Death Angel

Death Angel - This was the name given to those who kill and have the GIFT. These creatures are not considered humans because of the genetic abilities they have received from heaven - even though the government would prefer to say that it was a curse from demons. These entities are disguised as normal people, yet have the thirst to kill at night.

There are two things a victim sees before they fall prey to Death Angels. One is the black angelic wings from behind their backs, a sign or proof that they were a disgrace from heaven and were banished by God. The other thing that will forever haunt a prey, even in his death, is the blood red eyes that a Death Angel has when going for the kill.

A group of military soldiers who call themselves CA, Capture and Annihilate, are responsible in hunting down these beings. Depending on their orders, they could kill them or take them back to base to be experimented on – that was now. Back then, they really lived up to their name of capturing the beings and killing them.

The CA members were trained to detect a Death Angel's aura, yet still have trouble confirming their targets due to the other abilities the creatures possess.

Death Angels can read minds if they wish, erase memories when needed, and heal quickly when shot or wounded. There are still other powers that these beings contain, but have yet to be discovered. Aside from that, they seem to be immune to tranquilizers unless given two times that will temporarily immobilize them; but it will only work for a few minutes before they arise and wreck havoc.

Though there have been rumors floating in the air that not all Death Angels kill as they please, and that some, though very rare, have dedicated their lives in protecting innocent people, it still does not mean that they don't kill – for in order to save, a life is sacrificed along the way.

These saviorsare given the name Guardians, whereas the ones who kill are labeled as Rogues.

"Sakura, you're going to be late for school."

She yelped and closed the folder that was lying on her father's desk.

Putting on her sheepish yet innocent smile, she turned to him and tried to act normal.

"I know dad, but I just thought I left something in here."

"What could you possibly leave in my room?" he looked behind her and saw the folder that had the label of Death Angel on the front. "Sakura," he said with a sigh. "How many times do I have to tell you to stay out of this?"

"Geez. As the daughter of the current captain of CA, I can't help but be curious you know." She sniffed. "Besides, I find Death Angels interesting. Why else would I want to become a scientist someday? I want to learn more about them!"

"And yet, you're against the idea of capturing them, and finding out the mysteries behind them."

"Because your way is… well, inhuman for me!" she countered. "My way happens to be… err, educational and helpful. You know, befriend them and get to know them..?"

"Someday, but now, go to school."

"Yes sir!" she gave a mock salute, giggled, kissed her father goodbye on the cheek and ran off, yelling a "see you later" to her mother in the kitchen who called her back for breakfast but was ignored and answered by the front door slamming shut. The matriarch only sighed, shook her head, and smiled.

Chapter 1: Attraction

"Ah geez. You're late, again!"

"Sorry, sorry."

"How long are you going to keep this up Sakura? It's starting to be a pain."

"Oh Ino, I know you don't mean that." She said with a grin as the two girls only laughed and hurried to their first class.

"Let me guess, Death Angels?"

Sakura nodded and smiled. "They're fascinating."

"Pfft. Well your fascination for them caused you to miss a chance to take a peek at the new student in our class!"

"Eh?! That's today?" Ino nodded, so Sakura slumped her shoulders but straightened them again. "Oh well, no harm done there Ino. I'd much rather know more about Death Angels than eyeball a new kid."

"Heh. You'd take that back when you see this hottie."

For Ino to describe the student as hot, that must mean she did miss something good. But Death Angels were better, so she only shrugged at the blonde and playfully told her a "race 'ya" before they both started running. They made it to class before the final bell rung, and slowly, they made their way to their seats.

"So, what did you learn about Death Angels this time?"

Sakura looked at Ino and smiled. "There have been rumors that there's a rare group that actually saves people, and they're given the title Guardians."

"And to save means to kill another…" Ino snorted. "They're still Death Angels then."

The pink haired teen frowned. "It still doesn't change the fact that there are still good ones out there." She sighed and let her chin rest on her palm. "I can only hope that this war between Death Angels and CA soldiers would stop."

"Keep wishing. Someday, the Almighty one would grant it."


Ino smirked. "Because Death Angels are known to be fallen angels too…"

"Tch. Ino, it's really no wonder why they have the GIFT."

"What does GIFT stand for again?"

"Genetically Infused Fallen Traits…"

"I see, are they really genetically infused?"

"Yes. That's why it's called GIFT."

The blonde grinned evilly at this. "Sakura-chan…"


"Why… so… serious..?"

Sakura felt the hairs on her skin tingle with fright. "Shut up Ino! I freak out when it comes to Joker!"

"Yeah, I know. Too bad that the actor died…" Ino sighed. "He was pretty good in imitating the laugh."

She was ignored though, since Sakura's eyes had turned to the front when their adviser came in, followed by a boy either in the same age as she is or a year older. "Good morning class, as you can see, you have a new classmate. He's right next to me, and he just came from the States. His parents had finally decided to let him finish his schooling here. So, I'd like you all to give him a warm welcome." He turned to the boy and placed a hand on his shoulder. Sakura saw him stiffen a bit from the touch. "Class, meet Uchiha Sasuke."

"Wait a minute." One boy said. "Isn't Uchiha… the owner of DAH?"

"If you mean Death Angel Hunters, then yes, my family owns it." Sasuke said.

He heard his new teacher clear his throat to ease the tension.

"So, Uchiha-san, care to tell us a little bit about yourself?"

"Hn." Sasuke took a step forward, hands still pocketed in his pants as he maintained eye contact with some students.

Sakura observed him carefully.

From the looks of it, he'd be popular with the girls in no time. Aside from that, she concluded that he wasn't one to stick to the rules too much, judging by how he had his red tie loosened, his white button-up shirt tucked out, the first two buttons undone, the black blazer of the school should be closed but he had his opened. Other than that, his shoes and pants are the only things in place. Sakura turned to glance at Ino, spotting how her friend had stared dreamily at the new boy, hearts in her eyes and a deep shade of crimson on her cheeks.

With a shake of her head and a soft giggle, she turned back to Sasuke when he finally spoke. This was when she noticed the silver hoop earring on his left ear, but it had a chain connecting it to a clip that was located on the helix. She cringed at the thought of how painful it must've been to have it there. Still, she couldn't deny the fact that it suited his looks.

His dark eyes and messy hair was enough to tell her and the class that he wasn't exactly a rebellious teen, but he isn't a goody-two-shoes type either. Another thing that caught her eye was the black laced choker he had around his neck with pendant of a silver cross.

She wondered why he'd wear such a thing, because according to her sources – aka her father's files – DAH should be against the religion, since their kind believes that it was the Heavens who granted Death Angels the GIFT.

"I… tend to keep things to myself." He finally said. "Unless you have a question that requires an important answer, unless you have business with me, unless it's not stupid or idiotic, feel free to talk to me. If not," he lowered his head again, his bangs hiding his eyes, keeping everyone from seeing into his soul. "Just leave me alone."

Sakura wasn't sure if everyone felt it, but she sure did. Somehow, she felt a twinge of pain that was inside him. Something or someone was causing him this kind of despair. What or who, she doesn't know, but she wants to find out. She feels desperate to figure it out.

"Well, if that's what you want," the teacher smiled softly. "I think you just need some time to warm up to new people, Uchiha-san." He patted the boy lightly on the shoulder before telling him to take his seat.

Sasuke made his way to the vacant spot near the window and a student away from Sakura, who was eyeing his every movement. He caught her eye, and she felt that time suddenly stopped as he eyed her with those onyx orbs of his. She wondered briefly why he was staring at her like that, and why she even bothered to stare back. Before she knew it, her eyes blinked, and she found Sasuke seated on his respective chair, eyes concentrating on the teacher's lecture.

"Did I… just imagine that?" she clutched her head and closed her eyes, trying to relax as her beating heart calmed down. "I felt like time stopped, but that's impossible, right?" she glanced at Sasuke discreetly. "He's from DAH, meaning he can't be a Death Angel. But how come it felt like he was able to control time?" her brows furrowed a bit. "Hunters can't use magic, right? They only have the skills to be faster than CA soldiers in order to capture Death Angels."

She shook her head and sighed.

"Just my imagination." She said to herself.

Lunch time has always been the noisiest period in school. It would be a miracle for this certain part of the day to be silent.

As Sakura and her big group of friends made their way outside the school's building after deciding to eat their lunch outdoors, she felt the sudden urge to split up with them.

"Why?" Ino had asked.

"I don't know, I just feel like being alone right now." She said with an apologetic smile. "I'll make it up to you tomorrow." She bid them goodbye when they nodded and left.

She walked towards the rooftop, concluding that no one would be there since students weren't allowed to eat there at all. When she reached the door, she stopped upon seeing that it was slightly open. With her brows knitting after assuming that a student had decided to break the rules, she readied herself to accuse the troublemaker, only to stop when she saw her new classmate standing on the railing of the rooftop, one hand pocketed, and the other letting a small sparrow resting on his forefinger.

"Hey! That's dangerous!" she yelled, running towards him when he was startled at her sudden outburst. Her eyes widened when she saw how his body fell forward that she made a mad dash to reach him, but failed miserably. Although, she managed to sigh in relief when Sasuke was successful in grabbing onto the handrail and was able to pull himself up. She was amazed at how he twisted his body to lift himself and land perfectly back on solid ground right in front of her kneeling position on the floor.

She did slide earlier in an attempt to rescue him, but ended up doing so a second too late.

Her mind told her to look up at him, but her beating heart was restraining her from doing so. His tall form towering over her was intimidating, but she could feel how his aura wasn't frightening at all. In fact, it felt welcoming to her.

A sigh escaped his lips, and she finally decided to meet his eyes.

"You could've killed me there." He said, offering one hand to her as she took it, thanking him when he pulled her up.

Without replying to her gratitude, he turned his head a bit to look over his shoulder. "Great, the sparrow flew away." He murmured, scratching the back of his spiky hair. "Mind telling me what you were doing?"

"Uh…" she blushed when his eyes looked at her small form. "Well, I… thought this place was… empty, so…" she stumbled with her words, cursing herself for looking stupid in front of the new kid. She didn't expect him to laugh lightly though, and she was puzzled at his reaction. Just earlier, he seemed to show a hostile attitude to the class, but now, he looked quite the opposite.

"You had this desire to want to be alone then?"

"Yeah." She nodded.

"Hn. That makes both of us." He shrugged at that and turned his back to her to lean against the railing, enjoying the calm breeze that greeted his flawless face. A small smirk made its way to his lips as he glanced at her. "You don't have to look at me like that, you know?"


Another chuckle came from him.

"I'm not as cold as you think I am." He shrugged. "Let's just say, I don't like talking in front of too many people. It makes me nervous."

"Ah." She smiled in understanding. "I know the feeling."

"Hn." He pulled away and turned around, his back resting against the safety rails. "So, you know my name, how about yours?"

"Haruno Sakura." She beamed. "Just call me Sakura."

"First name basis already?" he smirked. "Aren't you getting too friendly too soon?"

"It's in my nature."

"Hn." He turned his head to the side, eyeing the blue horizon. "In that case, call me Sasuke."

She tilted her head. "Are you… okay with that?"

"Why not?" he leaned closer to her, smirking at the blush on her face, thinking how cute it looked on her. "I don't like your eyes…" he whispered. "They're making me drown." He pulled away and walked passed her, leaving her face flushed too much. Coming from him, it made her feel a bit weak. She was aware of how she looked, even though she isn't as cute as Hinata, as sexy as Ino, as gorgeous as Temari or as pretty as Tenten. To be told that she made a boy drown in her green orbs was already quite a compliment! Plus the fact that it came from Sasuke, whom she figured would be a heartthrob sooner or later, was making her heart beat wilder than ever.

"Are you flirting with me?" she asked with her head lowered.

Sasuke stopped from exiting the place and glanced at her. "You could say that," he said softly, but her ears caught it. "Then again," he turned to face her fully when she had enough courage to look at him straight on. "You can't blame me for liking you." He shrugged. "I may hate the idea of being attracted to a girl due to her looks, but it can't be helped." And he left, leaving her staring at where he once was.

"That… did not just happen…"

She made a move to leave, failing to notice a stray black feather that lay on the ground, before being blown away by the wind.

"Did you find it?"

Sasuke checked the area first before answering the caller. "Yeah, one Death Angel down."

"You weren't caught?"

"No. Close, but no – I was able to cover it."

"Good. Search for the remaining ones tomorrow. Remember, only one kill a day, you can't be found out."

"Got it dad." And he hung up. His eyes looked over his shoulder as he spotted Sakura run pass him, her face still red as she dashed down the corridor to make it back to her classroom in time. Sighing in relief, he emerged from the shadowy area of the corner and tried to act as natural as possible. For the sake of everyone, he had to complete this mission.

He closed his eyes as an image of Sakura's innocent smile plagued his thoughts. He wasn't lying when he said he found her attractive, but he had to prioritize his mission first before even bothering to get closer to her. He can only hope that she got the message of not being comfortable or friendly in front of big groups. "Not to mention," he smirked wickedly as his eyes focused down the path that the pink-haired girl had taken. "She seems to know something about Death Angels."

To be continued…

Next in Death Angel: Chapter 2: Sparks

"So, tell me, Sakura, are you two… you know…"

"No, Ino. Sasuke's just a friend. I mean, I only met him yesterday!"

"You don't need a week to go out and get to know each other." Temari said.

"Ah geez." Sakura smiled a bit. "I'm not… oh fine, I admit, he's-"

"Hot?" Ino suggested. "And dare I say, sexy?"

Sakura blushed. "Attractive."

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