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Riggs hung from the shower fixture feeling the rope burn as it dug deeper into the soft skin of his wrists, his body weighing heavily on his arms as his legs gave way. Each drop of icy water that landed on his suddenly too sensitive skin made it tingle and shiver uncontrollably as he waited with helpless anticipation for whatever new tortures the future held. He tried to concentrate on keeping calm but his breath stuttered through the cold and the bruises which began to blossom across his chest through the pale skin. Though the Kevlar vest had saved his life it couldn't stop the punishing force with which the bullets had struck his body through the protective layers creating bruises which Joshua and Endo had delighted in using for their own malicious purposes, applying the electric currents where he was already weakened and hurting.

Riggs could hear them talking at the other end of the room, discussing his much shortened life expectancy, and used their distraction to surreptitiously maneuver his hands into a better position and grip the rope that bound him. He would have one chance to strike and one chance only.


Roger's heart broke as they dragged his little girl into the room. He'd remained defiant as they pounded and beat him, knowing that each punch bought a little more time for his daughter. Some part of his brain realized he could no longer hear the screams of his partner, dimmed though they had been through the thick basement walls. They wouldn't tell him what they were doing to Riggs, just dragged him away and returned to throw his jacket and shoes in the corner. From the little he knew of his new partner Roger had been surprised at how quickly his partners screams penetrated the room they were occupying, the younger man might have some issues but Rog was sure he wouldn't go down without a fight, not when there were others who needed him. Rog didn't know if it was a good or bad thing that the weakening screams had finally stopped, but his heart feared the worst. 'Hold on kid, just hold on'

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