Death Angel

"Like hell."

Fugaku sighed – none of his sons will ever get rid of the habit of cursing or using inappropriate words.

"I won't allow it." Sasuke told Kasumi. "Whoever Danzo is, he can drop the whole thing or I'll have to kick his ass to force him to stop."

"Sasuke," Fugaku called in a warning tone. "You happen to be talking to the mother of your mate."

"Educating me about my language won't stop that General from getting to her or to Sakura." He turned to his father. "Let me go."

"No." He answered almost immediately. "It's too risky to send you to CA alone."

"Then give me a team to lead."

Fugaku's eyes narrowed. "I let you off easy the last times you disobeyed orders, but this time, I won't."

"So you're just going to wait for CA to come here?"

"No," he walked towards his spot at the council. "I will send a team who has members much more experienced and older than you."

Madara smirked. "In terms of experience, your sons are already in the lead."

"I won't send Itachi either." Fugaku said, eyeing Sasuke. "Don't even attempt to change my mind, Sasuke."

His fists clenched, but he calmed down and lowered his head slightly. "Understood."

Because among the members of the supposedly respected council, it is only his father whom each Guardian has utmost respect in and he wouldn't dare to be the first Guardian who would break that.

Chapter 11: Admonition

"Mom!" She embraced her mother tightly and cried, unaware of how her boyfriend smiled at the scene and left the guest room to give the two some privacy.

"I missed you too Sakura." Kasumi whispered, kissing her daughter's forehead. "And your father does as well."

"I don't know if I do," she admitted. "I left home mad at him, so I'm not sure if I do miss him."

"Please, Sakura, try to understand." She held her daughter closer. "Your father knows about me, and now, he knows you're one too."

"Then why won't-"

"He didn't want you to be targeted by CA, and after finding out about Sasuke being a Guardian, he grew worried that Hunters will bring harm to you."

"How is that possible?"

"Your father doesn't know that Sasuke is the son of my tamer."

Sakura's eyes widened. "Fugaku-tousan is your tamer?"


"Um…" she blushed. "He insisted."

Kasumi just gave a small smile. "Anyway, yes, your father had no idea. I didn't think Fugaku is Sasuke's father, because I know the name of Uchiha is rampant, and he could have been anyone's son."

"There's no denying it," Sakura said. "It has to be fate."

"Guardians do not believe in fate, they believe in making their own choices because they believe in free will - something the Almighty has given to all of us."

"Yeah, Guardians inherited their GIFT from above, so they have deep faith and devotion in Him."

"That's right." Kasumi touched Sakura's cheeks as tears slid down her eyes just by watching her daughter. "Look at you, all grown up. You're even committed to a direct descendant of the first Guardian." She smiled and laughed lightly. "You've come a long way at such a young age."

"Sometimes, I wonder…" the teen murmured. "Sasuke may have been Shuiro's descendant, and Shuiro had a Rogue for a mate," her voice softened. "A Rogue like me."

"Who knows?" Kasumi got what Sakura was implying. "You may or may not be his mate's descendant as well; she might have had a sister or brother who continued the line."

"Brother, actually."

The two looked up to see Mikoto smiling at them.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you both, but I just figured you two may want some tea and cookies."

Kasumi stood up and greeted Mikoto with a hug. "I missed you, Mikoto."

"I did too Kasumi." She returned the embrace as they both smiled at each other upon pulling away. "And look what happened, my son and your daughter ended up together."

"I know, it's funny, isn't it?"


"Wait," Sakura called their attention. "Shuiro's mate had a brother?"

"Yes." Mikoto said as Kasumi asked her to sit down with them on the bed the room provided. "An older twin brother named Reito."

"Shuiro's mate, what's her name?"

"Reita, of course," she said. "And would you believe that her last name is Haruno?"

"But… my father-"

"Isn't a Rogue, I know." Mikoto nodded. "It was your grandfather who was a Rogue, actually."

"Sakura, your father is born outside the main family, he didn't know that his mother was raped, so he is a son of another man - a human, which is why he was born human."

"My grandfather didn't know…"

"No one did, until your parents decided to have a special test before their marriage, to see if you can be born a human and not a Rogue." Mikoto clarified.

"And my father, does he know?"

"Yes, but he and Kasumi chose to keep it a secret from your grandparents to prevent them from a heartbreaking news."

"Didn't my grandparents think that my father could have been the rapist's child?"

"They thought Ikichi was already a fetus when it happened." Kasumi said. "It was only about a difference of six to eight days when your grandparents… you know, and the rapist."

Sakura nodded in understanding and looked at Mikoto. "So, what happened to Reito and Reita?"

"Reito was tamed by Shuiro as well; after all, it was Reita's wish. However, he didn't want to be bound to the Uchihas, so he went to continue the legacy of Haruno, not knowing that it would only result to more Rogues." Mikoto raised a hand to stop Sakura from asking so that she could finish the story first. "That's why it was a never ending war. Shuiro may have said that Rogues could be tamed, but some of his fellow Guardians refused to tame them, and humans wanted to kill them, but Rogues continue to live on and on whether female born or male, it all started with Reito's family."

"His children, his children's children, and so on." Sakura murmured. "So, all those Rogues out there, some of them could have been a cousin of mine."

"Yes." Mikoto nodded. "But as I've said, humans continued to kill them, some humans formed CA to capture them for experiments until they died, and Hunters killed them once they've attacked a human or tasted blood."

"But… Shuiro… Reita… and Reito…"

"What Sasuke is doing right now was what Shuiro once did in hopes of ending the killing spree." She paused for a moment before continuing. "He wishes to succeed where Shuiro had failed."

"Then why does the council want him to stop?"

"They think he's making another mistake, especially after he turned you into his mate. They think he's only repeating history."

Sakura narrowed her eyes. "That's stupid; I don't even have a brother."

Mikoto laughed. "That's true." She sighed. "Shuiro only got a few followers to continue his teachings and ways, whereas the others pretended to follow, but didn't. That's why Rogues continue to perish. Let's not forget that Shuiro tamed Reita even if she has already tasted human blood, much like how Sasuke let Hinata tame Kiba. We may be all considered as Shuiro's descendants, but it is only Sasuke who has shown signs of being a direct progeny – as if he was chosen among all of us."

"I've heard that… it's been centuries since a Guardian turned a Rogue into his or her mate… is this true?"

"That's the main proof of Sasuke's connection with Shuiro: they both tamed a Rogue to be their mate." She said. "You've seen Shuiro, right?"


"Do you see the resemblance Sasuke shares with him?"

"Compared to the other male Uchihas, yes."

"Let me show you why the council wants to stop Sasuke."

She led both women to another room, a room which Sakura thought to be a basement at first since it was full of antiques and other objects that she was sure dated back years or centuries ago.

"Ah, here we are." Mikoto stood next to a large object covered by a huge cloth. "This is the first sculpture of Reita, a gift Shuiro had given to her after their ritual as official mates."

Sakura watched as Mikoto pulled off the cloth and unveiled a marble sculpture of a woman who had long hair, as well as a kind and beautiful smile.

"That's… Reita?" She almost gasped out.

"You've seen Sasuke and Shuiro's uncanny resemblance, and now, you have just seen yours with Reita's."

Mikoto left Sakura to stare at the statue to look for something, while Kasumi smiled at her daughter's look of disbelief.

"If that's not enough to make a believer out of you," Mikoto walked towards Sakura and handed her a medium-sized frame. "This will." She unwrapped the artwork which revealed itself to be a painting of the lovers in each other's arms.

Like the portraits she's seen in the old castle that Sasuke took her in, both Shuiro and Reita's eyes weren't looking back at the person who stared at them from the real world.

Both Death Angels had their heads lowered, with Shuiro doing so to look at his mate, whereas Reita did so to lean closer to her lover.

Sakura took note of Shuiro dressed like a Crusader type of Knight – clothing that Mikoto said was what warriors or Hunters wore back then. What caught Sakura's eyes were the celestial wings from behind Shuiro which protectively encased Reita, who was wearing a pure white dress with see-through sleeves. But what really made her stare at the picture was Reita's hair and eye color – they were the same as hers.


"It's hard to believe, I know." Mikoto said. "Trust me, when Sasuke was around six or seven years old, he thought the painting of Shuiro is like a version of his older self – and in a way, it is, save for their hairstyles." She smiled at Sakura. "Same goes for you, I guess, since Reita's bangs is the same with Shuiro's – they cover her forehead and almost hide her eyes."

"As a child, Sakura hid her forehead in embarrassment." Kasumi piped in. "Until her best friend, Ino, forced her to stop being ashamed of it."

"But… Reita doesn't appear to be like me in any way." Sakura said while her fingers traced the woman's face. "She looks much more ladylike…"

"That was how women behaved in the old times dear." Kasumi said.

"If it makes you feel better," Mikoto grinned. "Shuiro isn't exactly like Sasuke."

"How so..?"

"I'm sure you've seen how my son acts around fan girls. As for Shuiro, he would only smile at them politely and shake his head in refusal."

"Let me guess," Sakura said. "Reita is soft-spoken, whereas I don't really care if I speak my mind."


"Yes dear." Kasumi said, giving Mikoto a wink. "You should see Sakura throw a tantrum."

"Despite your differences with Reita, it doesn't mean that you two do not share anything in common." Mikoto placed a hand on Sakura's head. "Like I've told Sasuke, it is not only the appearance."

"Then, what do I have in common with Reita?"

"You have Sasuke as Reita has Shuiro," Mikoto giggled. "You hold back the urge to drink blood, even if Sasuke lets you drink his you still try to refuse, much like how Reita does when Shuiro offered his blood to her. Let's not forget that whereas Sasuke and Shuiro have the same goals, you continuously support him, like Reita did to Shuiro."

"What… exactly happened to them?"

Mikoto's smile turned forlorn. "Reita was killed by humans; Shuiro's depression turned to hatred, and before he could let his anger out onto the world, he ended his life, leaving his sons and daughters to continue his legacy and teachings, as well as to remind the other Guardians to never turn to the dark side, and that their abilities are a gift from the Almighty, thus it is called: GIFT."

"…What's with the long face?"

She didn't raise her head for a moment until she sat down on his bed next to him.


"…They were right… somehow."

He furrowed his brows. "What do you mean?"

She looked at him in the eye. "Tell me, Sasuke, what made you attracted to me?"


"You heard me…" she said softly. "Why did you like me back then?"

He didn't answer for a moment, for he chose to study her eyes first.

"Don't lie, please."

"…I don't know." He admitted. "But I did tell you then that I hate being attracted to a girl because of her looks, however, it can't be avoided."

"When did you realize you love me?"

"Am I supposed to have a reason to feel that way towards you?"

"I'm Reita's descendant, Sasuke! The council was right! They said we're only in a relationship because of Shuiro and Reita! We're only repeating history!"

He narrowed his eyes. "Are you saying that our feelings aren't genuine?"

"Face it!" She cried out. "We're attracted to each other in the beginning because of our looks! That's it! What made our feelings grow deeper is because of you being Shuiro's descendant, and me, Reita's!"

She expected him to argue back, or yell at least, but she didn't think he'd force her on her back and pin her arms down on the bed. She didn't think he'd glare at her with red eyes, nor did she expected him to kiss her.

She thought they would continue to argue, debate and what not, but instead, he just kissed her lips and then her neck. Even when she kept telling him to listen, he still continued to shower her with physical affection; harsh kisses or light nips, slow and hard licks or a quick flick of the tip of his tongue; it differed, and it helped calm her anger down a bit.

"Listen to yourself…" he murmured after placing his forehead against hers. "Just listen to what you're saying…"

She looked at his closed eyes, saw his knitted brows; she could feel how stressed he was just from what she said, and somehow, it made her feel guilty.

"Descendants or not," he slowly opened his eyes, and she saw them back to their normal color. "I don't care."

He let one of her wrists go and held her hand. He brought it to his chest where his heart was, and she could feel the fast beat slowly calm down.

"What you're feeling right now against your palm, it's for you and no one else." He enclosed his fingers with hers, still keeping her palm on his chest. "And for the record, I didn't know you were Reita's descendant – until now."

Her eyes slightly widened.

"And when you told me your feelings, you still weren't aware of my true identity as a Guardian; you still didn't know that I am Shuiro's descendant." He pulled back a bit. "Look me in the eye Sakura, look at me and tell me that you don't love me."

She looked at him, stared into his dark eyes.

He waited, watched as her lips parted, but his ears never heard her say what he told her to speak of.

"Tell me." He said, his grip on her hand tightening. "Tell me you don't love me."

She shook her head as her eyes shut tight.

"Look at me." He said. "Look at me and say you don't feel the same way as I do."

"…I…" she gazed at him. "I…"

"Tell me."

"I can't." she said in a soft voice. "It's just not possible."

"Then say what you really feel while keeping your eyes on mine."

She looked at him, and her mind ran back to the council's words the day Juugo was tamed; she recalled Mikoto's story about Shuiro and Reita, remembered how she and Sasuke became lovers.

His grip on her hand loosened a bit, and she instantly pulled her hand back and placed it at the back of his head, afterwards, pulled him down so that her lips would be right next to his ear.

Her head was tilted to the side a bit while he kissed her neck lightly.

"I love you." She murmured, wrapping both arms around his neck. "I love you…" she repeated, her cheeks flushing when he bit her lightly. "I love you, I love you, I love you…"

The narrowed looks…

The intensifying glares…

"So… this is what it feels like to be in a Guardian's presence," he looked around discreetly. "A place full of them too."

"What brings you here, human?" One had spoken while stepping forward. "You are not welcome here."

He raised his head to meet the speaker's eyes. "I wish to speak to Uchiha Sasuke."

He noted how some had widened their eyes, and how some murmured amongst each other.

His ears caught how they addressed the Guardian he was looking for, and he concluded that they thought highly of him, and they respected him.

"Why do you want to have an audience with Sasuke-sama?"

"No doubt about it, Sasuke really is of royalty here." He lowered his head. "To inform him of tragic news…"

He earned a snort. "Whatever CA brings is always tragic." He narrowed his eyes at the smaller man. "And you are not worth meeting with him."

"Then perhaps being his mate's father counts?"

That piece of information just changed the dark aura the Guardians had.

"You're… Sakura-san's father?"

"I see… being Sasuke's partner, she has also earned respect." He nodded once.

"We need evidence," one whispered to a Guardian next to him. "Fugaku-sama has ordered tight security; no one must enter without their consent."

"Yeah but Sakura-san managed to get in."

"She carried Sasuke-sama's blood within her, therefore no one stopped her from entering the territory."

Ikichi gave a silent sigh. "Can I give him a call, perhaps?"

The Death Angel who spoke to him shook his head. "I'll call him." And he pulled out his mobile to contact the young Guardian.

"There's no need for that."

Everyone turned their attention to the orange-haired Rogue who has been tamed by Sasuke himself.

"Juugo…" Ikichi said in a soft voice. "You…"

Juugo looked at Ikichi. "My tamer sensed your presence and sent me to escort you to him." He turned to the rest of the Guardians. "These are orders from Sasuke-sama himself."

When the Guardians nodded, Ikichi walked in and followed Juugo, at the same time, turned his head from left to right.

He noted the terrified looks from the Death Angels who were just kids, and how some had glared at him yet refrained from bringing him harm.


"They know who I am," he said. "They know I am serving Sasuke-sama, therefore," he glanced at him. "No one will dare to attack you, unless one of them will lose control of their hatred for CA."

Ikichi nodded in understanding, now fully aware just what CA has been up to all this time. "Tell me, Juugo, how did you become his servant?"

"I chose to be."


He stopped walking, so Ikichi did as well.

"Sasuke-sama…" he spoke. "Saved me from my bloodlust and thirst for killing," he looked at Ikichi. "He tamed me even if the law says to kill me." And he began to walk once more, Ikichi wondering just what Juugo meant.

It took a few minutes for them to arrive at the main house, which was also connected to the HQ and training facility of DAH.

"I thought DAH doesn't really exist?"

"It's just a cover-up of the identities of Guardians." He led the way inside the house. "However, I cannot tell you more, for I have boundaries despite being under a direct descendant's command." He stopped before the large sliding doors and stepped aside. "As a protocol, you have to meet with the councilmen first."

Despite not entering the room just yet, he could feel the tension from behind the metallic sliding doors.

"Don't worry." Juugo assured. "They may bad mouth you, but they cannot harm you." The doors soon slid open, and Ikichi stepped in with Juugo following.

"Why not?" He asked in a soft voice.

"Because Sasuke-sama won't allow it."

Ikichi somehow felt a pang of guilt for having been harsh on the young Guardian whom he had a good relationship with at first, until he found out about his true identity. "Sakura's right," he thought, recalling his daughter's words when she ran away from home and managed to give his men the slip. "Not all Death Angels are as evil as I believe them to be." He shut his eyes and clenched his fists. "She and Kasumi are already good examples."

He already knew…

…Right from the beginning, he knew.

Kasumi told him she was a Death Angel, yet he still married her.

He was told that Sakura may or may not be a Rogue, but there's a high chance that their daughter will be one, and yet, he didn't care and still loved them both.

He was part of CA, and later became the Captain, and he grew obsessed in hunting the creatures down for the sake of finding a way to rid the curse. Because unlike Guardians, there are some humans who believe that Death Angels are sent by Hell instead of Heaven, and Ikichi wanted his wife and daughter to be normal.

If he hadn't met Haku, he wouldn't have found out the truth…

He would have ended up helping the General eliminate Death Angels, and he would have contributed to an experiment on humans being injected with Death Angel powers.

"Haruno Ikichi, correct?"

He looked up at an old man and nodded.

"Hmph." His nose twitched. "Just like the scent of that girl and that woman," he snarled. "Impure blood."

He had to bite his tongue in order not to lash out.

"Rogues… humans…" The old man continued while eyeing both Ikichi and Juugo with a critical eye. "Filthy beings…"

He couldn't help that last comment, so he opened his mouth, ready to lash out, but someone else beat him to it.

"Say that again."

Ikichi quickly shut his mouth when he noted the councilmen stiffen.

"I dare you."

He saw Juugo kneel down on one knee from his peripheral vision, and also heard him utter "Sasuke-sama".

He heard approaching footsteps, and he felt the owner stop next to him.

The old man managed to recover from the shock and narrowed his eyes at the young Guardian. "You had this human brought in here? He's a CA soldier Sasuke! Have you completely lost your mind?"

When Ikichi blinked, he felt a breeze blow, and he saw the old man who insulted him earlier being held by the neck and was currently hovering from the high platform he sat on earlier.

"Sasuke! Are you mad?" One of the other members yelled.

The teen only glared with red eyes. "I am running out of patience with all of you for badmouthing not only my mate and her mother, but also her father."

"Calm down Sasuke."

Ikichi saw the boy's eyes turn back to onyx, and he reluctantly set the old man back on his chair, gave one last glare before jumping off of the platform and landing on the floor.

"Tou-san." He greeted.

Fugaku walked pass Ikichi, but spared him a glance, before placing a hand on his son's shoulder. "What's bothering you? You're not normally this violent."

It was barely a whisper, but Ikichi somehow heard what Fugaku said.

"I don't know," Sasuke answered with a shake of his head before lowering his gaze. "I just… feel uneasy all of a sudden."

The Haruno patriarch had a hunch that Sasuke's behavior had something to do with Haku.

She heard the sound of the door opening and then closing.

She waited for her mate to lie next to her or perhaps feel his arms around her.

However, all Sakura could hear was the sound of a fist colliding with a wall, and that made her sit up all of a sudden.

Her eyes grew wide upon seeing Sasuke kneeling on the ground, the wall of his room having a crack due to the punch he did with his left hand. His right was pressed against the closed door while his head was hung low.

From what the pink-haired Rogue could see, the Guardian's teeth were gritted, and his bangs shadowed his eyes, preventing her from seeing the eyes that held so many emotions beneath those raven strands of hair.

Her sharpened hearing heard his harsh breathing and how he was forcing himself to control it – stopping it from being ragged.

She could feel the current depression and anger mixing within him.

The moment her eyes spotted his shoulders twitch, she immediately got out of bed and was soon embracing him around his waist, his back against her front while her eyes also mimicked his shut ones.


He started to breathe hard the moment his name escaped her lips.

"It's okay…" she said in a soft voice, though he knew Sakura was also stopping herself from crying. "It's okay to cry…"

A sound came from his mouth, something close to a curse but not entirely a word, and she knew he was still holding back, and she could perfectly understand why he refused to let his emotions out.

He was trying to be strong, not only for her but also for the others.

Sasuke needed to remain composed.

Like his daughter's mate, he was also warned not to infiltrate CA.

But like Sakura, he was stubborn as well.

"I'm not going to stand by and do nothing. It's my fault things got to this… it's my fault that Haku is dead…"

He closed his eyes for a moment and recalled how Sasuke and his teammates reacted after being told of a comrade's death. The girl, Hinata was her name, had fallen to her knees and cried silent tears. The blonde one, Naruto perhaps, was frozen in shock, while the silver-haired man called Kakashi seemed to be unaffected, but Ikichi could tell the devastation in his eyes.

What he couldn't forget was how Sasuke had shook. He remembered the boy's shaking fists, took note of how his lips were slightly parted, as if wanting to say something but couldn't find his voice or the right words to utter.

"It truly is my fault." He said to himself. "Haku risked his cover by coming to my office and telling me everything – the files, the proofs, they were all there. He knew I wouldn't believe his words if he didn't have any evidence, and the clues he gave me were all true – all fact."

The damn General of CA was a power-hungry old man. Shimura Danzo wanted the strongest soldiers, the bravest and fastest…

He wanted a new breed of human race.

He didn't want to cure Death Angels from their curse just as Ikichi was led to believe. No; CA's true goal is to actually extract the powers of a Death Angel (preferably a Guardian) and pass it on to a human soldier.

"It's mad." He murmured. "They don't even value human lives."

After deciding which side he would take, he and Haku had almost escaped but Danzo seemed to know almost everything, and Haku risked his life just for him, Haruno Ikichi, to escape and be reunited with his family.

Ikichi knew that that wasn't just the reason for Haku's sacrifice.

The young Death Angel's words about Sasuke repeated in his head, reminding him just how much Haku respected Sasuke.

Sasuke hasn't been himself lately even if he's with your daughter.

It could have meant anything, but Ikichi knew it was a silent plead, a request that he forgive the boy.

"I know what I must do, what I have to attempt, what I need to accomplish."

With a soft kiss against his wife's forehead, he whispered to her his feelings and his goodbyes, before taking his leave as quietly as possible.

Getting out of DAH's compound without being detected will be a hard task, but he can bet that his determination will aid him.

It was hard to believe that Haku was dead. It felt like a part of him, of them, had gone.


He turned to look at the girl he's been hiding his true feelings from, seeing tears staining her cheeks, a frown etched on her lips. The very heartbreaking emotion in her glossy eyes made him wrap an arm around her.

"This… this can't…"

"But it can, Hinata." He said in a soft whisper, afterwards, pulled her into a hug as she broke down yet again. "Ironic as it sounds, even Death Angels die; Rogues, Guardians, or Enhanced."

"Haku… he just… he…" she sobbed. "Haku was one of the best…"

"I know." Naruto nodded once and brought his other arm around her. "I know…"

He felt how his heart was aching just seeing Hinata like this, she just looked so vulnerable that even if he wanted to mourn for an ally, he couldn't – because he knew Hinata needed comfort, and he can give it to her wholeheartedly.

"Haku…" he let his thoughts trail off, unsure of what to say to his deceased friend, knowing for a fact that no matter how loud he may even shout his teammate will never hear him…

Hinata sobbed. "I just can't believe Haku is really dead…"

ever again.

The atmosphere was so sullen that he didn't know what he would say or do.

Standing in the presence of the Councilmen was one thing, especially since he's considered to be an "illegal" member of DAH, but having to be near the four people whom he was sure were the very reason why it was so gloomy is another.

"First things first," Fugaku spoke, his calm yet superior tone making Kiba relax a bit, but not enough to not show any hint of respect. "Since Hinata is Kiba's tamer, he will be taking Haku's spot, not as a Hunter, but a Tracker."

"Tracker..?" Kakashi questioned, one brow raised while one hand was placed firmly on Naruto's shoulder in order to prevent the boy from complaining.

"A new type of… Guardian." Fugaku hesitated to call Kiba that, since he was still pretty much a Rogue. "They're like Scouts, only instead of information gathering, they follow the scent of the target you're tailing."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed slightly. "What else do you want to tell us?"

Fugaku almost smiled at how quick his son had figured that out. "I may have to reshuffle your team-"

"What?" Naruto did not let Kakashi stop him from yelling.

"-Unless" Fugaku continued, increasing the volume of his voice and giving Naruto a sharp look. "You show potential to be a Scout and Mender."

Naruto twitched slightly.

"Worry not," the superior Guardian proceeded to speak. "I have considered keeping two Hunters in one team, along with one Scout, one Mender, and one Tracker."

Naruto gritted his teeth to stop himself from arguing to the highest ranking Death Angel.

"Tou-san," Sasuke sighed. "The four of us are Hunters, if we were to follow your recent order, then that means two of us will either be transferred to another team, unless we show potential in becoming either Scout or Mender."

"That's the idea." He nodded. "Kakashi, you're the leader, what do you think?"

Kakashi scratched the back of his head. He hated these types of decisions - it was always hard to pick an answer.

"I guess, to be honest, I can leave the team. They pretty much know a lot already without needing my guidance."

Again, Naruto was about to yell but Hinata shook her head at him, telling him to not make it any harder for their team to disband.

"Besides," Kakashi chuckled. "I'd pretty much be more at ease if I were to stay by Kurenai, she's become a Tracker, right?"

Fugaku nodded, and then looked over at the remaining three members. "You'll have to decide now."

Naruto bit his lower lip. It was hard to leave the team, especially since Sasuke's his best friend and Hinata is his secret love…

"I'll leave."

The blue-eyed Death Angel turned to look at Sasuke with wide eyes.

"Kiba has to stick to his tamer at all times, and I doubt Naruto would want to leave Hinata alone, so I should be the one to go." He paused for a few moments, and then continued. "However, I'd like to be the one to handle Sakura and Juugo – it is by default that they should be under my command and no one else's."

"Yes, that's right." Fugaku nodded. "You are their tamers, we cannot keep you from them."


"So far, from the training we've conducted, Sakura has the potential to be a Mender, while Juugo shows signs of being either a Tracker or a Scout." He leaned back on his chair. "But the two also have qualities of a Hunter."

"Then I'll need one more Hunter and either a Scout or Tracker to complete the team."

"We actually had several names listed who could take the jobs, but…" he sighed. "With your experience, they wouldn't be able to keep up – except for one Hunter who… well, I doubt you'll get along with him."

Sasuke frowned at this. "There's no other choice given the circumstances, it's best we accomplish this now than later."

"Very well." He nodded. "I'll have a Scout send him in."

It didn't take long for them to wait, for a noisy Hunter.

Sasuke had to stop himself from pinching the bridge of his nose at the headache he was sure would come.

"Yo, what's up?" He saluted at Fugaku playfully and gave a toothy grin.

"This is Suigetsu, he'll be the Hunter who will be a part of your team."

Suigetsu showed sharp rows of teeth upon grinning, and he frowned when the team before him didn't bother to return the smile, save for the tall one who had silver hair, who waved at him in greeting.

"So… who among you will I be playing with?" He turned to the only female of the group and grinned. "I hope it's you."

Kiba and Naruto had both stepped up in front of Hinata with a snarl.

"Or not…" He frowned. "So that leaves either you," he pointed at Kakashi. "Or you." And he looked over at Sasuke who kept a blank face while observing him. "…I hope it's not you." He mumbled under his breath, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck raise from the ice-cold stare he was receiving from Sasuke.

"That's my son, Suigetsu." Fugaku spoke, trying to hide his amusement. "And he'll be your team leader."

"A-Ah… I… see." He grimaced slightly. "So, who are our other teammates?"

"I've already asked for them, they'll be arriving-" the door slid open. "Now."

And Suigetsu turned to see a man enter. He had orange spiky hair and an impassive expression on his face, but when he gave a small smile to greet him, he felt his stiff shoulders relax a bit. This one must be their Scout or Tracker, since he and Sasuke were already the Hunters. That only leaves the Mender, who was still behind the tall and large man.

"This is Juugo. He can serve as your Scout or Tracker, and has potential to be a Hunter as well." Fugaku explained. "Following behind him is your Mender who can also be your Hunter, her name is Sakura, and she's-"

Fugaku got cut off when Suigetsu instantly rushed over to Sakura and grabbed her hand, shaking it with both his hands enthusiastically, a large grin on his face as Sakura stared at him with a dumbfounded look.

"Thank goodness there's an angel in the group! And wow, you're quite the looker!" He leaned closer to her face. "I'd love to take you out to dinner."

"I-" before Sakura could even speak, Suigetsu felt a hand on his shoulder, and was soon pulled back and thrown aside about thirty feet away from the pink-haired Death Angel.

"Ow! What the fuck was that for?" He sat up with a glare, only to be met by red eyes glaring back at him. "Um…"

"You're right tou-san, I won't get along with him." He said in a low voice, still glaring at Suigetsu.

"Uh…" Suigetsu turned to Fugaku who was rubbing his temples. "Did I… miss something?"

"I'd appreciate it if you not lay even a finger on my mate ever again."

Suigetsu's jaw dropped after Sasuke spoke, and he turned to look at Naruto and Kiba snickering, at Kakashi sighing, Hinata forcing back a smile, Juugo looking at him blankly, and Sakura having a blush on her face.

"I'll… remember that." He grimaced. His back was gonna be sore for a week.

The day has barely ended, yet he was still pissed, but it wasn't just because of the reshuffling of teams, nor was it because of Suigetsu, rather, he was pissed that Ikichi had left the compound and not even a single Death Angel had managed to stop him.

As he quietly packed his weapons, he thought of a couple of plans on how to get into CA besides the route he had taken when he rescued Kurenai. He drew a blank at some, and cancelled the others that were sure to backfire. Sasuke was pretty sure that since his break-in, security must have been tighter now, and that meant dodging more guards and avoiding as many alarms and cameras as possible.

"Going somewhere?"

He stopped loading a clip in one of his handguns and turned to look at his brother who leaned against the weapon room's doorway.

"I don't need to answer that."

"Yeah." Itachi nodded and walked towards him, eyeing the rifle that was inside a bag, along with a couple of clips and grenades. "Don't forget the katana."

"Hn." He closed his eyes and sighed. "You're not stopping me."

"I find it a pain to." He smirked. "Once you've made up your mind, no one can stop you."

"Same goes for you." Sasuke kept a gun on his holster around his waist, strapped his katana onto his back, and made sure to keep a knife inside one of his boots. "Just make sure I do get out of here undetected."

"You scored as high as me in stealth, I doubt anyone would see you." He crossed his arms and looked at his brother. "It's getting out of CA I'm more worried about."

"Then make sure I get out of there too."

"Alright, I'll keep an eye on you from afar – if you need help, I won't hesitate to go after you, got it?"

"Not like I can do anything about it." He picked up his bag and motorcycle keys before leaving the room with Itachi in tow. "In the meantime, be my distraction."

Itachi grinned and gave a two-finger salute. "I thought you'd never say that."

His silence was usually a sign that he could erupt any minute, but that didn't stop his eldest son from grinning, nor did it stop Mikoto from trying to calm him down.

"Where is he, Itachi."

"Who, dear father of mine?"

"You know very well who I am looking for."

"No I do not."

"You broke windows and tossed pebbles at our Scouts," he grunted. "There is only one person you'll agree to playing the distraction, and that's Sasuke."

"Hey, I agreed to be the distraction on Kakashi's team at one time, and it wasn't Sasuke who asked but Hinata."

"Itachi!" He stood and slammed his hands on his desk. "The reason I am holding you here in my office instead of the council room is because I do not want another case on you and your brother! So stop giving me a reason to regret this!"

"Well, I think you know where he is anyway."

"He didn't…"

"Oh yes he did, father." Itachi kept grinning. "He's as stubborn as you are, after all."

"Mikoto, call for the Scouts and Trackers."

"Do that, and they'll easily detect Sasuke." Itachi said, stopping his mother from doing what was told. "Sasuke and I scored the highest in stealth, but his rating is about five percent higher than mine, so he'll have no problem infiltrating CA."

"It's him getting out of there I'm more worried about."

"Which is what I also told him, but not to worry, I'll get him out if the situation turns dire."

"Why is it that you and Sasuke can twist me into your own whims?"

"Because, dear father of mine," Itachi chuckled. "We are your sons."

The moment the guard who had captured him lay dead, he already knew who was out there aiding him.

"You can come out, you know." He called out, not too loud to alert any other patrol units.

It took a few seconds before someone appeared before him, holding what he believes to be a sniper rifle.

"What else can you do, Sasuke?"

"A lot more," he answered. "What are you doing here?"

"To stop the General."

"Not when you're unarmed." He said with narrowed eyes. "I thought being the CA's Captain would make you better than this, Ikichi-san."

"Humans can't enter your turf armed, so of course my guns were confiscated." He blinked when Sasuke set a bag on the ground and pulled out two handguns – his to be more specific.

"Where do we go?"


"I'm already here, I may as well, help you out on this mission of yours, I doubt you'd be willing to come back without accomplishing your goal."

"…Sasuke, I may not be able to get out of this alive."

"I figured, why do you think did I go after you?"

Ikichi opened his mouth to speak, but stopped himself when he couldn't find the right words to respond to that.

"Now that we're done talking, let's go."

He followed Sasuke to a different route he had plan on taking, and there were a lot more guards, making him question Sasuke's plans.

"CA will expect us to head for the place with lesser security, and that may lead to our capture."

"But this is risky!"

"I know." He suddenly grabbed a guard who walked by them and covered his nose and mouth with a cloth. After a bit of a struggle, the guard lay unconscious, and Sasuke removed his jacket and pants before looking at Ikichi. "You should wear a disguise."

"What about you?"

"I'll create a diversion in the lesser secured area, and once they all head there, you're clear to enter the building." He stood and pulled out to grenades from his bag. "I'll catch up soon."

With a nod, Ikichi walked off and pretended to patrol the area right after he wore the knocked-out soldier's uniform and cap. Sasuke carefully moved within the shadows, pressing himself against walls if necessary, before moving again and keeping a low profile to avoid detection. Once he reached his destination, he pulled off the clips of the grenades with his teeth and threw one to the right, while the other was tossed to the left. Without waiting for the explosion, he dived behind a nearby tree and crouched down while taking out his rifle, afterwards, lay on the ground and peered through the scope. He replaced the lens for a night vision scope, shooting down the ones who were far from the cluster of soldiers that formed around the two sites that exploded.

When he finished a whole clip, he reloaded it and moved to another location, taking out his combat knife this time and running towards the entrance. He slit the throats cleanly and swiftly of those who saw him as he ran pass them with silent speed, up until he successfully got inside the building. He cleaned the knife and tucked it back inside hit boot before unsheathing his sword and pulling out the handgun from his holster.

He was glad he was ambidextrous.

"I'm not surprised to see you here." The old man spoke without turning around to meet the intruder. "But I believe you have an accomplice with you, Ikichi."

"The only words you should be saying are your last."

"You think that just because…" he turned to face the former Captain of CA. "You have a gun pointed at me I would cower and give up?"

"It's to be expected, you are a coward after all."

"Do you see me shaking in fear, Ikichi? I think not."

"Then let me give you a reason to." He pulled the trigger, purposely missing Danzo's head, though the bullet grazed the old man's left cheek.

"I still do not cower." He said, and Ikichi was shocked to see the wound heal. "Surprised?"

"You… you monster..!" He hissed, and pulled the trigger, the bullet heading for Danzo's forehead, but the General had simply tilted his head. "Damn you Danzo!" and he pulled the trigger again, not stopping as Danzo moved at a speed not suitable for a man of his age, much less for a human. "What the fuck did you do to those Death Angels?"

When two clicks were heard from both guns, Danzo rushed towards Ikichi and swung his arm, forcing the Haruno patriarch towards a wall, causing the younger man to drop his weapons and fall to the floor in a heap. He coughed out blood and glared at Danzo who remained impassive.

"It is temporary though," Danzo said. "This power…"


"You're with a Death Angel, no human could possibly go undetected by our cameras, and judging from the damage done, it is no ordinary Death Angel."

"You're a fucking monster..!"

"A pure blood Death Angel, a Guardian." A small smirk appeared on the old man's lips. "How nice of you to take him to me."

"He'll kill you!" He spat. "You won't be able to capture him! You won't succeed in this plan!"

"I do not fear even a Guardian of the Uchiha blood."

"Sasuke is no ordinary Guardian." He hissed. "And he'll take you down if I can't."

Danzo lifted his gaze to the dark hallway outside the room he was in, hearing rushed footsteps despite how quiet they were. "If I didn't have this power, then perhaps I would easily be killed by you, if not by him."

Ikichi continued to cough out blood while holding onto his stomach. The punch may have been painful, but since Danzo had this… power, it was a lot stronger. It had managed to break a couple of his ribs, he was sure that the bones had pierced an organ, which was probably causing the amount of blood he was throwing up.

"Your time will be up soon, tell that boy where to find me." He turned to face the doorway behind him, disappearing behind it just as Ikichi collapsed to the floor, just as Sasuke arrived to see the damage.

"Ikichi-san..!" He ran towards him and carefully set his mate's father onto his back, his eyes examining the damage done. "There's no wound…" he glared. He would not be able to heal him this way. If he were a Mender, he could have, but he isn't. "Hang on, I'll take you back to DAH and-"

"Don't..!" He gasped out, grabbing a hold onto Sasuke's arm firmly. "Stop Danzo…" he coughed some more. "That's the mission."

"Your mission, Ikichi-san." He clarified. "My original goal here was to take you back, and that is what I'll be doing."

"It's too late for me Sasuke." He narrowed his eyes at the ceiling. "Just stop Danzo before… before he feeds on more power from the Rogues…"


"The dead Rogues we've taken…" he coughed. "There's something… he… Danzo found a way to get their powers…"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the information.

"Stop him, Sasuke…" his grip on the boy's arm loosened. "And… I'm sorry…"

Once Ikichi's arm had fallen, his body fell limp, and his breathing stopped all together. Sasuke remained there for a few seconds, staring at Ikichi's corpse with a glare and his teeth clench. The moment he turned his head to where he senses Danzo, his eyes shifted to red, and he stood up and ran towards the room.

Danzo stood by a glass container, where Kurenai was once previously held captive. He noted the heavy rushed footsteps and smirked, before turning to meet the Death Angel he had been waiting for.

"You're enraged, good." He mumbled, unmoving even as Sasuke came into view and ran towards him, the hydro capsules he passed breaking, letting water leak out and glass fragments to scatter.

Danzo's eyes widened when none of the glass had hit him, rather, they stopped around him and followed his movements.

"I'm going to kill you, you fucking bastard!"

And sharp projectiles came zooming towards Danzo, forcing the old man to raise his arms up to cover his face and upper body.

Once the glass fragments embed on his skin and stopped assaulting him, he lowered his hands and received a punch on the face from Sasuke.

He staggered backwards, but was pulled back and lifted from the ground, Sasuke's hand on his face, threatening to crush his skull as he glared with blood-red eyes at the General of CA.

"Your power is nothing." He hissed out. "You're not even worthy of becoming a Rogue."

Despite the situation Danzo was in, he managed a deranged laugh, even as Sasuke's fingers dug onto his skin.

"You're…" he breathed as he gasp for air. "A fool."

Something whizzed and hit the back of Sasuke's neck, causing the Guardian's eyes to widen and shift to black. His hold on Danzo loosened, until another piercing object hit his back, forcing him to drop Danzo on the floor. He felt his vision grow bleary, so he turned to face who had shot the tranquilizers at him while trying to pull off the one on his neck. The moment his eyes clashed with the female scientist's, a third tranquilizer had hit his shoulder, forcing him to fall onto his back and lose consciousness.

"Guardian Death Angel acquired."

To be continued…

Next on Death Angel: Chapter 12: Ominous

"He is no ordinary Guardian!" She answered. "He's different from the previous one we've captured! That female Guardian couldn't fight off the electric volts, but he could!" She yelled. "He even managed to create that many cracks on the glass wall while being electrocuted!"

Danzo remained quiet for a few seconds, as if considering that what Karin pointed out is valuable information.

"And supposed it backfired?" He questioned. "What would have been your back-up plan?"

She paused for a few moments before strengthening her resolve. "Inject his blood with mine."

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