This is a sequel to graveyard. Again, it has nothing to do with Halloween but I felt I needed to do this sequel. Also, it went over the 1000 word limit but that couldn't be helped. I hope you enjoy it!

13 Thirteen

White armor gleamed. Black armory was exceptionally glossy. Doorwings flared up to their highest point on an arched back. Arms relaxed in their positions as their hands were clasped together behind the back. Strong legs were sturdy and straight, disciplined in their support. Handsome facial features regally set not giving away any hint of emotions. Optics slightly narrowed, focused intently.

In short, a picture of calm, pristine mechliness on display.

However, Prowl was anything but calm as the transport made its final approach into the Iacon station. He was a nervous wreck. It'd been thirteen long vorns since his friend and guardian had last seen him. He wanted to look his best. After all, he was an Autobot now too having graduated from the Academy with high honors and at the top of his class.

Every high mark and distinguished reward all earned out right did nothing to help with Prowl's current dilemma. A dilemma that he'd been procrastinating about for several vorns now. And now said dilemma had to be dealt with. No more procrastinating. It was time to tell Jazz.

Prowl knew it had to be done no matter how difficult it was. After all Jazz was more than just a friend. The mech was his mentor and unofficial guardian during Prowl's early youth. The mech was not only responsible for saving Prowl's life that fateful day in the graveyard, but he was also responsible for where Prowl was today.

Since Jazz was a special ops mech he could not in good conscience be a proper guardian to Prowl. Special ops missions required Jazz to be gone for deca-cycles at a time in some instances which did not promote a sense of stability in a youngling's life. However, the vibrant mech convinced a bonded pair to adopt Prowl.

Of course, it didn't take much to convince Optimus Prime and Elita One to take in Prowl with open arms. Besides, other than them being the best choice they had a son of their own, a mech named Bumblebee, who had desperately wanted a brother. Plus, it was a convenient arrangement as Jazz was directly under Optimus Prime's command at Decagon.

So, Jazz was often seen around the base with two little younglings chasing after him when he was off duty. Or sometimes he carried them on his shoulders, until they got too big to fit on his shoulders. He was even their sparkling sitter when Optimus and Elita wanted alone time or had important duties to attend to.

But it was Prowl who took the friendship more to spark than Bumblebee. After all, Jazz saved his life. And since that day, Prowl had always wanted to find away to repay Jazz. Which was why, as a very young teenager, Prowl asked permission to attend the Youth Military Academy with plans on continuing his studies at the Autobot Academy where he'd planned on focusing his training in the area of special operations.

When Prowl told Jazz all of this the mech was overexcited and said he couldn't wait until Prowl was a mature mech. Jazz even promised to help Prowl become the best special ops mech on Cybertron, well, next best after Jazz. The mech couldn't wait to teach Prowl all the tricks of the trade. At least, that was the plan anyway.

Only all didn't go as planned once Prowl was at the Autobot Academy.

"You need to relax, Prowl."

"How can I, Bee?"

"Look, remember when mother and father came to visit us at the academy last vorn?"

"Of course, I remember each of their visits and have cherished every one of them."

"Remember what father said to us?"

"He said he was proud of us, not because we were going to be Autobots when we graduated, but because of the mechs we'd matured into. Honorable and compassionate."

"That's right. Jazz is like Optimus too. He don't care that much about our training. He's going to so happy and proud to see us again."

"But like Optimus, Jazz appreciates it when you're honest with him," Prowl countered, turning to face his brother.

"You never lied to him. You just never volunteered to tell him your spark's desire."

Prowl's doorwings dropped. While what Bumblebee said was true, it didn't make Prowl feel any better.

"Look, when we arrive and after mother stops fussing over how handsome we look, I'll usher mother and father away to give you a chance to talk to Jazz alone. Ok?"

"Thanks Bumblebee. You're a good brother."

"Well, I owe you big time for helping me with the homework for some of my classes. I wouldn't have graduated without you."

The transport speakers announced their arrival at Iacon station and Prowl's doorwings tensed up once again.

"You'll be fine," Bumblebee smiled, patting him on the shoulder.

Prowl nodded and followed his brother out onto the platform. As predicted, Elita was excited and showered them with comments on how handsome her two sons looked. Bumblebee took it all in stride while Prowl blushed at a few of her comments. Optimus stood tall, optics glowing with a father's pride as he welcomed his sons home.

Jazz was there too just off to the side allowing the family to be reunited. Then as promised, Bumblebee spoke with his parents of their bond. Of course, Optimus and Elita understood the special friendship between Jazz and Prowl. They'd seen how Prowl took to Jazz and never did anything to get in the way of that friendship. So, they wouldn't do anything to get in the way of the two friend's reunion either.

"So, what do you think?" Prowl expectantly asked once he and Jazz were alone.

"You've changed so much! I can't believe it! Even your doorwings are bigger!"

"It's been thirteen vorns since I last saw you. I was a youngling then."

"Well, you certainly matured into a very handsome mech," Jazz smiled.

Prowl blushed brightly. He'd received compliments like that before but only when Elita or Jazz gives them does he ever blush.

"So, you wanna tell me what's on your processor?" Jazz asked.

Prowl blinked in surprise.

"I'm special ops, Prowl. I notice things that the normal mechs and femmes don't see. Besides, Bumblebee wasn't exactly that discrete about getting Optimus and Elita to leave us alone."

"You're right, Jazz. I do have something I need to tell you," Prowl said, standing up tall. Time to do this. "I know we'd discussed me completing the special ops training at the academy."

"Which you did as you indicated in a communiqué," Jazz beamed proudly. "Almost the best. Hard to top a special ops mech who can go invisible on ya. Not even I could top that."

"Correct. Jazz…I…I have decided to go with an area of expertise where I could do the most good for the Autobots."

"I know," Jazz smiled warmly, rubbing the top of Prowl's helm. "I was very proud when I heard you were the top military tactician in training. Blew away all the other recruits. The instructors were scrambling around trying to find new ways to test ya!"

"You knew?!" Prowl exclaimed, mouth open, doorwings dropping.

"Prowl, just because you were all the way on the other side of Cybertron and I hadn't seen you in thirteen vorns, didn't mean I wasn't keeping tabs on ya. I have several mech friends who are instructors at the Academy. Plus, Optimus Prime wasn't about to allow both his sons to attend the Academy without someone there keeping their optics on you both. Optimus and I were kept well informed of both yours and Bumblebee's advancements. And I knew you were serious about being a tactician when they told me you applied to have a battle computer installed in your CPU. I'm very, very proud of you."

"And all this time I thought you'd get mad at me," Prowl said, shaking his head.

"I could never get mad at you," Jazz spoke seriously. "A part of me still sees you as that little youngling who looked up to me whenever you followed me around like a little mechano-puppy."

"I'm no little youngling anymore," Prowl smiled proudly. "And it's all because of you, my friend."

It was Jazz's turn to blush, an accomplishment no other mechanism has managed to do!


"Yes, Prowl?"

"Will you be there with me…tomorrow…when they install my battle computer?"

"Of course, my friend," Jazz grinned. "I'll be there smiling when you come out of recharge."