it thinking it must be someone else and kept walking.

"Hey I'm talking to you!" Hiro decided if the voice called again he'd turn around to look.

"Don't you know it's an insult to ignore someone of royal blood!"

Hiro looked over his shoulder an annoyed and bored expression on his face. He saw a tall woman with short green hair with glasses and in a maid outfit. He took notice of the 'buns' in her hair.

'Screws?' Hiro thought, "Yes, miss, you want something from me?"

"I'm down here!"

Hiro adjusted his body so he was faced more towards the green haired woman and looked down. He saw a young girl in clothes similar to Hime's but had belt of roses around her waist, no doubt fake, and her hair was done in a small curly pony tail with a tiny 'crown' holding it up.

But what caught Hiro's attention the most was that the girl's hair and eyes were the very same as Hime's. A brief flash anger entered his eyes before it vanished.

'OK,' the Suishou Kishi thought, 'Play dumb for the time being.'

"Yes little girl?" Hiro asked bending down to eye level with the girl, "Do you need something? Are you lost?"

"I am not a 'little girl' and I am not lost either. " the girl snapped, she took out a piece of paper and handed it to Hiro, "Take me here."

Hiro's eyes narrowed a fraction when he saw the crude drawing of a map to Hime's mansion on the top of the hill.

"Why do you want to go there?" Hiro questioned.

"I'm visiting my sister."

"I see. " Hiro stood back up to his full height, "Well I was just heading there myself, so just follow me."

Hiro turned around and started walking, "Come along girl."

"That's Princess Sherwood to you!" Sherwood told Hiro.

"Huga." the tall maid said.

'Knew it.' Hiro thought distastefully, 'A gynoid, damn it one annoys me enough as it is, now we've got two.'

Oh well, it didn't matter, they'd both be dead soon enough.

Hiro put his free hand in his pocket and a small navy blue crystal materialized in the palm of his hand he waited a minute or two before pulling it out covered by his closed fist and pretended to check a non- existent watch on his wrist and crushed the crystal into dust that floated off into the wind when Sherwood and her gynoid weren't looking.

It was always good to make sure that his master was prepared for the worst was it not?

) With Hime (

Hime gently sipped her Earl Gray, Sawawa, as always had made the best she'd ever had.

She was sitting out on a balcony sitting in a chair next to a small table her tea in one hand and an open book in the other. Riza was there as well putting an insane number of push ups just now breaking the thousand mark and she wasn't even breathing heavy.

Werewolf genes or no, it seemed near impossible to Hime.

She was about to ask Riza how she cold keep doing that and not seem tired in the least when an odd color filled her vision before moving to her left she turned her head and witnessed dark blue dust cover the small table and twist and turn into words.

Your sister is here

Hime frowned at the message and set her tea and book down next to dust on the table, she already knew it had been Hiro who'd sent this message, but which one of her sisters was here? Her older one Sylvia? Or her younger one Sherwood?

There were so many different ways things could go based on which one it was.

"Master!" a Hiro's voice called.

Hime looked over the balcony railing to see Hiro looking up at her.

"I've brought a guest." Hiro said.

"Onee-sama!" Sherwood called waving her arm up at Hime.

"Sherwood." Hime said.

Riza stopped in her workout when she heard the name, " Sherwood…? Royalty!"

Riza got to her feat in anger and leapt over the balcony to the ground and landed in front of Sherwood as she transformed her arms and brought hem across her chest, "My name is Riza Wildman, daughter of the great werewolf warrior Volg Wildman! I'm going to kill you and avenge my brother!"

"Riza," Hime said calmly, "Don't she's not the one."

Sherwood had only a moment to look surprised before Riza charged and Francesca moved in front of her a hand outstretched in a 'stop' signal.

"Move it maid!" Riza shouted as she swung her claws.

Francesca simply caught Riza's paw in her outstretched hand not even fazed by the impact.

"What!" Riza said her eyes showing disbelief.

Francesca then gripped the side of Riza's paw with the same hand she used to catch it with and throw Riza behind her.

The red head would've slammed into Hiro had he not moved out of the way, so instead she slammed into a tree. The werewolf half-breed picked herself up and faced Francesca.

"Huga," Flandre moved in front of Riza holding up a tiny arm to signal her to stay back. Francesca's threat scanners kicked in and compared Riza's threat level to the small gynoid's.

Her scaners' hub read: GYNOID THREAT LEVEL 100%

The taller of the two humanoid machines walked forward and Francesca gripped Flandre's head and threw her into the side of Hime's mansion the child sized gynoid crashing through sending out debris and dust.

"Flandre!" Riza called.

Riza's call was met with a 'Huga' and a chunk of rubble flying out from the cloud of dust at Francesca. She brought up a fist and the piece of rubble shattered on impact when collided with Francesca's knuckles.

The dust cloud settled down to reveal Flandre standing amidst chunks of wood and stone and earth holding another, much larger, chunk of debris over her head.


"Huga," Francesca responded, eyes partially narrowed and combat stance ready.

"Francesca," Sherwood said, "That's enough."

Francesca's eyes glanced back at her master and her systems deactivated her immediate combat systems.

"Flandre," Hime called to down to her own servant, "You too, stop it."

"Huga," Flandre said and she threw the rubble she held over her head off to the side.

"Onee-sama, I will let myself in if you don't mind," Sherwood said and headed for the door with Francesca in tow.

Hime sighed, today was just the beginning of a rather frustrating day, she could already tell.

Hime heard a sound like shifting sand next to her. Her eyes turned to the table where the dark blue dust that made Hiro's first message was shifting again, the message read:

I couldn't agree more, Master. Today, and tomorrow I feel, with be rather… annoying.

'Annoying for you perhaps.'Hime thought.

"Very annoying," Hiro said, "I've never liked dealing with arrogant kids."

Hime's eyes flickered to her left and saw Hiro standing next to her.

"I see you wore a tie today," Hime commented.

"I guess you could say I felt on odd sense of… 'importance' concerning to day." Hiro responded holding up the dark blue up a bit, "I suppose I was right. Nice day for a funeral isn't it? "

"We're going to see what Sherwood wants before we do anything." Hime told him.

"You mean I can't just stick a sharp shard of crystal in her head? "


"Stab all of her limbs?"


"Cut off all of her toes?"

"…You have quite the sadistic side don't you?" Hime questioned.

"That' putting it lightly," Hiro told Hime, "You live long enough you start to lose your sanity or you try to find new ways of entertainment."

"By torturing people?" Hime raised an eyebrow.

"Want me to go into the time I helped a shadow lurker turn a few dozen fairies into slugs?" Hiro offered.

Hime's eyebrows flew up, "Excuse me?"

Hiro chuckled, "Oh yeah. Let me tell you! Hilarious! You should've seen the look on their faces! Priceless! It was great!"

Then Hiro winced remembering something that came after, "Although the Fairy Queen was pissed and I had to hide for, oh what was it again? Five… hundred years…? Maybe more?"

"I thought you said you were only twenty years old?" Hime wondered.

"I my kind's years yes." Hiro answered, "And before you ask, no, I don't know how old I really am, I stopped keeping track a long damn time ago, just like the rest of my kind."

"Do you at least have a guess?"

"I'm older than any phoenix I can tell you that much." Hiro said dryly.

Hime stared at him for what felt like a good few minutes.

'Older than any phoenix'? Hime didn't know of any creature that had lived longer than a phoenix. It sounded impossible, almost.

"I'm not lying." Hiro said.

Hime snapped out of her tiny trance and she took notice of Hiro no having his body length mantle on.

"When did you…?"

"When did I have time to put this on?" Hiro finished for the princess, "You zoned out for five minutes or so, Sherwood is waiting just inside, I'd hurry or your Earl Grey is going to get cold."

Hime turned away, slightly embarrassed and walked through the glass doors connecting the balcony to a small sitting area with a long table and chairs around the edges.

"About time." Sherwood said from the far end of the table, "I thought you were going to stay out there."

Hime cleared her throat as she sat down at the other far end of the table, "I was… distracted, I apologize."

"You were staring out into space." Hiro said from behind her, his arms folded in front of his chest under his mantle.

"I thought your head was fuller than that Onee-sama," Sherwood giggled.

"Zip it brat." Hiro said.

"Hiro." Hime chastised.

"Did you just order me human?" Sherwood questioned.

"What if I did?" Hiro taunted, "What are you going to do about it, Sherwood-chan?"

"Chan? How dare you! It's Princess Sherwood to you!"

"Hiro!" Hime snapped before her knight could say anything else to insult Sherwood.

The knight glanced at Hime, "Fine. But the only princess I see here is my master."

"You are to stay silent for the rest of this discussion Hiro," Hime ordered. Hiro looked into Hime's eyes, her gaze said not to go against her.


Hime looked at Sherwood who was glared knives at Hiro, "We were going to have a discussion, imouto?"

"Yes," Sherwood said through tight lips, calming down, "We were."

"So," Hime started, "Why are you here? You should know the situation that we siblings are in."

"I know," Sherwood smiled, though irritation was still in her eyes, Hime made a mental note to punish Hiro in some way later, "That is why I propose an alliance."

Hime heard Hiro grunt in restraint, trying to keep himself from making a remark.

Hime looked at Sherwood's expecting eyes and smile, she met them easily.

"You either want to have the safety of being under my wing until all our other siblings are dead," Hime said, "Or you plan to kill me in my sleep."

Hime heard Hiro let out a faint growl.

"Onee-sama," Sherwood said, "I think you pet is being rather noisy, maybe you should put him outside?"

Hime could feel a chill emanating from Hiro and saw his mantle shuffle out of the corner of her eye.

"Do noteven think about it Hiro." Hime ordered.

Hiro's mantle flew open and both Hime and Sherwood stiffened…

A twelve inch long shard of near pitch-black, blue crystal had been thrown roughly into the wall with only about two inches of it remaining in sight.

Hiro walked out of the room slamming the door at he went.

"You really should control your servants more Onee-sama." Sherwood said relaxing.

Hime sighed, "No."

Sherwood looked confused, "No what?"

"I'm saying 'no' to the alliance Sherwood." Hime said calmly.

"Onee-sama!" Sherwood immediately flew up out of her chair, "You'd leave your kawaii imouto to the wrath of our brothers! How cruel!"

Sherwood put her hands over her face and started sobbing.

"'No' is 'no', Sherwood," Hime said calmly, "Now get out."

Sherwood's 'sobbing' quickly turned to giggles, she raised her head not even a sign of that she'd crying was there, "Very well then Sister. I'll leave for now, but I'd watch myself if I were you."

"That's my line to you Sherwood." Hime mumbled as the Third Princess walked out the door.

) With Sherwood (

Sherwood and Francesca made it to the front without any trouble, except for a glare from Riza, but that was nothing really.

After the two had gotten a small ways away from the door they stopped, Sherwood nodded to Francesca and the gynoid took out a seed from a pocket of her outfit and flicked it into the ground next to the main path.

'Let's see you deal with that then Onee-sama.' Sherwood thought as she and Francesca walked away.

) With Hiro and Hime (

"Well," Hime demanded, "What was with you?"

"What do you mean?" Hiro questioned blandly from his seat on the couch.

"Losing your temper like that." Hime said, "And insulting Sherwood."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Hiro said.

"Stop being evasive!"

"I'm not." Hiro turned his head away to look out the window.

"I am ordering you, Servant!" Hime snapped, "Answer my questions!"

Hiro's eyes snapped back to look into Hime's despite his head not moving.

"Ask then."

"Why did you lose your temper?"

"I don't like arrogant fools who think they're above everyone else." Hiro said calmly.

"And you think Sherwood is like that?"


Hime frowned, "Why did you insult her?"

"I like seeing people's true colors." Hime could tell Hiro's lips were working there way into a smirk even without seeing them behind his high collar, "Especially those who think they're everything when they are actually nothing but children that can do nothing on there own."

"And why do you think that?"

"No comment."

"Answer me."


"Why do you think of Sherwood like that?" Hime demanded her patience starting to run thin, "Answer me, Suishou Kishi!"

"Why?" Hiro stood up and put his face right into a surprised Hime's, so close that their noses were touching, "She isn't you."

Hime took a dainty step back in surprise. 'Isn't her'?

Hiro backed away from Hime and turned on his heal and walked out of the room.

Hime's eyes followed Hiro as he left, 'Hiro…'

) With Hiro (

"Damn, ignorant, small-life girl." Hiro snarled as he walked into his room and slammed the door behind him.

He tore of his mantle and threw it into a corner of the room, and laid down on the bed his hands behind his head. He rolled over on his side and stayed there for a few moments before sitting up.

She isn't you

Why the hell had he said that? He'd never said that to anyone other than..

Hiro gripped his shirt over where his heart would be, 'Damn it… Why do I act like she's her at times…? Why?'

Hiro sung his legs over the side of the bed and got up and made for the door, he needed some air.

Hiro opened the door to find Sawawa on the other side her hand raised in a small first about ready to knock, "Um, dinner is ready."

"I'm not hungry." Hiro pushed past her, "I'm going for a walk."

"Hiro…" Sawawa mumbled as she watched her brother walk off.

"And don't follow me either," Hiro called over his shoulder.

Hiro quickly found himself at the front doors of the mansion. He swung them both open and walked out not bothering to close the doors behind him.

He decided to just jump over the gate instead of simply opening it. He started down the hill to Sasanaki, maybe he'd find some place to cool off at.

) Next Morning (

"Ojou-sama?" Sawawa questioned as she set down Hime's morning tea, "Have you seen Hiro anywhere?"

"No," Hime said picking up her tea cup, "Not since last night."

"I'm worried," Sawawa said clutching the serving tray to her large chest, "He's done this before and he's always been asleep in his bed whenever morning came around."

'Always back by morning?'Hime thought, if he wasn't back then where-

Hime's thoughts were interrupted by a rumbling that shook the whole house.

Riza came running through the door, "Are we having an earthquake?"

"No," Hime said standing up, "This is-"

A massive appendage burst through the ceiling, the appendage was green and a bulb on the end. It seemed to look at Hime, and the bulb open up like a flower and on the inside of the petals were purple and at the center saliva dripped down from growling and hungry mouth with sharp teeth.

The beast let out a roar and lunged.

) With Sherwood (

"I wouldn't be surprised if Onee-sama was dead by now." Sherwood said as she relaxed inside the tent she and Francesca were in for the night, all they had to do was wait for night to fall again, by then the Triffid would've finished her off, but if not, then Francesca could handle could handle Hime and her servants in there weakened states.

"It'll be nice living in that mansion Onee-sama has," Sherwood commented.

"Huga." Francesca said quietly.

"What is it?"

"An eye for an eye," a deep voice said just outside the tent as a shadow was thrown over most of it, "So a Triffid for a Triffid."

The top of the tent was ripped away pulling Francesca and Sherwood off balance an throwing them into the ground.

The massive plant-monster, Triffid, threw away the remnants of tent in its mouth displeased with not getting its prey on the try. It let out a roar and lunged at Sherwood again.

"Why is it here?" Sherwood cried as Francesca picked her up and sped off with her before the Triffid could get her charge and instead it slammed into the ground where they were only a few moments ago.

"You can run but you can't hide." Francesca and Sherwood's heads snapped over to their lefts to see Hiro running next to them, "I wonder, will you live? Or will you die?"

"My sister put you up to this!" Sherwood accused.

"No," Hiro said, "No she didn't, she never had time too. She's still fighting the Triffid you sent after her."

"What? But then how is this Triffid here?"

Hiro smirked, "You maid needs to watch her supply of Triffid seeds better."


"I'd be more focused on my charge if I was you." Francesca looked over her shoulder and saw the Triffid was gain, and gaining fast.

"Well then Princess," Hiro smiled, "Here's to prove to me that you're more than little girl that hides behind others and really back up all those words that you spout off."

With that, Hiro leaped away the Triffid now dangerously close, its jaw snapping at Francesca's heels.

) With Hime (

Hime cut through more of the Triffid's limbs with the weed whacker with the circular saw blade attached to it she had.

Riza used her strength to tear one of the limbs in half, "I'm getting annoyed by this! When is it gonna end!"

"The Triffid will die when the sunsets." Hime said as he sliced through more limbs.

Further limbs snuck up on Riza and entangled her, "OI! LEMME GO!"

"Damn it! I don't want to put up with this until sunset!" Riza cried as she struggled in the plant's grip.

"I agree." Hime said, "Flandre."

"Huga." Flandre, who had been entangled in the plant's limbs like Riza had, nodded and simply walked forward, the limbs stretched and strained trying vainly to keep the tiny android in place but they failed as they snapped Flandre easily getting out with no struggle.

Riza stared at Flandre as she walked out of the room stunned, "Wow…"

"Riza," Hime said, getting the half-weregirl's attention, "Don't move."

Hime sliced through the limbs that had wrapped around Riza coming dangerously close to cutting the red head herself.

"You were trying to kill me!" Riza said.

Hime had little grin on her face as she turned away and held up her special weed whacker at the main body of the Triffid.

"Admit it!"


Riza looked over at Flandre who had come back in holding a propane tank over her head.

"Like it?" Hime asked.

"Yeah," Riza said a grin now on her lips, "I like it."

Flandre tore off the valve and propane started spewing out.

"Flandre!" Hime called.

"Huga!" Flandre threw the propane tank into the Triffid's mouth the propane filling the Triffid up.

Hime took out a lighter from a pocket in her dress. Time for some fireworks.

) With Hiro (

Hiro watched as the mansion blew up and he saw a figure fly out leaving a tail of smoke behind them, Hiro leapt up and caught the figure in mid-air.

Sawawa coughed as she and Hiro landed on the ground, "And that's how you make you way to me?"

"Be quiet." Sawawa coughed, covered from head to toe in ash and soot giving her whole body a grey tint.

"You almost look like a zombie." Hiro teased.

Sawawa elbowed him in the gut.


"Don't insult a lady." Sawawa said as Hiro cradled his stomach.

"Gah! You suck." Hiro said.

"That's a complement coming from you."

"Golden Bitch." Hiro snapped.

"Black Beast." Sawawa countered.

"Winged freak."

"Bone Man"

"Holy Witch."

"Damned Saint."

"Soul Creating Wench."

"Spiritual Leach."

"You're a perfectionist." Hiro smirked.

"At least I've never been one to give existence to mini-clones of myself." Hiro's jaw dropped.

Hiro's whole arm turned into a blade of crystal, "You! Are! Dead!"

Sawawa snapped her fingers and golden flame appeared on her finger tip, "Are you sure about that Little Brother? I've always won before."

"Uh… excuse us?" Hiro and Sawawa turned their heads to see Hime, Riza, and Flandre staring at them.

"Um, hi?" Sawawa said nervously, the gold flame on her finger tip going out.

"How much… did you all see or hear?" Hiro said his arm turning back to normal.

"Quite a bit." Hime said.

"Well…" Hiro mumbled, "Crap."

"What was that all about?" Riza questioned.

"I don't answer to a dog like you."


"Calm down Riza." Hime said.

'Now that the subject has no topic...'Hiro thought.

He tapped Hime on the shoulder, "Oi."

"…What?" Hime asked, remembering about last night.

"Do you want to know where your sister is?"

"You know?"

"I sent one of her own Triffids after her a while ago," Hiro told her, "She might already be dead."

"Is that so?" Hime queried, "Then take me to her."

Hiro started walking away, "This way."

) With Sherwood and Francesca (

"Huga." Francesca said.

"What you mean your reserves are running low!" Sherwood cried as Francesca jumped away from another Triffid limb, Sherwood still hanging on her arm like a rag doll.


"I thought we could use Flandre's after Onee-sama was dead!" Sherwood said, "I didn't think a Triffid would come after us!"


"I know! We just need to hold a bit longer!" Sherwood said, just like Francesca said the sun was going to go down in another hour, they just needed to hold out a bit more.

Francesca set Sherwood down in front of a tree and gripped the tree with both hands and uprooted it with ease and swung it at the Triffid.

The giant man-eating plant caught the tree in its mouth and reared back and threw it away and Francesca going with it.

"Francesca!" Sherwood cried.

The Triffid's 'head' snapped towards her. Sherwood clamped her hands over her mouth realizing her mistake.

She made a run for it, the Triffid right on her heels.

"Something wrong Sherwood?" Sherwood's eyes darted ahead and saw her sister Hime standing at the top of a hill, "You're not scared are you?"

"Onee-sama, help me!" Sherwood cried tears brimming in her eyes.

"Help you?" Hime repeated, "After you tried to kill me? I thought you could control the Triffids."

"Only the ones me or Francesca plant! PLEASE! Help! I don't want to die!" Sherwood tripped and fell into the dirt at the foot of the hill, she looked behind her to see the Triffid about to lunge down.

Sherwood closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable.

She waited. And waited. And waited.

She cracked her eyes open to see the Triffid struggling against Hiro, a staff of crystal was held in Hiro's hands and it was lodged in inside the Triffid's mouth holding it open and preventing it from moving.

"I couldn't help it," Hiro said aloud as the sun set, "I can't just let a child die like this."

With the sun now set, the Triffid's color paled and cracked, and it collapsed into rubble.

'He saved me.' Sherwood thought as her cheeks reddened, 'How brave of him.'

Hiro looked over his shoulder at the young princess, "Are you OK?"

"H-Hai." Sherwood stammered.

Hiro knelt down next to her, "You sure?"

Sherwood nodded, "I'm sure."

Hiro tapped her forehead with his middle and index fingers, "Don't be so stupid next time."

"Sherwood." Sherwood turned around to find Hime standing next to her.

"Onee-sama" Sherwood said as Hiro stood and took a few steps back to give the two sisters some space.

Hime knelt down in front of Sherwood, and hugged her, much to the third princess's surprise, "You win, Sherwood. When Hiro told me he sent of your own Triffid's after you, I decided that if you lived I'd agree to your alliance."

"Onee-sama," Sherwood said looking up at her sister's face, she closed her eyes and rested her head against her sister's chest, "You're so kind."

"You are such a kind and foolish older sister." Hime looked down at Sherwood in surprise. The Third Princess stood up her full height being the same as her older sister's at the moment while she was kneeling.

"Such a kindhearted and foolish person like you could never hope to face off against our brothers alone." Sherwood said, "So I extend my offer again: Will you form an alliance with me, Onee-sama?"

Hime smiled as she stood up, towering over Sherwood, and extended her hand, "I accept."

Sherwood and Hime shook one another's hand and the agreement was set.

"As nice as this new 'alliance' is," Hiro said interrupting the moment, "Shouldn't we be heading back? Besides, I need my sleep."

"You are very strange you know that?" Hime said folding her arms over her chest.

"I haven't the slightest idea of what you're talking about." Hiro said.

Sherwood smiled at Hiro.

) Next Day (

"Get off!" Hiro demanded to Sherwood who was clinging to his arm, "I mean it. Off!"

"Can I have him Onee-sama?" Sherwood asked.

"He's my knight." Hime said, "You can't have him."

"No he's not," Sherwood said being stubborn, "He's going to be my first servant and warrior when I take the throne."

"Like hell I am!" Hiro said trying to get Sherwood off of him.

"'No' means 'No' Sherwood." Hime said.

"But he saved me!" Sherwood pointed out, "That shows just how much he cares about me!"

'Oh Gods…!' Hiro thought horrified his face losing some its color, 'A fan girl…! Help me…!'

"Hiro," Sherwood said dreamily.

"Hime…" Hiro said with a small voice, "Get her off… before she does something…"

Hiro's eyes darted to Sherwood's heart shaped eyes, "And hurry…!"


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