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Zoro looked aghast at the woman sitting across from him at the table. Not only had the pink haired supernova eaten at least ten shares worth of meals, she showed no signs of stopping any time soon. The swordsman silently pondered who would win in an eating competition between her and his captain.


It would have been a sight much more disturbing for the strawhat had he not been exposed to something similar on a daily basis. During mealtimes, save a few heads, his crew was just as ravenous while eating their food; and much more immature, too, since they would constantly get into food fights.


No, it wasn't the sight of Jewelry Bonney eating inhuman quantities of food that brought the green haired swordsman to fits of despair, but the ever growing bill that he knew must have easily been much more than the meager amount of money he'd brought with him in comparison.

"Where is the pizza? I want some pizza!"

There was always skipping out on the bill, but that seemed to defeat the purpose of him being at the restaurant to begin with. Sighing loudly in frustration, the swordsman looked down at his empty plate of food with eager eyes, wanting to order another round of food for himself but feeling the weight adding up in his pocket to be too heavy for it. He found it somewhat odd that the gluttonous feast his companion was having made him hungrier than before rather than killing his appetite. Most people wouldn't be comfortable with the sight, let alone made hungry by it.

"Whatsh da matter, arench ya hawngry?" Bonney suddenly asked in a strangely pleasant tone, her mouth filled to the brim with various types of food.

Zoro looked bleakly up from his plate and found himself envying the pink haired captain.

"Not really," he lied.

After swallowing the large mouthful of food, Bonney leaned back and erupted into laughter, kicking the table in tandem with her joyous outburst.

"Ahahah, and you call yourself a pirate? You must have the stomach of a twelve year old, hahahah!"

Zoro narrowed his eyes at the supernova. "Yeah well you eat like a pig," he said angrily, his hunger getting the better of his judgment.

The laughter suddenly stopped and Zoro heard muddled and nervous whispering throughout the restaurant. He looked at the woman across the table, her face a mix of rage and embarrassment, and it dawned on him what everyone was so worked up about.

"What do I eat like?" Bonney asked vehemently, the turkey leg she was about to take a bite out of resting threateningly on her plate.

Unaware of the woman's insecurity with her appetite, Zoro simply understood that he had touched a nerve, something that empowered him a little.

"A pig," he repeated firmly, a slight grin on his face.

The whispering bystanders became much louder and more fervent in their speech, some even taking such measures as to either ask for their check or simply leave the restaurant entirely.

Bonney's face was indecipherable to the swordsman since she was now staring intently at the plate of food in front of her, however he noticed that she appeared to be shaking. If the green haired swordsman knew anything about women, it was likely from anger and he prepared himself for a scolding. Much to Zoro's surprise, when Bonney finally began yelling at him, her voice wasn't that of fury, rather what seemed to be pent up frustration.

"You ASSHOLE! I do NOT eat like a pig, hear me!" she roared, glaring at the man sitting across from her. Bonney pointed at the empty plates beside her, "What does it matter how much I eat?" She then pointed at the lone plate in front of Zoro, her voice quivering, "At least I don't subject my body to a pathetic amount like you do!"

"When did I say it mattered how much you eat?" Zoro interjected, looking absent-mindedly at the plates filled with food across the table. "All I said was that you eat like a pig, that's all."

Zoro looked back again to the pink haired captain to see that her demeanor hadn't changed much, if at all. It seemed like his words weren't quite reaching her.

"And what the hell does that even mean, 'I eat like a pig'? You're basically telling me I'm a glutton!" Bonney had returned her attention to the swordsman, her eyes filled with hurt looking at him.

Zoro crossed his arms. "Yeah, pretty much." There was no spite in his tone, instead it was base with no emotion behind it.

Bonney wanted to beat the man across the table from her to a bloody pulp. She wanted to make him suffer for the insulting words he'd just slung at her, and when she was done with him she would turn him so old he wouldn't last a day. She wanted to do all these things, but at the same time she had no real desire to act upon the thoughts. It was something about how he had said the things he did, or rather, how he didn't say them. He was simply being completely honest, and Bonney felt that there was no ill-will behind the things he spoke despite how hurtful they were to her. All the pink haired captain could do was look sadly at the man across from her, an almost defeated look in her eyes.

Zoro tilted his head, his eyebrows furrowing and his mouth turning to a scowl. "What's with that look?" he solemnly asked, "If you ask me, I prefer a woman who eats their fill rather than starves themselves for some shallow, simpleminded reason."

Bonney's features lightened up considerably at the green haired swordsman's statement.


"Yeah, really," he repeated.

It was at this point that a low growl could be heard coming from the Zoro's hungry stomach. Bonney looked at him suspiciously and the swordsman looked to the side awkwardly, trying to play off what had just happened.

The pink haired captain eyed the swordsman interrogatively. "You're not really full, are you, Roronoa Zoro?"

Caught in the lie, Zoro figured that it would be better to come clean on the situation. "The truth is, I don't have enough money on me to—"

The strawhat was cut off by another loud fit coming from his stomach. He looked down at it and then back to the food on Bonney's side of the table.

Bonney caught the glance and despite not understanding why he refrained from eating more advised him to do so. "You're really weird, ya know? After all that about how a person should 'eat their fill', here you are doing the exact opposite." The pink haired supernova flagged for their waiter to come to the table, pointing at her companion when he came over. "My friend here would like another serving of…" She looked to the swordsman, waiting for him to finish her sentence.

Zoro found himself itching to have one of the turkey legs similar to the one sitting on the woman's plate. Refraining from indulging himself at the cost of his wallet, Zoro simply waved off the waiter, picking up his glass of water in an attempt to fool his stomach.

"Nothing, thanks."

The waiter looked back to the swordsman confused, having expected to hear an order. After a moment's pause, the younger male looked fearful and cleared his throat, not at all happy about what he was about to say.

"One of our managers thought that he heard…" the waiter paused, fidgeting with his hands, "heard that you… um… might not have enough money… for… the meal…"

Zoro choked on the mouthful of water he was in the middle of swallowing. Unable to speak from the mass coughing that ensued, Bonney took it upon herself to answer on behalf of the green haired swordsman. "Of course we have enough, don't you know who this is?"

The scraggly waiter answered with a shaky voice, "The—the Demon Cutter, Roronoa Zoro."

Bonney smiled widely to the waiter. "Damn right he is, think a guy like this wouldn't have enough money on him for a simple meal?" She looked boisterously to the man in question, her smile a little bigger, and gave him a thumbs up.

"Of—Of course… s-s-sorry for asking!" The waiter hurriedly left the two alone, more than happy to be relieved of his duty.

"W—Wait!" Bonney tried calling out to the boy as he left, but the youth moved too quickly for her to catch his attention. She turned back to the swordsman. "Sorry about that, he got away before I could tell him to bring you something back."

"Huh?" Zoro said with a startle, his attention being broken from the turkey leg in front of the pink haired supernova.

"I wasn't able to order anything more."

"Oh…" Zoro mumbled indifferently, his gaze subconsciously wandering to the morsel of food on Bonney's plate.

Bonney noticed that Zoro had been looking below her consistently for a while and became curious as to what kept distracting his attention. Following his stare, the pink haired captain found herself staring at her own chest and mistook the famished look on the swordsman's face for hunger of another kind.

"Where are you looking at?" she yelped, clutching her body in a feeble attempt to cover herself, feeling a touch of excitement among other conflicting emotions. Her face quickly reddened when the swordsman looked back up at the supernova with a quizzical expression.

It took a moment for Zoro to realize what Bonney had implied when she'd yelled out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa… Don't get the wrong idea here," Zoro passively stated, trying to clear up the confusion, "that's not where I was looking."

"Oh really?" Bonney retorted, unconvinced, "Well if you weren't looking at my chest then where were you?"

Zoro felt his stomach contract at the answer to the question and he looked down at the plate in front of Bonney. "That turkey leg."

Bonney half-closed her eyes at the swordsman. "That's the lamest excuse I've heard to stare at a woman's chest, just so you know."

"What's with you and your infatuation with chest staring?" Zoro growled, eyeing the pink haired supernova irately.

"I should be asking you the same thing!"

"Get over yourself, I'm just really hungry is all." Zoro hadn't meant to give away that he was starving for some more food, however the heated argument clouded his judgment.

"Yeah, I'll bet you're hungry."

Zoro looked aghast at the pink haired captain. "My god, what is wrong with you?"

"Wrong with me? I'm not the one going around staring at women's chests all day long!"

"You're wrong! Also you wear silly hats."

"My hat is NOT silly!"

Bonney looked impetuously to the side, heatedly blowing away a tuft of her hair that had fallen in front of her face. She calmed herself down before resuming the conversation.

"Ok, fine, let's say you are actually just hungry, why didn't you order something when the waiter came over?"

Zoro hesitated. "Well… it's…" He found himself stumbling on his words, a mutter or mumble coming out any time he tried to speak.

Bonney looked to the swordsman amusedly. "Don't tell me what the waiter said was true and you don't have enough money or something!" She began laughing after the jest, the accusation merely a joking statement.

It wasn't until Zoro looked at the pink haired supernova guiltily in response to her quip that she began to piece together what had been bothering him the whole dinner.

"You…" she began, staring down the swordsman, "don't tell me you don't actually have enough money for the meal…"

Zoro looked at her sheepishly. "Well… kinda…"

"WHAT?" the woman yelled, bringing more attention to the couple than moments prior, "You're not joking, are you? You really don't have enough money for the meal, do you?"

Zoro hurriedly leaned in, hushing the woman across from him to quiet down.

"Shhhhhhhhhh, not so loud! I might have enough, but not if we order any more food. It's being cut really close as it is."

Bonney looked at him angrily. "You know, that's something that you could have told me before we came out here to eat. I wouldn't have ordered so much if…"

A thought occurred to the pink haired woman, something that had escaped her attention until just then. She looked down at her stack of plates, one piled on another in an impressive display, then looked over at the green haired swordsman's side of the table, a single plate residing by itself.

"You mean to say that you willingly gave up most of your food money so that I could eat normally?"

Zoro averted his gaze to the side, slightly embarrassed by the question and not wanting to own up to the act.

The look told Bonney everything she needed to know and the gesture reached deep inside the woman. She, of all people, knew exactly what it was like to battle hunger and give up meals for a cause, however she had never met a person who had given one up for another, especially her. She'd always made a point to stock up enough food on her ship to last for at least a month, her crew's appetites included.

Bonney's face flushed deeply as her emotions flared in regards to the swordsman, the thoughtless generosity touching her. Zoro looked back up and mistook the deepened color on the captain's face for an emotion of a different kind.

"There's no real need to be embarrassed about it, you know," he began, shrugging his shoulders, "It's not like I won't be back on my ship any time soon. I can simply get something to eat there."

Bonney awkwardly fumbled with her hands under the table so they would escape the attention of the swordsman across from her. "I'm not embarrassed about it, it's just that I've never had someone do something like this for me is all…"

Bonney opened her mouth to continue her train of thought before a loud growl came from over by the swordsman; it was his stomach acting up again.

Zoro enviously looked at the turkey leg on Bonney's plate again before he noticed the woman staring intently at him. The strawhat quickly looked away, not wanting to show any signs of weakness to the pirate across from him. It was too late, however, as the desire of his longing gaze became apparent to the pink haired woman.

"You really do want this leg, don't you?" she asked, waiting for a reply she knew wouldn't come. The man was too stubborn and proud, he'd never ask for something like this from another, especially when he indirectly gave it to her.

Bonney looked at the turkey leg on her plate. She understood this was what the swordsman had been eyeing constantly throughout the dinner and she couldn't help but feel disappointed that it hadn't been her. Picking up the piece of meat, Bonney presented it to Zoro.

"Here, take it."

Zoro eyed the leg apprehensively, not sure if he should accept the gesture. "Are you sure?" he cautiously asked.

"Yeah I'm sure," Bonney replied, the blush on her face returning and she looked to the side in slight embarrassment, "Now hurry up and take it before I change my mind."


Zoro took the haunch of meat from the woman, an excited look overtaking his features.


Zoro immediately tore into the turkey leg, tearing off chunks of meat in large quantities as he gorged on the morsel. Bonney rested her head on her hand and looked at him with a smile on her face, noting that he was just as ravenous as she was when he ate. It was nice to see someone similar to her in appetite and manners, despite how convoluted they were.

Bonney wanted to continue watching the swordsman ravenously eat his newly acquired food, however she noticed the waiter from earlier along a few other workers from the restaurant eyeing the pair warily.

"I'm going to go settle the matter with the money, Zoro," Bonney began, grabbing the swordsman's attention from the food in his grasp, "How much money do you have on you?"

Zoro wordlessly reached into his pocket, a mouth full of turkey meat, and took out a crumpled wad of bills and sparse coins before handing it to the supernova. Bonney inspected the money in his hand and groaned at the amount she gathered to be in his possession.

"Here, let me see that and I'll go set up a deal of sorts with them." She waited until the man dropped the unkempt mess of money into her palm before getting up from her chair and moving to go to the waiter to make a compromise. After transferring the money Zoro put down the haunch of meat and reached for his glass of water but accidentally knocked the drink over, the glass spilling to the side.

As Bonney walked past the swordsman a violent shaking of the ground threw the pink haired woman off balance. The glass, lying on its side on the table, rolled off and fell to the ground and the stumbling supernova ended up stepping on and tripping over the container. Bonney's body was thrown wayward at the swordsman and he barely had time to react before she crashed into him, bringing the two wanted pirates tumbling to the ground.

Zoro landed forcefully on his back before looking up and realizing that he had caught the pink haired supernova in her fall. Absentmindedly grabbing her where he could when she fell into him, the swordsman looked at where his hands were placed and saw them at the bottom of the woman's ribcage, the tops of said hands dangerously close to the woman's chest.

The two stared wordlessly into each other's eyes before the gravity of their positioning dawned on them. Zoro's face became stark red at the pink haired supernova's placement, her hips pressed against his in between his legs and her hands supporting what weight they could on his chest. As for Bonney, she couldn't think straight at all and found herself enjoying the situation more and more, impulsions overtaking her senses.

Both pirates' hearts beat heavily and Bonney was the first to break the staggering lack of movement, lowering herself with her arms and bringing her closer to the green haired swordsman below her. She didn't know why she was doing what she was, but all she knew was that it felt right for some reason. Her eyes closed as her lips neared that of the swordsman's and she could feel his panicked breathing on her face.

Zoro could easily have stopped the advancement by pushing the woman on top of him away, but his joints completely froze up and all he could do was stare dumbfounded at the face pressing closer to his. She continued moving closer and closer to her target and Zoro felt like each second that passed was a lifetime of anxiety rushing through; he was completely overwhelmed.

As the two supernovas' lips were about to meet, an explosion not too far off in the distance threw them out of position and knocked their rationality back into them. Sitting up silently and slowly, the two pirates simply looked at each other with a nervous smile and a weak laugh, not certain how to continue on after coming to close to kissing the other. They didn't have much time to think, however, as frenzied voices intruded in on the restaurant.

"RUN! The Strawhats have attacked the Tenryuubito at the auction house! If you don't clear the area, you'll be caught in the assault by the marines!"

"They WHAT?" Bonney cried out in horror, looking angrily at the green haired swordsman. "Do you realize what this means?"

Zoro shook his head wordlessly, already knowing that things were about to get messy.

"They're going to send in an admiral, your crew just brought every pirate on this island the worst possible scenario imaginable!"

Zoro shrugged his shoulders, standing up and dusting off his pants disinterestedly. "Sorry, I guess. It's not like I can do anything about what they do…"

He looked towards the exit, a serious look overcoming his face. "Sorry, but I'm going to go now. My crew sounds like they need me and that explosion from earlier sounded pretty close by."

Bonney ran a hand through her hair, pulling it back behind her ears and sighed. "Yeah… I should probably get going myself. With any semblance of luck my ship will be done and I can get off this godforsaken island without any trouble."

The pink haired fruit user stood up and walked beside the swordsman, rapping him on the arm with her fist. "Well the meal was good, despite everything that happened. I'm sure we both have no regrets leaving without settling the bill, considering the circumstances."

"Yeah," Zoro answered, resting his hands on his katana. He began to walk to the exit before he felt a tug on his shirt.

"One more thing…"

Zoro looked halfway to the side and saw Bonney lean in and give him a kiss on the cheek, a light blush permeating her features as she pulled back with a warm smile.

"This doesn't count; you still owe me a meal sometime. An actual meal where we both eat."

Zoro said nothing, simply smiling in response.

The two pirates hurried outside of the restaurant and split off, parting ways for the moment. Both wondered when the next time they would see the other would come.