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Antauri's Point Of View.


There was no escape.

No, no escape from the darkness for him.

Pitch black, nothing but more promising darkness.

It had lured Mandarin, easily, acceding the end of his nightmare's reign of terror, his thirst for absolute power.

Mandarin was strong; in fact the strongest and wisest among all the Hyperforce. But he was weak. Weak against the abhorrence of the hopeless, immoral blackness. Weak against the desire to overcome it, to prevail, to rule.

...So how can anyone else easily defeat this overwhelming power?

...Here's the answer.

It's not. It's not easy, that is.

One must have the strength, and the patience to be victorious, to survive the darkness.

So why didn't Mandarin vanquish?

Why did he surrender, yeild defeat?

He was impatient. Mandarin's lust for power to overcome the darkness itself took on a new form, a new form to hopefully conceal the truth beneath. Yes, he wanted more.

His heart was already shrouded in the impending darkness before him, grasping the appetite of dominance dancing mirthfully, tormenting him. He wanted it. That's just as simply as I could put it. He wanted it so badly he was willing to do anything in his power to clutch it, possess it, hold it in his hands and taste the refreshing victory of outstanding control.

He knew he had gone too far, pining for something he knew he couldn't have, so despairingly at what seemed so efficacious in his eyes.

Is there any hope for any of us, then?

Is there any hope to resist this powerful passion, to avoid repeating this miserable mistake our leader had faced?

Yes. Albeit difficult, it is possible.

As I repeated before; one must have the strength, and the patience. Ah, but I have left something out, another thing Mandarin may have forgotten or left out. You must have a new, healthier longing... the longing to get rid of it.

Obviously we will never forget Mandarin, the previous leader of the Hyperforce. And we won't remember him as the power-thirsty simian either. No. We must remember him as our friend, our friend who, most likely, will never return.

I, the second-in-command, will take over for now, until a new leader, the leader Mandarin had predicted in the past, comes and takes his rightful place.