Kaoden: Here it is, the collaborative story between me and Santoryuu Soccer! Something of an odd pairing, I know, but I've been doing way too much ZoRo lately and figured this would be a nice change of pace (pretty much Santoryuu's idea but I'd considered the topic before). This story will be probably 2, maybe 3 chapters long, so there's that. I haven't heard from Santoryuu in a while since I think he's been pretty busy but I've been itching to get this out. If you're reading this Santoryuu, please forgive me! I'm interested to see how everybody reacts to the story, so definitely review and let me know! Enjoy!


"Hnn? What, you want to ask for directions?"

Audible voices of concern and shock could be heard around the swordsman and he found himself confused by the unprecedented responses to his simple question. A more distressed grunt could be heard from the peculiar individual he had asked the question at to begin with.

Zoro watched as the figure in front of him raised something that he could easily identify as a pistol of some sort. Instinctively knowing what to do and how to react, Zoro felt his body move on its own as he swiftly dodged the bullet aiming for his head and begin to draw Sandai Kitetsu, a sinister smile appearing on his face. It was no surprise to the swordsman that Sandai Kitetsu was the blade that was drawn; after all it was his cursed blade with the largest blood thirst. It no doubt had some hand in his reaction.

Before Zoro could finish his assault and temporarily satiate the extreme hunger of Sandai Kitetsu he was knocked over by an unknown figure. Looking to who had just jumped into him, the swordsman saw a small child with pink hair and a cute looking face. She had an unusual piercing on her cheek and was wearing a silly hat as well.

"A brat?" was all that exited the green haired swordsman's mouth before the two of them hit the ground.

The pink haired girl began to cry out after the two landed, howling about how her older brother shouldn't have gone up against a Tenryubito and that his death was unavoidable. The higher pitched voice continued to cry and it was then that Zoro felt a warm liquid run down his forehead and into his left eye. Was it blood? Had he been attacked?

Zoro attempted to recover from the fall to assess what had just happened before the small girl on top of his body interrupted him.

"Onii-chan, just lay still."

The voice had completely changed from the earlier one much to the swordsman's surprise. Instead of being higher pitched and a little squeaky, the voice that spoke to him was much more mature as well as a lot more alluring. Even though he wasn't quite sure of what was going on, Zoro decided to listen to the voice and laid his head back on the ground with his eyes closed.

It wasn't before long that the 'Tenryuubito' who had tried to kill Zoro had left and everybody went back to their previous tasks. The pink haired girl who was on top of Zoro finally got off and the swordsman sat up to recover himself. Rubbing his hand across the left side of his face where he felt the warm liquid, Zoro inspected his hand to find a red substance covering it. Upon closer inspection the green haired swordsman could tell that it wasn't blood, but as to what it was he was still uncertain. Besides, there were more pressing questions than what he was covered with.

"Why did you stop me?" Zoro asked while he continued to look at his hand.

"Huhhhhhhh? Stop you? You idiot!" the girl responded in an incredulous tone. Or rather, it wasn't a little girl's voice, instead being the older voice Zoro had heard earlier.

The green haired swordsman, curious to learn of what was covering him, smelled the hand he touched his face with. It was a familiar and pleasant smell, so Zoro decided to lick it off of his hand to get a better idea of what it was.

"What were you going to do back then? Were you trying to get an admiral dispatched to this island?" the mysterious girl asked Zoro as he continued to lick his hand.

Deciding that finding out what was on his hand was more important than what the little girl was saying, Zoro focused intently on the taste of the substance, ignoring the questions being asked.

The realization of what had been thrown on him suddenly came to the swordsman and he looked up to the pink haired girl.

"Ah, tomato juice," Zoro said to himself, satisfied with his deduction. He looked back to his tomato juice covered hand and starting shaking it in an attempt to fling off some of the substance.

"If you're a pirate, at least obey the pirate rules," the pleasant voice continued on, "Don't cause us any trouble."

The last word finally made its way to the recognition of the green haired swordsman and he looked back up to the girl and repeated it as a question, confused as to how he could have been causing any trouble. It was then that it finally dawned on the swordsman that the girl who had tackled him earlier was completely different from how he had observed her earlier.

Confused with the pink haired woman talking to him instead of a girl, Zoro began looking around to see if perhaps the person talking to him was somebody entirely different. Unable to see a younger girl resemblant to the one from before, Zoro figured that he must have been seeing things wrong.

"Huh? You weren't a brat at all?"

The pink haired woman standing over him appeared to lose the last bit of patience that she had towards the swordsman. Swinging her arms in the air at him, the woman began to berate Zoro yet again.

"Did you even listen to me? Is there something wrong with your head?"

"Hm? I don't seem to be hurt…"

The pink haired woman was losing her temper very quickly and could feel a vein trying to bulge from her forehead. She took a step closer to the green haired swordsman and began to wave her finger at him.

"Dumbass! I'm talking about your intelligence. You really are an idiot! In and out idiot."

"Isn't that Roanoa Zoro of the Straw Hat pirates over there? What was he thinking?" a voice came out from someone in the crowd.

"Yeah, that's him all right. I have no idea what he was trying to pull… thank god Jewelry Bonney intervened and saved the whole situation. I don't even want to begin to think of what could have happened," another voice responded to the first.

Zoro's ears perked up at the mentioning of the name 'Jewelry Bonney'. He had heard it used before once, but couldn't place when and where exactly. The swordsman's eyes flared in recognition when he remembered the conversation regarding the Supernova on the island. Apparently she was the captain of the Bonney pirates and had a bounty of 140 million beli, 20 million higher than his own.

Zoro looked to the pink haired captain and began to examine her. He hadn't noticed it before, but the woman had an extremely attractive face coupled with voluptuous curves and scant clothing to cover them. Even though her outfit was rather unusual, it raised the swordsman's interest and he even found it to be somewhat cute. He felt she could do without the hat, though.

Although Zoro wasn't particularly interested in having any romantic relationships yet, he was still under the sway of physical beauty since he was only human. Though certainly not to the extent that Sanji was affected by such matters, Zoro realized it had some hold over him and that to ignore or deny it would be foolish. He had to completely understand his emotions, whether they helped him or not, in order to be in complete control of his body and mind.

Putting the thoughts aside for the moment, Zoro stood up and dusted off his pants. Looking around, he saw a man lying not too far from him, suffering and bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Zoro walked over to the wounded man and hoisted him off of the ground. Slinging him over his shoulder, the swordsman looked over to the pink haired captain.

"Oi, where's the hospital?"

Bonney looked at the swordsman confusedly and raised an eyebrow.


"I've got to take this guy, he's been shot."

The confused look on the captain turned to one of shock and disbelief.

"Huh?! Who cares about him? Why are you even bothering to help that person? It's not like he's important to you or anything, he's just some nobody."

Zoro shifted the man on his shoulders, readjusting the weight to make him easier to carry. With his free hand, the green haired swordsman reached and scratched the back of his head, sighing in the process.

"Even still, he needs help. Are you going to tell me where it is or not?"

Bonney crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at the swordsman. She still could not figure out why the pirate would go out of his way to help some random person he didn't even know out. She decided that she had to find out.

"Yeah, I'll tell you. But first, you need to tell me why you're helping him out."

Zoro stopped scratching, instead letting his hand rest on the back of his head. The swordsman thought for a moment then shrugged his shoulders. He had to readjust the injured man yet again since the gesture shifted him out of place.

"Who knows? I'm not really sure why myself, all I know is that he needs to go to a hospital, so I'm going to take him there."

Bonney's arms dropped limply next to her sides. The pink haired captain could not believe what she had just heard. The swordsman of the Straw Hat pirates was helping out this man, whom he didn't even know the name of or had any personal investment towards, for no apparent reason? Just because? The answer made no sense to the woman, but it was an answer nonetheless.

The captain of the Bonney pirates reached up with her left arm and pointed to the direction the swordsman had approached from before the entire situation had occurred.

"Go back the direction you came from, it should be further down and on your right. You can't miss it; it's a large building with a red cross on the center above the door. You happy? Geeze, I can't believe you're seriously about to help that guy. Pirates helping out civilians? What's the world come to…"

Zoro merely nodded in recognition to the directions given by the pink haired captain. The swordsman walked off in the direction that Bonney had indicated, occasionally glancing in either direction to see if he could spot the hospital he was searching for.

As the green haired swordsman disappeared out of view, Bonney couldn't help but rub the bridge of her nose with her fingers out of frustration. The pink haired captain used the same hand to replace a tuft of hair that had fallen loose behind her ear and scratched the side of her neck afterwards.

A staunch, well built man approached the captain and stood next to her side.

"Captain, the coater says that our ship should be finished within the next two hours. What do you want to do in the meantime?"

A growling noise could be heard and Bonney looked down wistfully at her stomach. It wasn't until now that she realized it had been quite some time since her last meal and her stomach wasn't about to let her forget about it again. Her stomach rumbling again, the pink haired captain rubbed it while thinking about the latest bit of information her nakama had given her.

"Alright, I've decided. Let's go get some grub at one of the restaurants here before the coater finishes his work."

Before Bonney could walk off towards a restaurant she remembered passing by earlier, her companion shifted uncomfortably and began to rub his shoulder. Bonney had sailed with the man long enough to realize that he had something he needed to say but didn't want to tell to her, so she decided to wait for him to let her know what it was.

"Uhh... about that… the thing is… umm, how should I put it? All of the restaurants around here charge way too much money for food and it's only gotten worse since word went around that you have a pretty large…"

Bonney casted a quick glance to her crewmate, a clear indication that he was treading lightly on a sensitive subject. It's true that Bonney had to eat a large quantity of food due to her Devil Fruit power; however it was always a touchy subject whenever someone made a remark about it, especially in a negative manner.

The man standing beside pink haired captain knew better than anybody the ire held by his captain regarding the subject, so he chose his next words very carefully.

"Well… somewhat larger than normal appetite. In any case, the restaurants around here have steadily been charging us more and more for each meal and it's been hitting us pretty hard money-wise. We feel that it would be best for the whole ship if we used what money we needed for extra provisions and saved the rest for Merman Island. Of course, it's completely up to you as captain."

Bonney paused to think of what her companion was suggesting. She valued, at the very least, the opinions and desires of her crew and had come to understand they spoke for the interest of all, especially her. The pink haired captain decided to listen to her nakama regardless of the consequence that she wouldn't be able to eat for an undefined period of time.

"Don't worry though, we have plenty of extra food on the ship! Once we can board it again we'll make a feast and you'll be able to eat to your heart's content."

The man standing next to the captain beamed at what he had just said, certain that the idea would brighten up his hungry captain and make her a little happier. Ironically, this brought to attention one fact that had eluded the pink haired woman and its sudden realization made her stomach growl even louder than before.

"Wait… we can't get on the ship until he's done?! You said it would take another two hours, right?"

Failing to notice the exasperated tone in his captain's voice, the staunch man quickly replied to her question, giving her a thumbs up at the same time.

"At least. Then we can get you that meal!"

The severity of what he had just said suddenly dawned on Bonney's companion and his face turned almost to a stark white. He fumbled awkwardly with his hands and tried to amend the situation.

"Well, it could take less, you never know! I'm sure it won't take that long!"

The desperate attempt did nothing to soothe nor to calm the frantic captain. She began to pace around and buried her face into her hands, only leaving enough space for her to see through as she stared at the ground.

"Won't take that long?! There's no way in hell I can wait for another two hours!! I'll die of starvation by that point!"

"Don't be silly, of course you won't—"

"What am I going to do?! Nothing to eat for the next two hours, what am I supposed to—"

Bonney was cut off from her hysterical breakdown when she unknowingly collided headfirst with somebody. Being caught off guard, Bonney fell backwards and landed hard on her back, hitting her head forcefully against the ground under her.

Her head throbbing from the initial collision and from the fall afterwards, the pink haired captain looked up to see who had knocked her over to see Roanoa Zoro with the injured man from before still slung over his shoulder. He was rubbing the left side of his forehead, a red bump visible, while lightly groaning in pain.

The swordsman then flattened the hand that was rubbing his forehead with the back facing the sky, blocking the sun from hitting his eyes so he could get a better view. Almost as if nothing had happened, Zoro continued to peer around, oblivious to the woman who was now sitting on the ground in front of him.

"I feel like I've been here before… gah, where is that damned hospital? Maybe if I go over here…"

Her mouth agape from the current situation, Bonney could do nothing more than simply gawk at the swordsman. How hadn't he reached the hospital yet? The pink haired captain had given him perfectly clear instructions on how to get there. There should have been no problem for the strawhat, all he had to do was go in a straight line and look to the right for the hospital!

Bonney decided to give the green haired swordsman yet another verbal abuse and tried to stand up. About halfway up, a surge of dizziness coupled with the dull and persistent pain in her head swept over and overcame the pink haired captain, causing her to immediately fall back down to the ground.

"Captain!" a familiar, yet fuzzy and distorted voice called to Bonney.

As she tried to figure out who was calling her, the pink haired captain felt as though her head was swimming and the world around her began spinning and fading from view. The last thing the woman could visualize before passing out was a person with three swords and green hair looming over her.

Ending notes

Kaoden: Heh, I like how this is turning out. Looks like it will most likely be a 3 chapter story, though I doubt the following chapters will be as long as this one. I realize this kind of ends suddenly and that a lot of it was from the show, but I've always liked slightly altering actual scenes/interactions to make up part of a story, so hopefully it wasn't TOO boring to read. Hope you enjoyed this unique pairing and look forward to a little more in the future!